Bride first look for groom

Why We Don’t Care About Your Wedding Dress

I think after the first blog that we’ve shared together (what do you mean you didn’t read it? Shame on you) we almost certainly know each other well enough to swap a few home truths. I’ll go first.

So, the one slither of truth that I’m most keen to share with you might come as something of a shock. Perhaps it would be better if you sat down while you read it. If you’re reading at a computer while standing up then you’re heading for an expensive osteopathy bill, so buy a chair already.

Bride first look for groom

Ok. You know that man you’re going to marry? Your fiancé? Remember him? Well, the fact is that your husband-to-be couldn’t give a flying hoot about your wedding dress.

It may well be the single most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever bought. It might well have taken months of shopping trips and preparation to select and fit. Yet in the grand scheme of things it’s about as important to your bloke as an episode of The Bill.

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Wedding guests dressed as John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Martins Kikulis Photography

Five Reasons Why You Should Listen to the Groom’s Weird Wedding Ideas

One of the main accusations that gets thrown at grooms’ wedding planning ideas is that, well, they’re often a bit weird. He wants to wear an Elvis jumpsuit, or have thrash metal as the arrival music. You know the sort of thing.

Wedding guests dressed as John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Martins Kikulis Photography

I thought I’d try and mount a defence of why you should listen to some of the groom’s weird wedding ideas…

He Wants to Say His Vows in Klingon

Klingon is an incredibly efficient language. Did you know that it only has one word for the colours green, blue and yellow? Think of how much time that would save when planning the colour scheme of a wedding. APPROVED.

He Wants you to Dress as Princess-Leia-Hutt-Prisoner-Era

Yes, it’s a bit weird that he wants you to dress in a metal bikini and stick Danish pastries on your head. But it’s only because he thinks you would look super-hot. As long as he’s not dressed as Skywalker (that’s her brother, remember?), where’s the harm? If you have to refuse, why not promise it to him for the honeymoon? PART-APPROVED.

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It’s All in the Detail

Many couples plan their wedding without paying attention to the little details.  They spend months scouring the area for the right venue, caterer, dress and entertainment, but leave out the smaller, seemingly more insignificant things.

Nikki Foster, director of  I Do Ltd gives her ideas on how you can personalise the little details of your wedding to make it as individual as you are…

“The little details don’t really matter” is something that I hear too often.  It upsets me.  A wedding without the little details is like a Sunday dinner without vegetables, a cake without icing, a killer outfit without killer heels – it just doesn’t work properly!

The overall design of your big day is key to the ambience.  It’s important to capture the personalities of the bride and groom in the finishing touches.  You don’t want your guests to feel like they have attended this wedding a million times before.  You want them to remember the more quirky aspects of the day and talk about them for years to come.

Don’t Stick with Tradition Because You Feel You Have To

You don’t have to have sugared almonds as favours just because your Mum says so.  If you’re a pilot or air hostess you might like to give ‘love is in the air gliders’,  if you love shoes, like we do, you might like to give chocolate shoes.

Love is in the Air Gliders Chocolate Shoes

Make It Different

We love the idea of creating your own scent for the occasion. Jo Malone allow you to do so.

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Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day Without Blowing the Budget

An estimated 80% of couples spend more on their wedding than they originally planned. It’s easy to get carried away. Your wedding should be the best day of your life and you want everything to be perfect.

But it is possible to organise your dream wedding without bankrupting yourself. Nicola Jones of Brighton Wedding Planner gives her top tips on how to plan your wedding without blowing the budget.

Set a Realistic Budget

The most common reason why couples go over their wedding budget is that they don’t set aside enough money for the type of wedding they want.

So start by deciding on your budget. Whether it’s £50,000 or £5,000, you need to know upfront how much money you have to play with. If it’s not enough for what you’ve got in mind look at making compromises. Otherwise, consider waiting until you’ve saved up a bit more money. It will be worth it in the end when you start married life debt-free.

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