Undercover Superstars performing

Getting to Know – Undercover Superstars

Undercover Superstars performing

Interview with: Sera Golding

Company Name: Undercover Superstars

Website: www.undercoversuperstars.com

Location / Coverage: Worldwide

Who are Undercover Superstars?

Undercover Superstars are a fun act that we put together for weddings & other events. Basically, we hide vocalists undercover at the wedding, usually during the wedding breakfast (but not always!) as Waiters, Bar Staff, Event Managers, Chefs, Firemen….even Guests! At the given moment, one of the characters will draw attention to themselves, lull your guests into the false belief that they are who they say they are, and then burst into song and shock everyone! Then, one by one, each vocalist will come out of the woodwork.

Our singers are fantastic performers and usually end up sprinting around the room, dancing on the tables and quite often, whirling your gran or your cousin around the dance floor! We are the first (and currently only) company to do this with modern singers. There are a lot of opera-based companies out there, but our vocalist perform music from artistes like Robbie Williams, Aretha Franklyn, Queen, Christina Aguilera etc. It’s great fun!

How did Undercover Superstars get started and how long have you been going?

We’re a relatively new act. We launched in Jan 2009, but have become incredibly popular, I think due to the originality of the act, being the only people to perform modern music. We run MIB Music Ltd, which has been running some of the UK’s top function bands for the last 6 years. We saw a gap in the market that just had to be filled!

Where do you cover?

All over the UK, and the world.

Undercover Superstars performing

What service can Undercover Superstars provide at a wedding?

We’ve got lots of scenarios that have worked well at weddings. My favourite one is where we have two undercover guests and one ‘event manager’.  Our undercover guests spend the afternoon milling around with the other guests, saying they met the happy couple on holiday last year. During the meal, the female guest is obviously getting rather tipsy and stumbles up to the microphone that’s set up for speeches. She drunkenly announces that she wants to propose to her boyfriend! She gets down on one knee and begins to sing (terribly) ‘I will always Love You’….he jumps up, says ‘Of course I’ll marry you, as long as you stop singing!’…he then launches into song and the show starts from there, featuring our female guest suddenly getting her vocal chords back, and our event planner coming out of the woodwork! This is great fun, and I’ve never seen such a reaction than when our singer announces she wants to propose! The look on the guests faces is priceless!

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George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Getting to Know – Spot On Caricatures

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Interview With: George Williams

Company Name: Spot On Caricatures / Wedding Artist

Website: www.caricatures-uk.com / www.wedding-caricatures.co.uk

Location / Coverage: National / International

What is Spot On Caricatures?

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures I am ‘Spot On George’ a freelance illustrator, caricaturist and entertainer. I provide top quality entertainment in the form of quick-draw caricatures.

How did Spot On Caricatures come about and how long has the business been going?

I began trading as a Graphic Designer in 1991, but found more opportunities lay in the entertainment industry, more specifically Live Caricatures. I was asked to draw at an Army event in 1991, liked it and so launched from there.

What services can Spot On Caricatures provide at a wedding?

I’m primarily a professional entertainer and I can keep your guests occupied, help break the ice and create talking points during the quieter spots.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to travel lots, meet new people every day and gain access to some of the UK’s most prestigious and beautiful venues. Of course, making strangers smile is always a joy. I’m a born show-off!

Spot On Caricatures - Michael Jackson

Does Spot On Caricatures have a specialist area?

I specialise in wedding entertainment; I am expert in opening conversations, raising smiles, but remaining professional and unobtrusive at all times, never crass or domineering.

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