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Interview With: Ella

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Location / Coverage: London based but cover Nationwide

Who are Live Music Quotes?

Live Music Quotes is an innovative booking and event management service providing high-end live musicians, DJs and performers. Couples, or venues of any size, can book their ideal entertainer without agents or agency fees.

String Beans - Live Music Quotes Act

How did Live Music Quotes get started and how long have you been going?

We started in 2015 with a team of pro musicians and event planners who aspired to make it easier for people to book quality entertainment. Collectively we have decades of experience working in the entertainment industry. Our network of contacts means we can handle almost any request.

Tom Wardle - Live Music Quotes Guitarist

Where do you cover?

At the moment we cover towns and cities nationwide. As there is a trend for weddings abroad we are looking to expand into Europe in the future, starting with Spain. We want to provide the reassurance that comes with booking through a reputable company.

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The Wanderland Band - Roaming Types of Wedding Band

Types of Wedding Band – Choosing the Right One for You

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times for couples. From selecting the venue, to sampling potential caterers to choosing the ultimate wedding band – there are just so many choices! It can also be a pretty stressful time too – how do you know you’re making the right choice? Tailored Entertainment has given us some advice on the types of wedding band available. These options should take away your spreadsheet woes and make choosing the right wedding band the easiest choice you’ve ever made.

Festival Style Wedding Bands

Festival Nights - Festival Types of Wedding Band
Festival Nights

We can’t help but love a music festival. An incredible summer atmosphere, that laissez-faire attitude and music played live by your favourite artists. What’s not to love?!

Smith and Sons - Festival Types of Wedding Band
Smith & Sons

So it’s easy to see why more couples are choosing fantastic festival headliner-style bands like Festival Nights or Smith & Sons. Take a look for yourself and we bet you’ll fancy bringing those festival vibes to your wedding day as well.

Rock and Pop Wedding Bands

The Heights - Rock and Pop Types of Wedding Band
The Heights

You just can’t beat an amazing Rock and Pop band to really kick off your evening party. Playing classic hits from the last 50 years, amazing Midlands-based band, The Heights, and the popular Pop Rocks will keep your guests on their feet all night.

Pop Rocks - Rock and Pop Types of Wedding Band
Pop Rocks

Roaming Wedding Bands

The most popular new entertainment craze to sweep the nation, a roaming band is the new wedding must-have. But what on earth is a roaming band?

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The Gypsy Carnivals

How to Get the Best Deal On Your Wedding Band

Your entertainment could take up a large chunk of your wedding budget, so getting the best deal possible is essential. Adam Mezzatesta of Bands for Hire looks at what affects the price of a wedding band, and what you can do to get a great deal…

You’ve spent hours trawling through wedding blogs, music agencies and supplier directories, and your mind is just about frazzled! It appears there’s an abundance of wedding bands and musicians available at every corner, so whittling them down to the last few is an overwhelming task to say the least.

The Gypsy Carnivals
Image courtesy of The Gypsy Carnivals

As a music agent I’ve spent the last six years looking for the best bands in the country, and so you have my sympathy. What was once an industry set aside for the ageing musician has in recent years seemed to become saturated with singers and bands of every age looking to make a living from performing at weddings and private events. With the ever-evolving state of the music industry, perhaps today’s young musicians are more inclined to partake in wedding gigs as a way of financing their songwriting and originals projects.

With so many options available, and all at staggeringly different prices, it’s difficult to decipher the good from the bad. So what affects the price of a wedding band, and what steps can you take to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible?

Jamie Berry
Image courtesy of Jamie Berry

A band is a business the same as every other wedding supplier. Therefore their fees generally settle at a point that reflects their experience and how in-demand they are. With this in mind one might assume that the higher the quote, the better the band. Whilst this is true to an extent, many other factors can affect prices…

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Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor at a wedding, and a good wedding DJ can help to get everyone up dancing. So today, Richard Shire of UK Mobile Discos shares his tips on how you can make sure you choose a wedding DJ who will give you and your guests a night to remember…

Three-quarters of brides say they wish they’d spent more and put more thought into their wedding reception entertainment. This is because that’s the part their wedding guests remembered most.

Lines of wedding guests dancing
Image courtesy of Anna Lee Media

Of course, you can put together a specific playlist and have a strict ‘no deviations, no requests’ music policy. You can ban the Macarena and Agadoo. But your wedding reception is the time for you and your guests to party and celebrate together, so trying to be ‘too cool for school’ can really kill the dance floor vibe.

You don’t have to use the in-house entertainment at your chosen venue, either. A good wedding DJ will be an experienced professional with high quality equipment and a dazzling light show. They’ll dress appropriately for the event, arrive early and set up quickly. Most importantly, they’ll be responsive to you – ensuring they showcase your favourite songs, reflect your personality, and set the mood for the best party of your life.

Wedding Guests with Arms in the Air
Image courtesy of Red White and Green Photography

So to help you scout out that perfect wedding DJ, here are five killer questions to find out whether they’re the perfect match for your celebration.

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The Craft - Entertainment Nation Wedding Band

Getting to Know – Entertainment Nation

Entertainment Nation logo

Interview With: Paul

Company Name: Entertainment Nation


Location / Coverage: Nationwide

Who are Entertainment Nation?

Entertainment Nation is the UK’s most exciting entertainment agency! We represent the finest wedding bands, performers and entertainers in the land. We love to match up happy couples with their perfect wedding entertainment.

Hands making heart shape

How did Entertainment Nation get started and how long have you been going?

Entertainment Nation was born after many years playing in bands and booking weddings through other agencies. My business partner and I realised we could provide a better service than what was out there at the time. We’ve been going for many years now and continue to grow year after year.

The Craft - Entertainment Nation Wedding Band

Why are you called Entertainment Nation?

Because we bring entertainment to the nation!

Where do you cover?

As our name suggests, we cover the whole of the UK, as well as weddings in Europe and farther afield. We have bands situated across the country, so no matter where our clients are located they can book a brilliant local wedding band.

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