George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

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George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Interview With: George Williams

Company Name: Spot On Caricatures / Wedding Artist

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Location / Coverage: National / International

What is Spot On Caricatures?

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures I am ‘Spot On George’ a freelance illustrator, caricaturist and entertainer. I provide top quality entertainment in the form of quick-draw caricatures.

How did Spot On Caricatures come about and how long has the business been going?

I began trading as a Graphic Designer in 1991, but found more opportunities lay in the entertainment industry, more specifically Live Caricatures. I was asked to draw at an Army event in 1991, liked it and so launched from there.

What services can Spot On Caricatures provide at a wedding?

I’m primarily a professional entertainer and I can keep your guests occupied, help break the ice and create talking points during the quieter spots.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to travel lots, meet new people every day and gain access to some of the UK’s most prestigious and beautiful venues. Of course, making strangers smile is always a joy. I’m a born show-off!

Spot On Caricatures - Michael Jackson

Does Spot On Caricatures have a specialist area?

I specialise in wedding entertainment; I am expert in opening conversations, raising smiles, but remaining professional and unobtrusive at all times, never crass or domineering.

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