Bride and groom sitting at wedding table in woodland setting for A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding shoot

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding Styling

Today I have something a little different for you, A Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired wedding styling ideas, with a fairyland concept. In the Shakespeare play, one of the characters is Titania, queen of the fairies, and this is where the vision of creating a fairyland came from.

This wedding styling is all about creating an enchanting fairyland filled with green moss, lush floral arrangements and whimsical touches. I love the colour palette of green, gold, rose blush and pops of darker plum and berry tones.

Using the woods for the ethereal fairyland setting worked so well. I love the suspended floral arrangements and delicate glass sun catchers dotted about.

Bride and groom sitting at wedding table in woodland setting for A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding shoot

For this shoot the team styled the most incredible pièce de résistance… a moss-covered table. They decorated the table with stunning floral arrangements, fruits and berries, and pretty place settings with oak slice chargers, pretty china and the most unusual twig-look cutlery.

The ‘fairy-esque’ bride looked amazing in a stunning lace wedding dress with delicate long sleeves worn over a pink under-slip. I love the large multicoloured butterfly and dragonfly tiara, perfect for the fairyland feel.

As well as her incredible wedding dress, the bride has such a fabulous bridal bouquet full of gorgeous blush-coloured blooms surrounded by greenery – you’ve gotta love an oversized bridal bouquet!

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a wedding based on your favourite Shakespeare play, an outdoor or woodland wedding, or just some ethereal wedding ideas, you will love these.

A big thank you to LeeYen Photography for sharing these amazing pictures.


“The seduction and magic of love is truly like a fairyland. Shakespeare wrote the greatest love stories of all time, and one of the most magical and uniquely different is the story of the Fairy Queen Titania and Oberon. Taking that magical, woodsy, ethereal fairyland and infusing it into A Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired wedding styling is a match made in heaven!

Bride sitting in woods

Bride wearing jewel firefly crown Brides jewel firefly crown

Bride holding large bouquet

Groom wearing black suit and bow tie Groom's flower buttonhole

Bride in woods

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Bride and groom outside chapel at The Simondium Country Lodge

An Enchanting, Tolkien-Inspired Wedding

When you have a real passion for something, why not embrace it and use it as the inspiration for your wedding styling? That’s exactly what Chandré and Mark did for their incredible Tolkien-inspired wedding.

I love how the couple created such enchanting wedding styling based around Tolkien’s books. A charming, eclectic mix of literature-inspired details complemented by the most spectacular flowers.

The dark red and pink flowers work tremendously well with the dark evergreen foliage, creating a wonderful depth. These styling colours are warm and luxurious, and offer such intrigue to the concept.

Bride and groom outside chapel at The Simondium Country Lodge

Chandré’s floral crown of large pink and burgundy roses, framed with foliage, is so pretty, and complements her effortlessly beautiful bridal style. Talking of bridal style, wait until you see her shoes…*swoon!*

If you love Tolkien’s work too then you will really appreciate the effort this loved-up couple went to to use these elements in their wedding styling. The details were perfect for the wonderful rustic backdrop The Simondium Country Lodge offered – a perfect setting for them to create their own love story.

Photographer Michelle Du Toit captured Mark and Chandré’s amazing Tolkien-inspired wedding beautifully, and I am delighted to share their spectacular day with you…

Fairytale Character

“Our wedding was inspired by the beautiful settings and architecture of Rivendell, the Elven city envisioned in Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – what nerds! We both love the Tolkien stories and wanted to bring aspects from the books and films to our wedding.

“Although initially daunting, finding a venue which encapsulated the ethereal feel we were looking for turned out to be a lot easier than we thought. By chance we came across The Simondium Country Lodge, and were immediately taken by the beautiful gardens, charming chapel and exquisite reception hall. The few resident peacocks also added to the fairytale character of the venue.”

Peacock on train platform at The Simondium Country Lodge


Maroon bridal bouquet

Gold glitter wedding shoes

Maroon wedding shoes

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View of bride over groom's shoulder - Picture by McKinley-Rodgers Photography

A Literature and Music Themed Wedding

View of bride over groom's shoulder - Picture by McKinley-Rodgers Photography

When we first saw the pictures of this wedding, photographed by Pen and Cam of McKinley-Rodgers Photography, we were amazed by the details that made this wedding theme come together. Claire and Scott chose literature and music as the underlying theme for their wedding, and the cute details, from the invitations to the wedding readings, brought the theme together brilliantly. The ceremony was held at The Lantern Theatre in Sheffield, followed by a marquee reception at Wood Lane Countryside Centre.

“Literature and music have always been important to us, and during the planning of our wedding it soon became apparent that although we hadn’t intended to have a theme for the wedding, words and music were a recurring motif.

“Our invites were designed to look like classic orange and white vintage Penguin paperbacks, with library tickets inside for the RSVP (we’d stamped the wallet in which the library ticket sat with the key dates of our relationship). We used a Smiths’ song title, ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’, as the title of the paperback/invite. Our place settings followed the Penguin theme, with each guest’s name replacing the author’s, and a lyric we’d individually chosen for each guest replacing the title. Inside the place settings were CDs with the key songs from the wedding day. The orders of service that were handed out at the theatre were designed to look like vintage Penguin Plays paperbacks, with the title on the cover taken from a Velvet Underground song. Our readings were taken from books, except for one, which was the lyrics of the Pulp song, ‘Something Changed’. During the service we exchanged copies of our favourite books, around which the rings were tied on a ribbon. Even the confetti followed the literary theme; using a heart-shaped hole-punch, we punched confetti from the pages of our favourite books.

“The back face of our orders of service explained the theme to our guests:”

Words and music, music and words – the things that brought us together and the motif we’ve threaded through our wedding day.

It was words that first drew me into Claire’s orbit – a pamphlet of my gauche teenage poetry shown to her by my best woman, Samantha. It was those words Claire remembered when we first met ten years later, and those words which provided the framework upon which we hung our first hopeful conversation.

Our next conversation as I walked her home was about music. The conversation that followed a few days later, on our first date, was about both – words and music, music and words – over three bottles of quickly drunk red.

That one date, that one evening alone and talking, was all it took. By the time we said goodbye, both of us knew. And so it has proved – Claire and Scott, Scott and Claire, brought together by words and music, music and words – the things that will sustain us and colour our days as we walk together into the story of our lives.

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