Couple with drinks

An Engagement Shoot in Birmingham City Centre

Couple with drinks

Couple: Chloe and Matt

Photographer: Jay Emme Photography

Engagement Shoot Date: 05/07/2014

Location of Shoot: Birmingham City Centre

Wedding Date: 17/10/2014

Why did you have an engagement shoot?

“We’re not the most formal couple in the world and there is only so much of yourself you can put into a wedding, so we thought a shoot would be the perfect excuse to have something to look back on that is intrinsically “us”. The location of the shoot was very important to us. It was the place we first met and grew up from a couple of awkward teenagers… into a couple of awkward twenty year olds. Jay did a great job capturing that!”

Couple in Birmingham city centre

Couple in Birmingham city centre

Couple holding hands

Couple facing each other

Woman standing against metal door

Man standing against metal door

Couple standing next to each other

Couple in Birmingham city centre

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Bride wearing birdcage veil - Picture by Jay Emme Photography

Picture of the Month – July 2014

And the winner is… Jay Emme Photography!

Bride wearing birdcage veil - Picture by Jay Emme Photography

Congratulations to Jay Emme Photography, the winner of our July 2014 Picture of the Month. This stunning picture from Nicola and Martin’s wedding in May received the most votes in our poll and becomes the 7th picture to go through to our Picture of the Year vote in January. A delighted Jay told us about the picture…

“Nicola had opted to have a birdcage wedding veil, and her hair and make-up was done by Le Keux Vintage Salon. Together they made a beautiful combination, and I was entranced by her gorgeous features under the veil. Nicola had worked incredibly hard on her own personal details, as well as everything around her. She was very keen to go “non-traditional”, and that’s exactly what we got. She had a nautical theme with lots of blue, white and red; there was just enough of this in the shot to reflect that, which kind of helped everything “pop” a little bit.

“The couple were having a lovely quiet moment in the car before the reception, so while she sat next to her new husband, I asked her to close her eyes, relax, and I took this photo. I kinda love that she looks so peaceful at this point, after the nerves of the ceremony earlier! I confess, I always wonder what was going through her mind while she took those few minutes to chill out.”

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