Three brides in Lowther Castle for Modern Viking Wedding Inspiration shoot

Modern Viking Wedding Inspiration

Wow! You are going to love the pictures of this sexy, luxurious, modern Viking wedding inspiration styled shoot. With a sultry, modern take on traditional Viking styles, the creative team created something spectacular and unique.

Three brides in Lowther Castle for Modern Viking Wedding Inspiration shoot

The rich, luxurious colours of the spectacular floral details set the tone for the Viking styling. Together with the edgy detail of the wedding dresses and the backdrop of Lowther Castle, this is a visual delight.

Our thanks go to Tiree Dawson Photography for sharing these stunning pictures…

Everything Came Together Perfectly

“Our Viking wedding inspiration shoot took place at an authentic Gothic castle. The dew was heavy on the ground and thick mist shrouded the grey stonework. Everything came together perfectly!”

Bride standing outside Lowther Castle

Red and purple winter bridal bouquet

Viking bride with long braid

Chain on bride's back

Embellishment on front of wedding dress

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Bride holding colourful bouquet

A ‘With You Forever’ Styled Bridal Shoot

Bride holding colourful bouquet

We love the innocence that the pictures from this bridal shoot portray. Showcasing ethereal wedding dresses, make-up and hairstyles, these pictures tell the story of a bride ready to start a new chapter of her life.

With inspirational bridal looks and a picturesque setting, we hope you enjoy the pictures from this beautiful bridal shoot, photographed by Olivia Bossert Photography…

“I have a background in fashion photography, but with the wedding industry being so enormous down in Cornwall, it’s not a big surprise that I found myself drawn to photographing beautiful wedding dresses. 

“I approached this shoot as if it were just another fashion editorial: I wanted to tell a story. I went location scouting and found these woods, Kennal Vale, about 20 minutes from my home, and my mind began to unravel a story of it’s own; the tale of a girl, in love, preparing for her wedding and about to embark on a new chapter in her life.

“It’s a story of innocence, passion, and excitement. Collaborating with bespoke wedding designer, Claire Headdon, and make-up artist Ione Kutz, I feel we were really able to bring the story to life.”

Bride with lace detailed wedding dress holding colourful bouquet

Bride in lace wedding dress holding bright bouquet Bride holding bouquet

Bride with hair plait holding bouquet

Bride holding bouquet in woodland

Bride in woods Bride in woods

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Bride holding pink bouquet in front of face

A Pink and Metallic Styled Wedding Shoot

Bride holding pink bouquet in front of face

Metallics, pinks and sparkle; what more could you possibly dream of on this wet morning?

Everything about this shoot exudes glamour and sophistication. The tablescapes in the shoot are to die for and we love the pretty ribbon ceremony backdrop.

If you are looking for pretty, stylish wedding inspiration then look no further – you are going to be in wedding heaven!

Our thanks go to the talented creative team, Liberty Pearl Photography and Grace Elizabeth Photography for sharing these amazing pictures with us.

“We wanted to create a fun, stylish and self-indulgent wedding set-up using metallics, hot pinks, textures and fabrics, whilst exploring height and light.

“Anna Sawle of Wedding Flowers in Cornwall used their metallic sequin tablecloths, combining the over-indulgent glitzy look with their mercury glass ranges. To work with the metallic and pink colour scheme Anna let her inner Barbie take over, using lots of gold and pink with splashes of silver.

“Sarah Buckmaster of ER Stationery was immediately drawn to an opulent and timelessly classic style to fit in with the surroundings of St Ives Harbour Hotel. Coupled with the colour scheme and theme, Sarah opted to use sumptuous satins and metallic highlights within the ribbons, topped with a stunning diamanté brooch to encapsulate the theme and create a stunning yet romantic design which complemented the styling of the day.”

Bride sitting on window ledge

Bride with leaf hair accessory

Bride with lace detailed wedding dress Bride with leaf hair accessory staring at camera

Pink bridal bouquet

Bride wearing lace detailed wedding dress

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100 Years of Wedding Dresses header

A 100 Years of Wedding Dresses Styled Shoot

100 Years of Wedding Dresses header

Wow, how wedding dresses have changed over the years. We love this styled shoot that showcases the different styles of wedding dresses in the last 100 years.

You will see that modern day wedding dresses have taken a lot of inspiration from years gone by, with current collections using a lot of lace and hand-sewn detailing to create exquisite designs with details reminiscent of bridal styles from the past.

Big thanks to the creative team and Noelle Kraft Photography for sharing these amazing pictures with us…

“The rich history of Edgewater Hall inspired our 100 Years of Wedding Dresses Shoot. We created 14 different wedding looks that showcase the beauty of the everyday woman, and blend together the history of Edgewater Hall with that of the wedding dresses.

“We worked with a beautiful collection of wedding dresses that ranged in fashion and style from the 1900s to modern times. One couldn’t help being taken back in time as each dress accentuated the uniqueness and individuality of their era.

“Much credit is to be extended to the locals involved in this shoot, including the four bridal and vintage boutiques located in Staten Island, as well as Noelle Kraft Photography and local production company Shadow and Sound. Shooting this project at the Edgewater Hall was the ‘pièce de résistance’, as it gave the shoot the grand, historic ambience of yesteryear it needed to be successful.”

Bride in gold vintage wedding dress

Bride in gold vintage wedding dress looking in mirror Bride in gold vintage wedding dress looking in mirror

Bride in gold vintage wedding dress holding mirror

Bride wearing vintage wedding dress and long veil

Bride wearing vintage wedding dress with lace sleeves Bride wearing vintage wedding dress and long veil, sitting on bar stool

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Two alternative winter styled brides

Winter Inspired Alternative Bridal Looks

Two alternative winter styled brides

Today we have something rather different for you; the incredible pictures of two winter inspired bridal looks, for the bride who is looking for something alternative. Emma Brooks, part of the creative team behind these looks, calls them ‘edgy’, ‘outrageous’ and ‘mysterious’ – and we totally agree!

Just look at the detail that has gone into these two looks; the magnificent make-up, quirky hairstyles and the quite frankly outrageous hair accessories. When you think ‘birdcage veil’, we don’t think you will be expecting this!

These theatrical looks have been wonderfully captured in these pictures by Gavin Conlan Photography…

“This is exactly what happens when creative and talented minds come together. Edgy, outrageous, unique and unexpected are words that I would use to describe my ‘Birdcage’, but this is no old school, historical piece.

Winter styled bride with chicken mesh and barbed wire veil

“For the veil I used chicken mesh secured by barbed wire, with a focal point of silver sprayed thistles.  I wanted a pop of colour so used purple orchids, which stood out for a dramatic feel. 

Bride with long hair and chicken mesh birdcage veil Alternative bride with chicken mesh and barbed wire veil

“For the hair and make-up our artists created an ‘avant-garde’ look inspired by the magical world of Narnia. Hair is fuzzy, dense and frizzy, with a combination of both soft and spiky textures adding a perfect backdrop to the barbed wire veil.

Bride with purple orchids in hair and chicken mesh veil

“The skin almost resembles  a blanket of freshly fallen snow, with the iridescent, glistening, and dewy texture created by highlighting and illuminating in pale nude tones, with the addition of silver leaf to complete the drama.

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