Relaxation Room at The Beauty Island Sanctuary

Getting to Know – The Beauty Island Sanctuary

The Beauty Island Sanctuary logo

Interview with: Linda Buckberry

Company Name: The Beauty Island Sanctuary


Location: Worthing, West Sussex

What is The Beauty Island Sanctuary?

The Beauty Island Sanctuary is a day spa and beauty salon in Worthing, Sussex, offering a wide choice of beauty treatments.

Relaxation Room at The Beauty Island Sanctuary

How did The Beauty Island Sanctuary start and how long has the business been going?

Developed from a home beauty business, The Sanctuary opened in December 2014.

Why is your business called The Beauty Island Sanctuary?

We wanted to create a sanctuary where clients can relax and enjoy being pampered. Our aim is to provide our customers with a stress-free environment where you can relax, refresh and revive!

What treatments do you offer for brides-to-be?

We offer wedding make-up, hair, and pre-wedding beauty treatments including facials, manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy, weight loss, etc.

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Two alternative winter styled brides

Winter Inspired Alternative Bridal Looks

Two alternative winter styled brides

Today we have something rather different for you; the incredible pictures of two winter inspired bridal looks, for the bride who is looking for something alternative. Emma Brooks, part of the creative team behind these looks, calls them ‘edgy’, ‘outrageous’ and ‘mysterious’ – and we totally agree!

Just look at the detail that has gone into these two looks; the magnificent make-up, quirky hairstyles and the quite frankly outrageous hair accessories. When you think ‘birdcage veil’, we don’t think you will be expecting this!

These theatrical looks have been wonderfully captured in these pictures by Gavin Conlan Photography…

“This is exactly what happens when creative and talented minds come together. Edgy, outrageous, unique and unexpected are words that I would use to describe my ‘Birdcage’, but this is no old school, historical piece.

Winter styled bride with chicken mesh and barbed wire veil

“For the veil I used chicken mesh secured by barbed wire, with a focal point of silver sprayed thistles.  I wanted a pop of colour so used purple orchids, which stood out for a dramatic feel. 

Bride with long hair and chicken mesh birdcage veil Alternative bride with chicken mesh and barbed wire veil

“For the hair and make-up our artists created an ‘avant-garde’ look inspired by the magical world of Narnia. Hair is fuzzy, dense and frizzy, with a combination of both soft and spiky textures adding a perfect backdrop to the barbed wire veil.

Bride with purple orchids in hair and chicken mesh veil

“The skin almost resembles  a blanket of freshly fallen snow, with the iridescent, glistening, and dewy texture created by highlighting and illuminating in pale nude tones, with the addition of silver leaf to complete the drama.

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Getting to Know – Serendipity Studio

Serendipity Studio Logo

Interview With: Christina Webster

Company Name: Serendipity Studio (Now Chrissie Mobile Hair and Makeup)


Location: 77 High Street, Egham, Surrey

How did Serendipity Studio get started and how long has the business been going?

Serendipity Studio has been open since April 2010. For the previous 29 years I had worked in the television and film industry as a Hair and Make-Up Designer/Artist, and had decided that due to conditions in the industry I no longer wished to continue in that direction, but loved what I did. So I decided to offer the general public everything that I did in the industry, in a unique TV and film orientated studio where I could offer a celebrity star service. I have also gained a wealth of experience, tips and tricks over the years that I am more than happy to pass on. I love and have a great passion for what I do.

Serendipity Studio, Hair and Beauty Salon in Egham, Surrey

How many people work at Serendipity Studio?

Currently there is only myself here. I do have a fellow work mate that sometimes comes in to help out on busy days.

Why is the business called Serendipity Studio?

I chose the name Serendipity firstly because it’s my favourite word, and secondly because it means ‘fate’ or ‘making happy chances’, and I believe fate lead me to do this.

Bridal hair and make-up by Serendipity Studio

What products/services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services: Makeovers, youngsters’ make-up , make-up lessons, MOT your make-up bag, skin camouflage, make-up for fancy dress, threading, hair dressed, hair extensions, temporary tattoos, weddings, proms, St Tropez tanning, wigs for hire, individual eyelash extensions, Xpress eyelash extensions, Bio Sculpture gel nails, MINX nails and children’s and adult hair and make-up parties.

Products sold: St Tropez, I-Lash designer eyelash extension products, professional quality make-up brushes, brush holders and brush cleaner, specialised hair brushes.

Have you always worked in the Hair and Make-up industry?

I was a Saturday girl in a hair Salon at 15. I then left school at 16 to be a trainee at a hair salon for a year, with college day release to get my City and Guilds in Hairdressing. I then took on a 3 year Hair and Beauty Therapy course and got all my qualifications, before working for 6 months in mobile hair and beauty and as a part-time hairdresser. Then in January 1981 I started working as a Hair and Make-Up Artist for BBC Television, where I worked until January 1997. I then went freelance until I opened this business, so 29 years in the Film and TV Industry.

Red Flowered MINX Nails by Serendipity Studio

What sets Serendipity Studio apart from other beauty services?

We are not a hairdresser or a beauty salon; we are a unique Hair and Make-Up Studio. We offer many services under one roof, with 29 years of experience that I gained working in the media industry as well as my Hair and Beauty training. I have a wealth of information and experience that I am happy to share.

Random question… What’s your favourite biscuit?

Chocolate Digestive

Eyelash Extensions by Serendipity Studio

I see you offer a ‘Make-Up Lesson’. What’s involved in this?

We do 2 types of make-up lesson. The first is about an hour long, and we take you through your make-up application and colours to suit you. We do half your face and get you to do the other half. We start with your foundation, then you do your foundation etc.

We also have a more advanced lesson which is about an hour and a half. It includes the above, plus we go through your own make-up bag and see what is correct or incorrect for you, if it needs binning or is a keeper, if the make-up has gone off etc. We also do a diagram of where and the sort of colours used on you for you to take away as a reference.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love what I do with a passion and I love making someone feel good about themself. I love interacting with people as well as I am a people person.

Wedding Hair by Serendipity Studio

What are your top wedding beauty tips?

Don’t go to heavy with your make-up. Keep it fresh, natural and accentuate your main features. You have to feel comfortable with it. As for your hair…go for a style that suits you and your dress. Something that compliments and you feel good with.

Where can I find out more about Serendipity Studio?

To find out more about us you can visit our website or give us a call on 07599 713668.

Loriel Series Expert Absolut Repair Masque

5 Bride-To-Be Hair and Make-Up Must Have Products

As a Professional hair and make-up artist, I have pretty much at one time of another had my hands on most products. During my career I have worked with countless lovely brides, not only providing my services but also advice, and this is what I wanted to share with you today. I have racked my brains and come up with my “simply essential 5 bride-to-be must haves”. If you are trying to pack light, get some key specific products, or simply some new ones, these are my recommendations that every self respecting bride should have with them in preparation for their big day.

Loriel Series Expert Absolut Repair MasqueL’Oreal Absolut Repair – Hair Masque

This is a mask I have been back to time and time again. It’s thick with an amazing texture and it has always really worked for clients looking for a moisture injection. As a bride-to-be, you are more than likely about to have your hair dried, curled, straightened, backcombed and sprayed to within an inch of its life! Do a couple of these the week leading up to your big day and do your hair a favour.


Trilogy Gentle Facial ExfoliantTrilogy – Gentle Facial Exfoliant

Packed with lovely natural oils this scrub is a gentle giant. Non scratchy micro-spheres softly buff away dead skin cells to reveal smooth, new skin ready for your big day makeover. Really get in with your fingers at the nose edges and under the bottom lip and gently rinse away.

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Elle Hitchens bridal make-up

Getting to Know – Elle Hitchens

Elle Hitchens bridal make-up

Interview With: Elle Hitchens

Company Name: Elle Hitchens


Location / Coverage: South West from Gloucestershire down to Cornwall

What services do Elle Hitchens provide?

Full bridal make-up for all members of the bridal party that is completely tailored to the individual. Trials are available and include a consultation so that the make-up look is completely to your own personal style.

Reflection of bride having make-up done

How did Elle Hitchens get started and how long has the business been going?

After training with the London College of Fashion I decided on a complete career change and started assisting at Fashion Shows, then built up my own clients by working with various photographers. I went on to work for MAC Cosmetics for two years but decided to take the step to become completely freelance and focus on weddings. I have now been working in the industry for 5 years.

What areas do you cover?

All over the South West and even further afield if necessary, I’m happy to travel!

Who works at Elle Hitchens and what are your backgrounds?

I am a sole trader and have a background of graphic design and events management before changing career to pursue make-up artistry.

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