Blooming Marvellous – Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Hiring props for your wedding to create the look you want is not really anything new, but have you thought about hiring a flower garden? Perhaps not, until now… The Prop Factory has launched the most fantastic giant flowers for hire that when used together create a magnificent flower garden. Not only will they wow you and your wedding guests, but they form a backdrop like no other.

For an outdoor wedding, imagine creating this scene in the garden of your venue to use as a ceremony backdrop. In fact, as most of these flowers are free-standing you could create a floral wonderland indoors.

Each flower is handmade by The Prop Factory, with the flowers and leaves delicately constructed with authentic markings. The range includes the huge 220cm tall rose-like enchanted flower, giant daisies and sunflowers, and even tall grass. To add extra enchantment, how about adding a toadstool or two?

If you are looking to create something very special and unique for your big day then these giant flowers from The Prop Factory will turn your wedding into an enchanted wonderland. Blooming marvellous!

Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory in Froginwell Vineyard

A Jungle of Flowers

“The idea behind this shoot was to showcase our new full range of Giant Flowers, all handmade at our warehouse. At The Prop Factory we have seven giant flower options, all free-standing apart from the daisies which spike into grass easily. They range from Giant Sunflowers to Grass Tiles. I pulled the shoot forward because I couldn’t risk missing the beautiful weather we had recently. I’m so glad it all came together.

“I wanted to create a jungle of flowers in the Vineyard at Froginwell that customers could take inspiration from or re-create this summer. Couples could use the flowers at their wedding for photo opportunities or as a ceremony backdrop.

Bridesmaid and flower girl walking through Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Bridesmaid standing amongst Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Bridesmaid with colourful flower crown

Flower girl walking though field of Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

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How to Create a Bespoke Confetti Bar for Your Wedding

There are many creative options when it comes to presenting confetti to your guests, and a wedding trend that has become a 2019 hit is the Insta-worthy Confetti Bar.

A Confetti Bar puts a fun twist on a traditional classic and is an excellent way of getting all your guests involved in the confetti shot. With this in mind, Shropshire Petals has recently launched a range of exclusive Confetti Bar packages.

If you are looking to make a bespoke Confetti Bar for your wedding then check out Shropshire Petals’ helpful tips.

Add Accessories

The Confetti Bar packages already come with cute add-ons, such as a chalkboard easel, tongs and wooden spoons, but you might want to add your own accessories. Bunting, framed photographs, vintage signs and balloons are decorative options that will create a great impact and capture the attention of your guests.

Styled Confetti Bar for Wedding

Get Someone Involved

We all know every bar needs a ‘barman,’ so appoint a member of your bridal party with this task. The chosen one will direct your guests to the Confetti Bar after the ceremony and assist in mixing the confetti cocktails. Involve bar related objects, such as drink stirrers and cocktail umbrellas, to make it fun; this will keep your guests entertained until the confetti moment commences.

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Paper First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Reaching a one year milestone is always a very momentous and moving moment, whether personal or professional, and none more so than the first wedding anniversary! Almost all cultures associate a symbol with this landmark, like soft cotton, clocks, mother of pearl, carnations, and paper. Of course, the latter is the most exciting one for me! I love the idea of the first year being akin to a blank sheet, with so many chapters yet to be written.

I’ve put together some paper-inspired gift ideas to celebrate a first wedding anniversary, and I hope you enjoy them!


Of course, my top pick is to surprise the recipient with a really special card! Why not ask a stationer to create a completely personal design for your partner, or even a pack of ‘reasons why I love you’ or date night cards?

A small message in a bottle is a cute way to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. You can also have a fun certificate designed, or mini cards to send your other half on a personalised treasure hunt. Bespoke wine collars are another great option, which you can then gift alongside your favourite wine or champagne.

Message in a Bottle

Journals and Notebooks

Many companies now offer beautiful personalised leather journals, which make a stylish and useful first wedding anniversary gift. They are perfect for someone full of creative ideas, someone who enjoys sketching, or a busy bee with lots of to do lists!

Photo Albums

Albums and collages are a lovely way of collating photos and souvenirs from the past year and turning them into a special gift. For newly married couples, the one year anniversary is often a fun time to look back on wedding photos and select favourites to create an album to share with friends and family. You can personalise these with your names and wedding date for something bespoke.

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Claire Pettibone for Bella Belle Bridal Shoes

Two of my bridal loves are bridal shoes and Claire Pettibone wedding dresses (I’m a self-confessed shoeaholic!). So, I was excited to hear that Claire Pettibone has collaborated with occasion footwear brand Bella Belle to create this limited edition capsule bridal shoe collection.

Consisting of four bridal shoe styles, the collection fuses Claire Pettibone’s whimsical aesthetic into Bella Belle’s signature romantic designs.

Claire Pettibone for Bella Belle Bridal Shoes Collection

Ethereal Styles

Bella Belle delivers fresh and feminine bridal shoes for romance and beauty seekers. This new collection incorporates the Claire Pettibone vintage style and bohemian touch which has made her a household name across the globe.

Handcrafted from silks and fine materials, the ethereal styles feature embroideries, French lace motifs and Guipure appliqué, and are available in pretty soft pastel colours.

Claire Pettibone and Bella Belle shoes told us about their collaboration…

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Customised Wedding Trainers from Wedding Converse

What do you get when you cross wedding personalisation with a less-than-traditional approach to wedding attire? The answer: Wedding Converse. The trend for re-writing the wedding rule book and doing things your own way is as hot as it’s ever been. It’s therefore no wonder Wedding Converse is the shoe designer everyone’s talking about. What’s not to love about a couple in matching customised wedding trainers?

According to Sarah Mahoune, who founded Wedding Converse four years ago, more brides than ever are choosing to rock up the aisle wearing flats, not least because simply being comfortable is a big part of enjoying the day (and the late-night dancing). The trend really hit the headlines in 2017 when Serena Williams wore a pair of personalised wedding trainers with her dress.

Bride and Groom Custom Heel Tag on Converse Wedding Trainers

Bride Classic Ox Converse Personalised Wedding Trainers

Glitter Wifey Converse

I do Groom Black Classic Ox Converse Wedding Trainers

Truly Individual

Sarah explained that the shoes are also being used to surprise a partner or the wedding guests. A pair of personalised Converse can feature your new name, a private joke or a silly slogan… Instagram moment and guaranteed ‘ahhs’ all-round!

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