Katya Katya Shehurina Morning Mist 2017-2018 - Cyrene Dress

Katya Katya Shehurina Morning Mist 2017/2018 Bridal Collection

Step into a world of feminine bridal beauty with Katya Katya Shehurina’s 2017/2018 bridal collection, Morning Mist. This collection captures the romance of the countryside and picturesque landscapes of wildflowers, and is so incredibly beautiful and utterly feminine.

The inspiration behind these gorgeous wedding dresses is the earthy, wild, botanical world of romance, where the night ends and the day breaks. For the modern bohemian bride this place feels like home, so quiet even the flowers have not yet woken from the night’s slumber. Yet beauty radiates like the mist all around; hence the name of the collection, Morning Mist.

Katya Katya Shehurina Morning Mist 2017-2018 - Cyrene Dress

“The new collection started from a picture of a girl running through a field. You can only see her back but you can almost feel the warm sun touching her skin and hear her happy laughter. A lot of my inspiration comes from what’s around me – the elements, wilderness, wildflowers, and the contrast of colours. This collection remains routed in the beauty of nature and the feeling of pure happiness and freedom which comes from this.” – Katya Shehurina

I have long been a fan of Katya Katya Shehurina wedding dresses for their creative approach to the designs. Their collections always offer something a little different.

Katya Katya Shehurina dresses are aimed at brides who want to distinguish themselves with elegance and allure, and to let their personality shine through on their wedding day.

The thing I love most about the Morning Mist collection is the pretty coloured dresses, including blush, pink and blue. It’s so lovely to see a bridal collection that really offers something unique.

Walk with Katya as she takes you through this beautiful world with delicate silk flowers and intricate hand embroidery, adding fine detailing to signature laces which have been timeless throughout the Katya Katya Shehurina collections.

All of the dresses in the 2017/2018 Katya Katya Shehurina Morning Mist collection are simply divine. I can’t choose a favourite as I really do love them all, but my ‘stand out’ coloured wedding dresses from the 2018 collection are…


Chantilly Wedding Dress from the Katya Katya Shehurina Morning Mist 2017-2018 Collection

I’m totally in love with Chantilly. I adore the colour and abundance of tulle that creates such a fabulous full skirt with an ethereal aesthetic. Also the adorable white lace appliqué on the bodice with the flattering V-neck that is also mirrored at the back.

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Beverly and Marina Wedding Dresses by Claire Pettibone - Image from California Dreamin' Styled Shoot

Claire Pettibone Romantique California Dreamin’ 2017 Bridal Collection

I’m sure you must know by now how much I adore all Claire Pettibone wedding dresses, and I really do mean ALL! She has such an incredible talent in creating the most exquisite, pretty and feminine wedding dresses.

Claire Pettibone has two collections – ‘Couture’, for brides with a higher-end budget, and ‘Romantique’, which is a more affordable collection of beautiful dresses.

California Dreamin’

Claire Pettibone’s love affair with California is the inspiration behind the incredible 2017 Romantique California Dreamin’ collection. This collection features an eclectic mix of dresses with intricate and crochet lace, sexy backs and sheer glimpses of sun-kissed skin.

Beverly and Marina Wedding Dresses by Claire Pettibone - Image from California Dreamin' Styled Shoot

Feeling that irresistible pull to revel in the sunshine, Claire Pettibone took her California Dreamin’ dresses to a private ranch in Malibu. Together with photographer Lucy Munoz and Team Hair & Makeup, they captured the spirit of the golden state with some seriously dream-worthy wedding looks.

“There’s nothing like a barefoot afternoon in a meadow and some wildflowers in your hair to make a girl’s soul smile. I foraged for a few natural elements, like a fern bracelet and blossoms from our super-bloom this spring, and kept the styling and beauty looks with Team Hair & Makeup super-relaxed and simple.

“I always want my brides to feel relaxed. A wedding gown should make you look amazing, but the dress should never overpower the woman who wears it. With this collection I can really see the bride’s essence coming through.” – Claire Pettibone

Intricate Details

Lucy Munoz captured these beautiful dresses in the sun, highlighting the intricate details…

Beverly Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone - Image from California Dreamin' Styled Shoot

Carmel Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone - Image from California Dreamin' Styled Shoot

Laguna Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone - Image from California Dreamin' Styled Shoot

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Temperley Bridal Jasmin Winter 2017 - Nerida Dress

Temperley Bridal Jasmin Winter 2017 Collection

The Temperley Bridal Jasmin Winter 2017 collection features nine elegant wedding dresses (and a bridal jumpsuit), each portraying a deeply romantic, ethereal and decadent spirit.

Temperley Bridal Jasmin Winter 2017 - Nerida Dress

Rich hand-embellished pieces combine intricate stitch work, embroidery with crystals and pearls, and appliqués onto fine tulles and silk organza. Mixed with their classic French laces and silk crepes, satins and chiffons, this creates a perfect balance of new silhouettes.

“We celebrate ultimate femininity within our bridal collection; the dresses are a celebration of both romance and craftsmanship. My aim is they will create a magic moment for their muse and then become heirlooms for generations to come.” – Alice Temperley MBE


Bibi Wedding Dress from the Temperley Bridal Jasmin Winter 2017 Collection

My favourite dress from this fabulous Jasmin 2017 collection has to be Bibi. Just look at it! If you are looking for a feminine dress then this could be the one. Bibi provides an elegant touch of whimsy with its all-over English floral embroidery design in shades of pink.

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Rolling in Roses Cynthia Rose 2017 collection Ivy dress

Rolling in Roses Cynthia Rose 2017 Bridal Collection

Rolling in Roses is a British bridal wear label based in the heart of Yorkshire. Their ethos is to produce wedding dresses for the free-spirited bride as an alternative choice to the high-street. A collection of dresses which are stylish but understated, highly chic but easy to wear.

We always love to showcase a British designer’s work, and the fabulous Rolling in Roses Cynthia Rose collection is just charming.

Rolling in Roses Cynthia Rose 2017 collection Ivy dress

Named after the designer’s grandmother, the Cynthia Rose collection is subtly inspired by styles from the 1960s and 70s. Staying true to Rolling in Roses’ proud ‘made in England’ ethos, each dress is named after native British plants and wildflowers.

Four of the six dresses have delicate sleeves and most also have sheer, slashed, open or plunging backs for a breathtaking entrance whilst walking down the aisle.

The dresses in the collection are chic and modern, but also classic and dreamy. Think Wuthering Heights romance, the brooding atmosphere of the Yorkshire moors, and the glamour of beautiful wildflower blooms.

I absolutely love the backs of these wedding dresses – just look at them…


Back of Violet wedding dress from the Rolling in Roses Cynthia Rose 2017 collection
Violet (Back)

This dress has a breathtaking V cut back which shows off the fabulous scalloped edge of the laser cut floral lace. The entire hem of Violet is also scalloped, and the train drapes out to a point at the centre-back which has an interior wrist loop. This can be tied so it can be easily carried or neatly tied up out of the way for dancing.

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Claire Pettibone The Four Seasons 2017 Reverie Dress

Claire Pettibone The Four Seasons 2017 Bridal Collection

Claire Pettibone wedding dresses are always so romantic and feminine, and none more so than the dresses in The Four Seasons 2017 collection.

Every time Claire Pettibone launches a new bridal collection I get so excited, as she is one of my all-time favourite bridal designers. The Four Seasons dresses are exquisite, and this season’s collection features lots of floral motifs, touches of colour, and, as always, dramatic backs and feminine details.

Claire Pettibone The Four Seasons 2017 Reverie Dress

“I created dresses inspired by each of nature’s four seasons. As part of my Four Seasons collection, fall made me think of rich textures and warm glimmers of precious metals woven into embroideries and laces. There is a mystery about Autumn, and a rich beauty in the changing of the seasons.

“I love that each season has a very defined mood, although I believe you can certainly wear a dress from spring for a fall wedding. Likewise, a winter gown could be perfect for a summer soiree.

“I think of this collection as an inspirational starting point, and leave it to the creativity and individual personalities of my brides to make these dresses their own.” – Claire Pettibone.

The Four Seasons 2017 wedding dresses feature elaborate embroideries, layers of lace and tulle, and the subtle shimmer of sequins and crystals.

It’s always so hard to choose favourites from Claire Pettibone collections as they are all so pretty. It was such a hard choice, but these are my top three dresses from The Four Seasons Collection(I think!).


Maia Wedding Dress from the Claire Pettibone The Four Seasons 2017 Bridal Collection

I absolutely adore the Maia dress, and every time I see it I picture me wearing it… it’s very me!

Pretty, colourful floral embroidery springs to life in shades of pale rose, leaf, and hydrangea, gracefully scattered on delicate tulle. This design features Claire’s signature illusion back with flowers delicately trailing along the tulle. An illusion neckline leads to a fitted waist, adorned with embroidered appliqués flowing into a graceful skirt.

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