Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor at a wedding, and a good wedding DJ can help to get everyone up dancing. So today, Richard Shire of UK Mobile Discos shares his tips on how you can make sure you choose a wedding DJ who will give you and your guests a night to remember…

Three-quarters of brides say they wish they’d spent more and put more thought into their wedding reception entertainment. This is because that’s the part their wedding guests remembered most.

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Of course, you can put together a specific playlist and have a strict ‘no deviations, no requests’ music policy. You can ban the Macarena and Agadoo. But your wedding reception is the time for you and your guests to party and celebrate together, so trying to be ‘too cool for school’ can really kill the dance floor vibe.

You don’t have to use the in-house entertainment at your chosen venue, either. A good wedding DJ will be an experienced professional with high quality equipment and a dazzling light show. They’ll dress appropriately for the event, arrive early and set up quickly. Most importantly, they’ll be responsive to you – ensuring they showcase your favourite songs, reflect your personality, and set the mood for the best party of your life.

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So to help you scout out that perfect wedding DJ, here are five killer questions to find out whether they’re the perfect match for your celebration.

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

1. What Events Have You Played?

You want an all-round performer who is used to working a tough crowd. A primary focus on weddings is great, but it’s good to know your DJ has wider experience of private parties and corporate events.

2. How Do You Get the Crowd Going?

From your favourite song to a good luck dance, your DJ needs to fill the floor. Ask to see photos and videos from events so you can check whether their approach works.

3. Have You Played Our Venue Before?

Although not essential, it could be beneficial if your wedding DJ has played at your wedding venue before. If not, check that their set up can be customised and adapted easily.

4. How Are You Going to Make Our Wedding Unique?

A good DJ will add value to your celebration by ensuring they provide a high-quality service and experience for your guests. With an extensive knowledge of music old, new and commercial, they’ll structure the night, read the crowd, and know the tunes needed at a given moment.

5. Why Should I Choose You?

If your DJ identifies key attributes that mesh with your wedding vision, they’re the right person for the job! Whatever your taste in music, your age or the overall theme of your wedding, a DJ should be able to fit with that.

Good DJs aren’t necessarily showmen or rockstars. Wedding DJs are professionals who are there to do a job, and do it to the best of their ability, so talk to them and let them know what you want.

Remember, a wedding DJ isn’t there to stand out. They’re there to make sure the bride, groom and guests have a good time. Don’t hire someone who is too big for their boots or only wants to play certain music. If you want the Grease soundtrack then that’s what you should get.

However, a DJ also needs to know how to act and what to play at any given situation. They should be a safe pair of hands for sound tracking your party. Make sure that when you hire a wedding DJ, they have all of these skills.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Wedding DJ

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Guest post by Richard Shire of UK Mobile Discos

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  1. A large group of people dancing looks better on a camera. I like the ability that a DJ has to get people onto the dance floor. It would also be really nice to allow the DJ to control the party and keep it going like the article says.

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