Pug Wedding Styling Ideas Mood Board

Pug Wedding Styling Ideas

Hands up, who loves Pugs? The Pug, with its wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail, seems to be all over everything, from cups and plates, to clothing and cushions.

If you are Pug lovers then you could use Pug related items in your wedding styling to make your wedding personal and quirky. Many companies will be able to personalise your wedding stationery and decor with your own pug.

We love dogs at weddings. Some people even choose to put their dog into a little outfit, so why not get you Pug involved in your wedding day.

Here are just a few of the many fun Pug wedding styling ideas you could use…

Pug Wedding Styling Ideas Mood Board

Pug Love Poster – Pretty Little Prints on Etsy

Bride with Pug – Via Rock My Wedding, picture by Charli Photography

Pug Coasters – Jenny’s Designs on Etsy

Bride and Groom with Pug – Via Love and Lavender, picture by Dottie Photography

Pug Bunting – All Her Glory on Etsy

Printable Pug Cake Toppers – Snips Pintables on Etsy

Pug Wedding Stationery – Honey Lou Weddings on Etsy

Pug Biscuits – Kara’s Party Ideas

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