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Getting to Know – Beyond Weddings

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Interview With: Chelsea Bidwill

Company Name: Beyond Weddings

Website: www.beyondweddingsltd.com

Location: London, Cover The UK and Europe

What is Beyond Weddings?

The Beyond Weddings gift service has a whole new take on wedding gift lists.  It is a practical bespoke gift list made up of interior design items for each couple from a wide range of suppliers.

Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

How did Beyond Weddings start?

The idea came to me after several of my interior design clients requested my help with their wedding gift selection, and I found myself choosing pieces which their guests would contribute to. Beyond Weddings started in 2009, it is a sister company to Beyond Design which started in 1993.

Who runs Beyond Weddings?

Beyond Weddings is run by me, Chelsea Bidwill. I am an interior architect who grew up on boats – so I have a keen eye for small spaces and fine design.

What services can Beyond Weddings provide to couples creating a gift list?

The result of using Beyond Weddings is a beautiful home that your wedding guests have contributed to. It is a very practical present, a fresh start at home when you get married. The gift list can entail anything interior wise and it is totally bespoke to you with large trade discounts.

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How does the service work?

We meet with the couple at their home and go through the various things they would like. Whether it’s a new kitchen or a few decorative items, together we create a list which covers all price ranges, from expensive items to smaller items, which their guest can contribute to. Once agreed we place the gift list on the Beyond Weddings website which is exclusive to the couple and their guests.

After the honeymoon we meet again with the couple and we set about purchasing the items which have been chosen by the guests. At this stage changes can then be made by the couple, for example if they decide whilst they are away that they would like to have a taupe colour scheme with white details rather than the previous one chosen, then this is all possible as nothing is bought until they decide when. Then everything is implemented – in the interim the couple is sent a list of which guest bought which item so they are able to send out thank you cards to their guests.

The end result is a fresher home, a happy couple, and guests who feel their gifts have contributed to the couple’s home, as wedding gifts traditionally should.

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What sets Beyond Weddings apart from other interior design influenced wedding gift lists?

It is a very unique service. There is no other gift list company which offers an interior design service and the bespoke range of suppliers.

What is the best thing about the job?

The best part of my job is making sure couples are completely happy with all their gifts and that they complement their home. This is not a gift list which comes in a pretty box, this is a gift list which will last forever and aid the couple to live more comfortably in an environment which they really love.

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What are your top tips on creating a wedding gift list?

I believe couples should always start with a wish list, whether it’s a new kitchen tap, new kitchen cupboard doors, new flooring, new paint colours, blinds, recovering a family heirloom and decorative mirrors.

There is so much one can add to your list – start with the most important and go from there. There should be a lot of variety and different price points to ensure everyone can afford to purchase a gift.

Where can I find out more about Beyond Weddings?

The Beyond Weddings website www.beyondweddingsltd.com, or you may call me on 0207 373 7572 to discuss if Beyond Weddings will be the best gift list for you.

To find out about Beyond Design visit www.beyonddesignltd.com, and you can follow me on twitter @Chelseabeyond.

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