Edible Garden cupcakes by Lulubelles Cakes

Getting to Know – Lulubelle’s Cakes

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Interview with: Louisa Harman

Company Name: Lulubelle’s Cakes

Website: www.lulubellescakes.com

Location: West Parley, Dorset

Have you always wanted to make cakes for a living?

As a teenager I used to bake sculpted birthday cakes for friends and family, and always dreamed of owning my own little coffee and cake shop, but after going to Uni ended up working in advertising for more than a decade. It was only late last year that I rediscovered my love for baking and decided that the time was right to give it a go as a business.

Flake Cupcakes by Lulubelles Cakes

Is it just you or do you have a team?

Lulubelle’s is mostly just me, however I have a few people I regularly call on to help me out at busy times both in the kitchen and delivering – the support of good friends and family is crucial for a young business!

What type of cakes do you make?

Lulubelle’s main business is cupcakes, but we do a full range of bespoke cakes and goodies from giant cupcakes to sculpted cakes, iced cookies and Cake Balls!

Cupcakes by Lulubelles Cakes

What sets Lulubelle’s Cakes apart from other cake makers?

It would be easy to say quality and service, but I imagine most cake companies will say the same! So, how about the fact that we do over 40 flavours of cupcake, are always up for a challenge and offer free local delivery?

What’s the best thing about your job?

Seeing the look on someone’s face when your cakes are just what they hoped for or even better, an unexpected surprise – nothing beats a satisfied customer!

Do you have a favourite cake that you have made?

Flavour wise, I love the ice-cream varieties we do – particularly the twister, but as far as seeing the delight in the recipients face, the edible garden has to be the winner!

Edible Garden cupcakes by Lulubelles Cakes

Where can I find out more about Lulubelle’s Cakes?

Check out our website, www.lulubellescakes.com. We don’t have a shop yet, but we keep the website updated with local events and shows so you’ll be able to pop down and try some cakes for yourself.

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