Alternative Wedding Bouquets Mood Board

Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas

You will love these unique and quirky ideas for alternatives to traditional wedding flower bouquets, including tissue paper and fabric flower bouquets, bouquets made from buttons and even a paper butterfly bouquet.

Alternative Wedding Bouquets Mood Board

Butterfly Bouquet – Martha Stewart Weddings

Brooch Flower Bouquet – The Knotty Bride

Tissue Paper Bouquet – Helen Carter Weddings

Turquoise Brooch Bouquet – Fantasy Floral Designs

Vintage Button Bouquet – Button Moon Bouquet

Button Bouquet – Really Bad Kitty at Etsy

Fabric Bouquet – Eliza Claire Photography

Coloured Balls and Tissue Paper Flowers – The Adventures of Josh & Andy

Shell Bouquet – Romantic Flowers at Etsy

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