Bride having hair done by Final Touches

Getting to Know – Final Touches

Bride having hair done by Final Touches

Interview With: Janice Eveleigh

Company Name: Final Touches


Location / Coverage: Hertfordshire, London and Surrounding Counties

What services do Final Touches provide?

Final Touches provides a bridal hair and make-up service.

How did Final Touches get started and how long has the business been going?

Final Touches got started when a friend who is a make-up artist asked me to help do the hair at a wedding in 2002. I really enjoyed the experience and started helping her more and more. I soon realised I preferred the wedding work and freedom of working freelance rather than being employed. I already had hair and make-up skills but decided to take a few refresher courses in bridal hair and make-up. Then, after much consideration and deliberation I decided to set up Final Touches and haven’t looked back since.

Who works at Final Touches and what are your backgrounds?

Final Touches is solely run by myself but I call upon other freelance hair and make-up colleagues who I have worked with over the years when I have a large bridal party.

My background has always been in the beauty industry and I started as an apprentice hairdresser on leaving school and completed a City and Guilds 3 year course. I then worked on board cruise ships for a number of years, travelling to numerous countries and began training in make-up when I returned. I’ve worked for Virgin Atlantic in the upper class lounge as a stylist and educator to air stewardesses about to undertake abinitio training. I’m a qualified teaching assessor and have a Cert Ed in adult education.

Bride having make-up done by Final Touches

Why should a bride and female members of the bridal party have a professional to do their hair and make-up on the day of the wedding?

When a bride chooses a beautiful dress, jewellery and shoes, and thinks hard about what photographer to choose, I think it’s important to complete the look with professional hair and make-up. Your wedding photos are something you will want to treasure and look your best in, so having flawless make-up and beautiful hair is a must for every bride.

This also makes for an enjoyable wedding morning spent with your bridesmaids, stress free and being pampered without the hassle of having to go to a salon.

How many trials would you have with a bride?

Normally after discussing a bride’s requirements it only takes one trial. I don’t put a time frame on a trial so we can go through as many looks as desired. Most brides have an idea of what they want, and after taking into account the dress, headdress etc we can usually complete a look that works well with them all.

I also take photos at the trial so brides can see the outcome in print and then if they want to make changes it’s not a problem.

What sets Final Touches apart from other wedding hair and beauty stylists?

I don’t think Final Touches is majorly different from other wedding hair and beauty stylists but I think we are professional, approachable and maintain a high standard. We work closely with the bride and try and liaise with the photographer to build up a good rapport so the atmosphere is relaxed on the big day. I try to give advice and tips to make the day go smoothly and assist wherever possible. I’m not beyond lacing up the odd dress or two on the day!

However, we do offer ‘Airbase’ which not all make-up artists are trained in. The make-up is applied with an airgun and gives a flawless magazine shoot look. It’s silicone based so it’s great for photographic work and is totally water proof making it great for all times of the year. It’s also light to wear, gives a completely natural look and has become really popular this year with more and more people asking for it.

What’s the most popular bridal hair style that people ask for?

At the moment lots of brides are going for curls, the low chignon, or all back and away from there faces. It usually depends if they are wearing a veil or headdress.

Wedding wairstyles by fFinal Touches

What’s the best thing about the job?

There are so many good things about the job. The fact that it’s always a lovely happy morning and you get to see all the dresses and accessories come together and complimented with hair and make-up, and to see the father of the brides face when he first sees his daughter in her dress is always a lovely moment.  It’s also great when everyone is ready and looking lovely and ready to go off to the ceremony and you feel you have done a good job, then after the big day and honeymoon you get to see the photos and see what happened after you left and finished your part of the day.

What are your top tips on wedding hair and make-up?

My first tip would be to get your skin in tip top condition. Make-up looks so much better on hydrated clear skin. Drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol at least a month before the day. A few hydrating facials are worth having especially if it’s a winter wedding.

Secondly, make sure your hair is in good condition and get regular cuts and a few conditioning treatments. Also, if you colour and highlight your hair think about when to book your appointments so your hair looks its best on the day.

Thirdly, if you feel the need for a tan on the day, experiment a few months before hand so as to get the colour right and always get a professional to do it. There’s nothing worse than streaky patches!

Lastly, remember you don’t want to look so different on the day your husband-to-be doesn’t recognise you, so don’t go experimenting with heavy make-up you won’t feel comfortable in.

Where can I find out more about Final Touches?

Final Touches has a website or just give us a call on 07941 241101

Visit the Final Touches supplier page on The Wedding Community.

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