George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Getting to Know – Spot On Caricatures

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Interview With: George Williams

Company Name: Spot On Caricatures / Wedding Artist

Website: /

Location / Coverage: National / International

What is Spot On Caricatures?

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures I am ‘Spot On George’ a freelance illustrator, caricaturist and entertainer. I provide top quality entertainment in the form of quick-draw caricatures.

How did Spot On Caricatures come about and how long has the business been going?

I began trading as a Graphic Designer in 1991, but found more opportunities lay in the entertainment industry, more specifically Live Caricatures. I was asked to draw at an Army event in 1991, liked it and so launched from there.

What services can Spot On Caricatures provide at a wedding?

I’m primarily a professional entertainer and I can keep your guests occupied, help break the ice and create talking points during the quieter spots.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to travel lots, meet new people every day and gain access to some of the UK’s most prestigious and beautiful venues. Of course, making strangers smile is always a joy. I’m a born show-off!

Spot On Caricatures - Michael Jackson

Does Spot On Caricatures have a specialist area?

I specialise in wedding entertainment; I am expert in opening conversations, raising smiles, but remaining professional and unobtrusive at all times, never crass or domineering.

Who/what are your influences?

Artistically Al Hirschfield – a great minimalist caricaturist. Otherwise I’m my own best/worst critic or influence.

Spot On Caricatures - Amanda Holden

Do you have a favourite caricature you have drawn? (If you can choose!)

Studio-wise I’d say Michael Jackson but live I’d have to say Amanda Holden, drawn at her ‘Hen pyjama party’. That was a blast!!

What’s your top tip for choosing the perfect wedding entertainment?

Never cut corners or budget on the biggest day of your life. Always look for an established professional; the industry is full of part time amateurs, looking for a fast buck. Above all, look at any entertainer as a guest and simply say “Do I like this person? Would I be happy inviting this guest if they weren’t here to entertain?”  Weddings are for friends after-all.

Where can I find out more about Spot On Caricatures?

My wedding site is or for more broad enquiries my main site is

Visit the Spot On Caricatures Supplier Page on The Wedding Community

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