Groom and best man

Picking Your Best Man

One of the few wedding jobs going that is emphatically the groom’s responsibility is choosing the best man. Now that doesn’t mean that certain people *cough* the bride-to-be *cough* might not offer an opinion or two on who it should be. But they ultimately know that the best man is as serious as male friendships get, and therefore they should back the heck off. We’re not going to join the roster of people queuing up to tell you who to pick, but we do have some advice.

Groom and best man

Pick with your heart, not your head

What the bride wants is for you to pick someone who won’t take you to a strip club on your stag do. She wants you to pick someone who will say disarmingly charming things during his speech. She wants someone who looks good in a suit and won’t spend the reception at the bar chanting: “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” with their pants on their head. In essence, the bride wants you to pick your grandmother.

The guy you’re thinking of choosing might fit the above description, or they may be a rogue of the first water. Just remember that you’re picking your best man on the qualities of deep friendship, of shared experiences and, damn it all – on love. Go with your heart.

Don’t pick a woman

You’re angry aren’t you? You’re thinking – “How dare they. Women can be just as much a best friend to a man as a man can.” Well, that’s a debate for another time (as is the old When Harry Met Sally men can’t be friends with women because sex gets in the way discussion).

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Men in mankinis

Five Easy Stag Fancy Dress Ideas

Something weird happens to blokes when you get a group of them together for an event, such as a stag-do. It usually only takes about four beers before someone will suggest that rather than just meeting up, having a drink and a chat and then going home, that the whole thing would go better if they wore weird costumes. Stag fancy dress is one of the more extreme examples of this, with guys going to great lengths to make sure they stick out.

Men in mankinis

What if you can’t be bothered though and want a simple solution? Here are five lightning quick stag fancy dress costumes.


Granted, it might be a bit of an issue combining a group of blokes with beer and an incentive to practice amateur martial arts. But if you fancy living on the wild side, then this article shows you how to create an amazing ninja look. All you need then is a pair of black pyjamas and you’re set.


This one is actually a brilliant way of breaking the ice on a stag-do. You might get a bit of complaining from the people who have real jobs, but generally speaking you should be ok. There’s not even a stag fancy dress costume to wear. All you have to do is grow a moustache for a month before the do, then on the night you sport the most magnificent ‘tache you can muster. Bristly!

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Geeky Proposal Ideas

Geeks. They’re everywhere these days. There used to be a time where the only place you could find a geek was at the bottom of a climbing rope, whimpering about how they couldn’t climb because they have sensitive skin on their hands. These days you’re far more likely to find a geek in the office with the sign on the door that says, “Manager”. It’s like the Bible predicted: the geeks will inherit the earth. This explosion of geeks – or geeklosion if you prefer – has had some far-reaching effects on proposal ideas, which we think our top three nerdiest proposals proves.

#3 Top Geek Proposal Idea – Lolcats

We’ve all enjoyed playing at Lolcats, the viral phenomenon where you write a marginally amusing caption over a picture of a cat and send it to the six friends who still open your emails. But not many of us would have turned our proposal into a Lolcat. That said, not many of us are Jon and Loretta – or indeed their cat.


#2 Back To The Future Edited (Badly)

So you love a woman enough to decide that you want to propose. The real question is, how do you ask her to marry you? Traditionalists would say that you should go down on one knee. Corey Goldfeder would say that you should edit footage of yourself proposing into the classic film Back To The Future and then arrange a screening of your edited film at the local cinema. Who’s to say Corey’s not wrong?

#1 Re-write An Entire Video Game

This one has to top the charts. Not only does it include a classic SNES game (Chrono Trigger for anyone who was wondering) but this bloke wrote an entire new level which charted the course of his relationship with his girlfriend and culminated with a proposal by the end of level baddie. That’s bordering on weird, but still, y’know, lovely.

Article by Andrew Shanahan

BBQ Food

Why Choose a Barbecue for Your Day to Remember?

BBQ Sign

Barbecues are great fun and they bring the whole family together by their mere definition. What could be better to bring the bride and groom’s families together than a roaring barbecue feast?

You could have a barbecue for your wedding breakfast, or as an icebreaker event before the wedding. It’s a great, informal way of bringing both sides of the family together before the big event.

The Barbecue can also be a day after event. Once the happy couple have left for the honeymoon there are always some family and friends left the next day. What better way to say your farewells than at a family Barbecue.

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Toothpaste and toothbrush

A Guide to Teeth-Whitening

It’s all well and good for the Americans to poke fun at our standard of dentistry. But when you clap eyes on some of the ultra-bright gnashers they display you wonder whether you wouldn’t sometimes prefer the occasional snaggle-tooth. Ok, maybe not. There’s one thing that we can all agree on though and that’s that stained teeth are a bit grim. If you’re sorting your teeth before your wedding here’s a quick guide to some of the ways you can get pearly whites.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Whitening Toothpaste

WHERE: At home

COST: A few quid

TIME: Long term

METHOD: It’s as easy as brushing your teeth.

EFFECT: Subtle. It’s just your regular toothpaste but with added chemicals, abrasives and polishing agents. It provides extra stain removal but won’t actually change the natural colour of your teeth. Even the most effective toothpastes will only lighten teeth by one shade on the chart, so it’s not the option for a quick, pre-wedding fix.

RISKS: Products that include pumice may cause damage to the enamel.

Whitening Gel

WHERE: At home

COST: £20ish

TIME: Two weeks

METHOD: A gel applied twice a day directly to the teeth. The magic ingredient peroxide ensures decent results.

EFFECT: More noticeable than the toothpaste thanks to the peroxide. Yay peroxide! It is a bit poisonous though. Boo peroxide.

RISKS: Gum irritation. Unsupervised dental fiddling. You wouldn’t do your own fillings, would you?

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