Pierre Carr Exclusive Tropical Weddings

UK Weddings with a Caribbean Twist from Pierre Carr

Pierre Carr Exclusive Tropical Weddings

With the wedding fair season in full swing couples are looking for the perfect place to say ‘I do’. The Caribbean is an ideal location, but funds sometimes hold couples back from a dream destination wedding, but that doesn’t mean the essence and vibrancy of the Caribbean can’t come to them.

On October 14th 2010, Caribbean wedding specialists, Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings launched a new design service for couples who want to recreate all or some of the elements of the Caribbean for their wedding or special event. From food to floral arrangements, Pierre Carr’s founder, Michelle Pierre-Carr is looking to bring some Caribbean spice to London weddings.

Already running a destination wedding planning service to the Caribbean, Michelle Pierre-Carr realised the significance of offering UK couples a Caribbean style wedding at home.

“Getting married abroad is a dream, but many people are put off by family members and loved ones who can’t afford to make the journey. So I felt it was important to create something magical for those who really wanted to use our services as well as our clients who opt for our signature destination weddings to the Caribbean. However the weather may not be as easy to recreate in the UK.”

Details on the new service and special offer available in the Pierre-Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings portfolio can be found at www.pierrecarr.com.

Outdoor Weddings at Beavercreek Golf Club

ANY: Campaigning to Legalise Marriage Anytime, Anywhere

Have you always dreamed of getting married outside in the garden of a beautiful country house on a warm summer day, or even in the garden of your childhood home like they do in films?

Outdoor Weddings at Beavercreek Golf Club

Well unfortunately if you plan to get married in England this is not going to be possible due to the current marriage law that states that a marriage ceremony venue must have a roof, be moored to its foundations and licensed by the local registrar. Not only that, it states a marriage must take place between 8am and 6pm!

In many countries including Ireland and Scotland it is the registrar that holds the licence not the venue, meaning you can marry wherever and whenever you want your perfect wedding to be.

Penny & Martin from Tino & Pip Photography have launched this amazing campaign, the Any Campaign, to try and get as many people as possible to sign the petition to help in getting these current laws relaxed so couples can have the wedding of their dreams (rather than the one they have to choose due to these laws). Find out more about the Any Campaign.

Penny & Martin need at least 1000 signatures to present their petition to the government. Please help by signing the Any Campaign Petition.

As well as getting signatures they would love to get brides thinking about what this law change would mean. Join the inspiration conversation: If I could be married anytime, anywhere…

Image courtesy of Beavercreek Golf Club


Rules of Church Weddings Relaxed

Church leaders have decided to relax the current laws which previously prevented couples from marrying in a church where they don’t have a “qualifying connection” to the parish.


Church of England marriages have dropped over the last 10 years by 40 per cent to around 55,000 marriages per year. Leaders are hoping that this change in the law will help to entice couples to marry in churches rather than having civil ceremonies in country houses, stately homes and hotels.

Rules Difficult to Justify

Church officials admitted that the old rules were difficult to justify and excluded people unnecessarily. Now brides and grooms-to-be will have greater freedom to choose a church which best suits their needs.

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MPA Awards Matt Pereira - Isabelle

Well Done Matt Pereira!

Huge congratulations to Matt Pereira, who last week received several awards at the MPA (Master Photographers Association) South East Region Annual Awards. The MPA are the most prestigious awards for photography in the UK.

Every year each of the 14 different regions hold an awards ceremony. Photographers submit images in several different categories, which are then judged against each other.

The South East Region awards consisted of some 300 images, across several categories:

Classical Wedding, Contemporary Wedding, Reportage Wedding, Classical Portrait, Contemporary Portrait, Pets, Under 5’s, Family Portrait, Fashion & Beauty, “Pictorial, Illustrative, Fine Art, Landscape & Travel”.

Matt was delighted to be awarded…

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