Multi-Cultural Wedding Menus at BMA House

BMA House London Wedding Venue

The BMA House weddings team have been embracing the truly multi-cultural society that they are proud to live in, and in-house caterers BaxterStorey were recently set the test of designing bespoke menus to incorporate elements from two contrasting cultures and fuse them into one mouth-watering menu.

The task of designing a full menu from cultures as diverse as Italian/Irish or Spanish/Sri-Lankan became an exciting challenge for their chefs, who pooled their wealth of experience in global catering techniques to successfully deliver a unique menu enjoyed by both families.

Guests of the Italian/Irish couple were delighted with their menu, which began with starters including a traditional anti-pasti of cured meats, marinated vegetables and buffalo mozzarella accompanied with Irish brown soda bread. Main course options included baked salmon or beef wellington, with vegetarians enjoying a braised barley risotto.

Prince's Room at BMA House London Wedding Venue

The team were as equally creative when it came to the Spanish/Sri-Lankan fusion, blending sauté chorizo in cider with pimento and smoked paprika starters, to king prawn curry with curried dahl accompanied with Sri Lankan roti bread topped with deviled squid as a main course option.

If you have special wedding menu needs and would like to challenge the creativity of the BMA House chefs, or if you are looking for a little more traditional menu, BMA House would be delighted to provide you with ideas to suit your needs, and the in-house wedding planning team will deliver a flawless event from the first moment to the last dance.

You can contact the dedicated events team who are ready to assist you, on 020 7874 7020, or email [email protected]

Visit the BMA House website for further details.

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

MIB Music Perform at the Royal Wedding Celebrations

Only a few days after the Royal Wedding we caught up with The Wedding Community’s wedding entertainment advice expert Sera from MIB Music to find out about their performance at the Royal Wedding celebration party in Hyde Park.

The Royal Wedding Celebrations at Hyde Park
Image Courtesy of Jenny Goodall

How did MIB come to be part of this great event to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Gosh, I ask myself this question all the time! Basically one of our agents who we work very closely with was asked to recommend a band for the day, and they put us forward. I think they put us forward because as individual musicians we all have a lot of experience playing for big crowds (we’re all session musicians) and I guess they know we’re super reliable and always deliver! 😉

We’ve managed to get ourselves a great reputation over the years which is fantastic, but honestly nothing could have prepared us for being asked to perform on such an historic occasion. We were the only band playing and it really was such an honour – I could go on about it all day!

The big screen at the Royal Wedding Celebrations in Hyde Park

Have you ever performed at an event this big before?

No! Apparently Friday’s event went down in history as the UK’s biggest ever gig!! I can’t believe it.

We’ve all done big gigs before. Most of the band have toured the world as individual session players/singers to some pretty huge audiences of 150,000 or so, but nothing like 300,000…it was just incredible. My main memory of Friday is us all huddling away in our cabin, and every now and then you’d hear the crowd cheering. It was the most immense sound and like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

How many performers did you have in your set?

We performed as the 10 piece band, so basically 2 female singers, 2 male singers, drums, bass, guitar, keys, sax and trumpet. It was great to have so many of us up there, there’s always a bigger chemistry when there are more musicians involved.

MIB Music on stage at the Royal Wedding Celebrations
Image Courtesy of Ray Andrews

How long were you on stage and what was your playlist like?

The initial idea was they only wanted us on for 35 minutes. We had to do a tiny 3 minute slot where we played a medley of the ‘top 5 first dances’ and the crowd had to vote for which one they wanted us to perform. Then we were supposed to come on again, play the winning song and launch into a 35mins set of ‘wedding style’ covers. However, they ended up extending our set to 50 minutes as it was going so well, and then sent us on for another half hour for a second set!

We played all sorts. I wanted to stay away from being too cheesy, because I think cheesy wedding bands are kind of done and dusted now (there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese, but people seem to want more modern music and less ‘I will survive’!). Also, there were rumours that a big named band would be playing, however in reality that wasn’t happening so I wanted to give the audience something a bit ‘cooler’ than something a typical wedding band might play. I didn’t want to be doing anything like ‘High Ho Silver Lining’! We basically played stuff like ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That, ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse, ‘Forget You’ by CeeLo Green, and then some less obvious older songs like ‘Give It Up’ by KC & The Sunshine Band (which inspired a 1000 person long conga! Lol) and ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ by Michael Jackson.

What were you all wearing?

The boys wore nice suits, and us girls decided to dress patriotically, with me in red, Rachael in blue and our female horn section in white. We were in hair and make-up from 6 in the morning!

Sera Golding of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding CelebrationsRachael Golding of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding CelebrationsDamien Edwards of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding Celebrations
Images Courtesy of Ray Andrews

Did you get to mingle with the stars?

Vanessa Feltz was there presenting for the BBC and she seemed really lovely…in fact she said hello to us a few times and waved when we walked past etc. I thought that was really sweet. She could probably see how nervous we all looked and wanted to help us feel better.

On scale of 1 -10, how excited were you? (If we know Sera, we don’t think she would have slept for weeks due to the excitement!)

The build up to this was ridiculously exciting, especially because (as with all these sorts of events) the details were very vague and we really had no idea what we were supposed to be doing until we turned up! We had heard rumours that they were expecting big crowds, but had no idea that it would be the UK’s largest ever gig! I was incredibly nervous for the few weeks beforehand (in fact couldn’t stop myself from gagging every time anyone said the words ‘Royal Wedding’!), but actually once we were there it felt like the most natural thing ever; it was ever so strange. I was on stage, in front of 300,000 people thinking “I think this is the least nervous I have ever been on stage, and the most comfortable”. I never in a million years expected to be feeling like that!

The Crowd at the Royal Wedding Celebrations in Hyde Park
Image Courtesy of Jenny Goodall

How will people be able to see you performance if they were not able to get to Hyde Park?

There’s lots of footage on Youtube at the moment, but I’m trying to get hold of the official footage that was taken, and if I do then I’ll put together a little show reel from it and pop it online; I will keep you posted on that one! Apparently it was featured all over the world, even on the Los Angeles and Australian news.

How are you feeling about it now, post event?

It’s funny, all of us have been a bit speechless about it all. We had a gig the next day and we all just sort of sat backstage in silence, taking it all in and trying to process what we had actually done; it’s ever such a strange feeling. Really the overriding feeling is just that we are insanely proud to have been involved in Will & Kate’s big day. It was such a beautiful wedding and such a huge day in British history. We will never forget it!

The Royal Wedding Day Schedule

Prince William and Kate Middleton - The Royal Wedding Day Schedule
Image from Flickr by UK_repsome

So there are only 24 hours to go until the Royal Wedding, how excited are we here at The Wedding Community? …very!

We thought we would share with you the plans for the Royal Wedding day so whether you plan to watch the wedding on a big screen at your local street party, watch in the comfort of your own home or even camp overnight to get a good spot in the streets on of London, you will know how the day is planned.

8:15am: Guests will head to Westminster Abbey. According to protocol the last person to arrive will be Queen Elizabeth II.

10:00am: The couple will be ready and Prince William and his best man Prince Harry will leave Clarence House and arrive five minutes later at the Abbey to wait for the bride Catherine Middleton to arrive.

10:40am: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip will leave for the Abbey

10:48am: Kate Middleton will leave Hotel Goring with her father and travel by Rolls Royce to Westminster Abbey.

11:00am: The future Princess Catherine is scheduled to enter Westminster Abbey (will she be fashionable late and keep the nation waiting?!). The marriage ceremony will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

12:15pm: Prince William and Princess Catherine will leave the Abbey and travel through London in a horse and carriage. They will pass through Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade and The Mall.

1:25pm: The couple will arrive at Buckingham Palace and are scheduled to come out onto the balcony with other royal family members to greet the crowds. Will they have the tradition Royal Kiss on the balcony? (We think so!). Guests will then attend the reception at Buckingham Palace.

7:00pm: The Prince of Wales is holding a celebration dinner followed by an evening party with lots of dancing into the early hours!

All the wedding details will have been revealed! We will have finally seen what Kate’s wedding dress is like (eekk), her hair and make-up and all the other wedding details that will be on display.

We simply cannot wait. Can you?

Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding? What are your thoughts on the wedding of the decade?

Sneaky Peek of the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot

Richard Wakefield and Henley Bailey at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Richard Wakefield and Henley Bailey at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot

The time has finally come and I can now share with you a sneaky peek of the Twitter Girls charity calendar shoot that I know you have all been dying to see!

It must have been at the end of 2010 I saw Tweets flying around about organising a charity calendar and it sounded like a great thing to be involved in; little did I know that it would mean I would have to dress in my underwear!

The tweets went back and forth for months with lots of other tweeting girls getting just as excited about it as I was. There were so many people wanting to take part that the organiser, the fabulous Gina Griffiths from by Gina Events had to organise four shoots across the country (the lady is a goddess!)

So then the date was set for our shoot – 3rd March. Then it finally hit me what I had agreed to do, but I will do anything (well almost anything) for charity and the calendar is to raise money for Help for Heroes and PC David Rathband’s The Blue Lamp Foundation.

On 3rd March I travelled down to Bannatyne Spa, Charlton House in Shepton Mallet to meet the other Twitter girlies and find out just what Gina had in store for us. Having gone through weeks of excitement I suddenly felt quite sick, but once we all got together and started laughing the nerves disappeared and we had the most amazing time.

We all had our hair and make-up done by Trish Rawlins, and as each of us was made to look gorgeous the rest of us dived into the treasure trove that was full of lingerie of all different shapes and sizes!

So having been made-up, chosen what we wanted to wear and let go of our insecurities (well some of them) we went out for the photo shoot.

Now, I am under strict instructions to say no more (sorry), but what I can say is that the incredibly talented photographers Greg Thurtle of TP Photography and Ian Hamilton from IanH Photography, and videographers Richard Wakefield from FX Films and Henley Bailey of Lime Leaf Weddings did a splendid job making us all feel relaxed (well as relaxed as a girl can be in her undies with four men around!) and we just can’t wait to see the final results at the launch party in the summer, after which we will add another feature.

All the girls were so amazing to work with and we had such a giggle. It’s great to find people who are willing to do something like this to help a good cause.

My partners in crime were:
Elspeth Hardie; Georgina Webb of Ruby Weddings; Sarah Evetts of Boho Bride; Suzie Wheat of Suzie Wheat Vintage and Denise Ward of Gloves and Gavel.

The calendar is for such a great cause and all donations will be gratefully received to help these charities.

So, here are a few behind the scenes pics from before the shoot…

Kim x

Sarah Evetts and Georgina Webb at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Sarah Evetts and Georgina Webb
Trish Rawlins doing Kim Herbing's make-up at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Trish Rawlins and Kim Herbing
Suzie Wheat at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Suzie Wheat
Denise Ward at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Denise Ward
Elspeth Hardie at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Elspeth Hardie
Georgina Webb at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Georgina Webb
Kim Herbing at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Kim Herbing
Kim Herbing and Trish Trawlins at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Kim Herbing and Trish Trawlins
Kim Herbing at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Kim Herbing
Suzie Wheat and Trish Rawlins at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Suzie Wheat and Trish Rawlins
Ian Hamilton at the Twitter Girls Charity Calendar Shoot
Ian Hamilton