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Interview with: Paul Stott

Company Name: Catching Moments Photography


Location / Coverage: Woking. I cover Surrey, the South East and take bookings throughout the UK.

How did the business get started and who works at Catching Moments Photography?

I started my business in 2006 after planning a career change. For a couple of years I combined two jobs, but by 2008 I was getting a large number of bookings so I left my other job. I work in the company on my own but I often have capable assistants at weddings. Before I shot my first wedding I spent a huge amount of time honing my skills by shooting portraits and landscapes. I believe photography should be a hobby first, and launching into wedding photography after just purchasing a camera is not good for the profession.

Wedding ceremony - Picture by Catching Moments Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

The honest answer to that question is no. I was good at mathematics at school and got pushed down that route into a degree, then a Masters and a career in industry. I decided to become a wedding photographer because I believed I could be good at it, and that I would enjoy the people side of meeting lovely couples and helping them plan their day. The job allows me to be creative, to produce something useful, and it also is a very flexible job in terms of lifestyle.

Bride and groom smiling - Picture by Catching Moments Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I can’t remember my first picture, but I can remember taking a lot of photos along the South Bank, when I first came to live in London. At that time I had a Minolta film SLR.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I predominantly work in Surrey but I take bookings throughout the UK.

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