Flower Wedding Stationery - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Getting to Know – Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Paperchain Wedding Stationery logo

Interview with: Justine Rowe

Company Name: Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Website: www.paperchainweddingstationery.co.uk

Location / Coverage: International

What does Paperchain Wedding Stationery do?

At Paperchain we produce completely unique wedding stationery, and we take a huge amount of pride in working closely with our bride and grooms to make sure that they receive their perfect wedding stationery.

Flower Wedding Stationery - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

How did Paperchain Wedding Stationery come about and how long has the company been running?

It was sort of by accident. I had been working as a graphic designer for 15 years when my sister asked me to design her wedding stationery for her. Of course I said that I would be honoured. I then went on to design my own wedding stationery and received loads of really great comments on both. Paperchain was born!

Love Birds Wedding Invitation - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Who works at Paperchain Wedding Stationery and what are your roles?

I decided to really put my heart and soul into Paperchain and to leave my job as a graphic designer and work at Paperchain full time. I design the wedding stationery and run Paperchain with the support of my husband and two lovely children.


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Rustic wedding table decorations by by Chantilly Rose

Getting to Know – Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

Christina Barker - Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events logo

Interview with: Christina Barker

Company Name: Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

Website: www.chantilly-rose.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Oxfordshire, UK

What does Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events do?

Chantilly Rose is a wedding and event planning business located in Oxfordshire. We can help with all your planning needs from supplier sourcing to full wedding planning. We also cater for any event which needs assistance with organisation and planning at any stage. We organise wedding fayres across Oxfordshire too, so keep an eye out for us at your local wedding venue.

Military couple wedding planned by Chantilly Rose

How did Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events come about and how long has the business been going?

We have always been fascinated by the world of weddings; all the pretty things, the glitz and glamour. Everyone is always so joyful at a celebration so it was only natural for us to want to explore the industry and wedding planning has always been a dream job of ours. Organisation is a key attribute, so we thought why not become a wedding and event planner and help lots of people plan their dream day in the process. After pledging a year to plan a wedding for a couple in the military to ‘win a wedding’, we knew that it was definitely the job for us, and it was after then that Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events was born.

The business is now approaching its first year so we are still fairly new, but we are loving every minute of it and excited to see where the future will take us.

Wedding table plan

Have you always been interested in weddings and wanted to be a wedding planner?

Always! To get a personalised invitation land on your doorstep is an exciting experience. It’s the first insight to what the event will entail. The build up to the big day is always filled with anticipation and questions, then to see the couple so happy on the day is just so special. To know you have helped plan that wedding is even more special.

Wedding planning was always in the back of our minds. It was the dream job that you never think you would get in to.

After planning my own wedding whilst heavily pregnant, sending the venue co-ordinator all the documents she needed to carry out the wedding day itself, I assumed she would take over on the day with my instructions and be by my side from the minute we stepped foot in the door. Unfortunately, this was not the case. She greeted us and showed us to our reception room where we sat down for our wedding breakfast then she was nowhere to be seen. I had to search for her myself, to which I was informed she had left for the day. This then led me to do what she should have been doing, organising speeches, DJ, lighting, buffet, first dance and cake cutting. Something the bride should not have been doing on her wedding day.

Although this should not have happened, I knew then that it was my mission to help as many brides as possible enjoy their day, and by becoming a wedding planner I would achieve this.


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Comic Cover - LifetimesMAG

Getting to Know – LifetimesMAG.com

Rory Squires - LifetimesMAG

LifetimesMAG logo

Interview With: Rory Squires

Company Name: LifetimesMAG.com

Website: www.LifetimesMAG.com

Location / Coverage: Across the United Kingdom

What is LifetimesMAG.com?

If you have ever dreamed of having your wedding featured in your very own magazine, LifetimesMAG.com is perfect for you. We produce custom, personalised magazines that tell the story of your big day, in a range of stunning styles.

Each magazine features flowing articles created by our expert writers (based on answers from you, your friends and family, to a series of tailored questions) in combination with your pictures.

We also create personalised magazines for anniversaries, hen and stag do celebrations, and all of life’s milestones.

It is inevitable that your memories of a special occasion such as a wedding will fade over time; trust me, it happens to all of us! However, with a LifetimesMAG your memories will remain fresh as you can relive those details, emotions and feelings time and time again.

Comic Cover - LifetimesMAG

How did LifetimesMAG.com come about and how long has the company been running?

The original incarnation of LifetimesMAG.com was Lifetimes Publishing, which was established by a friend of mine back in 2007. Originally the idea was for the writer to attend the wedding before liaising with the designer on creating the magazine. Although quite a few orders were processed, the service was inflexible and expensive.

However, I always thought the concept of a personalised wedding magazine had great potential, and I took over the company a year ago with the aim of completely relaunching the service this summer as LifetimesMAG.com and giving it the time, effort and love it deserves.

The revamped service features a really nice interactive website through which orders can be placed and the information we need for the articles can be retrieved from people without sending a writer to the wedding. We call the website process a ‘Template’ option, whereas we still offer a ‘Bespoke’ option featuring telephone-based interviews.

With prices starting at just £199 or, for example, £399 for 100 printed copies of an absolutely stunning 16-page magazine packed with all your memories, we have made the service very affordable, especially when you consider more expensive wedding-related services.

It was also really important to give the magazines a fresh look and more design options, and there are now 10 stunning styles to choose from.

Glossy Magazine Inside - LifetimesMAG

Who works at LifetimesMAG.com and what are your roles?

Richard heads up our design team, while I keep a close eye on the editorial side of things along with Phil. We also have Simon who heads up our proofreading team. My wife, Lynda, helps in a number of areas including marketing, communications and editorial. We also have a network of hand-picked freelance writers and designers based across the UK, from the south west to the north east.


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Bride and groom under parasol outside wedding venue at night - Picture by Neil Walker Photography

Getting to Know – Neil Walker Photography

Neil of Neil Walker Photography

Neil Walker Photography logo

Interview with: Neil Walker

Company Name: Neil Walker Photography

Website: www.neilwalkerphotography.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Sussex, London and the South East, as well as Italy

How did the business get started and who works at Neil Walker Photography?

I used to shoot advertising and corporate photography for company annual reports, working a lot in South America, Asia and North Africa. One year I was asked by a relative to shoot her wedding. I said no as I had never shot one and worked with large lighting rigs. She rang me a month before her wedding in a bit of a panic saying they hadn’t been able to get a photographer, so I agreed to shoot it for them. To my surprise I absolutely loved it. It’s rare to know at a particular moment that your life is going to change and you’re going to go down a particular route. Well that was what it was like that day; I just knew that shooting weddings was what I wanted to do from then on. That was nine years ago.

I shoot weddings and Sarah runs the business side as well as designing albums and helping with marketing.

Young girl at wedding cathcing bubbles - Picture by Neil Walker Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

Yes, I knew when I was 14 I wanted to be a photographer. As soon as I left school I went to work in a local photographer’s studio. Parental pressure had me going to university to study Economics, but as soon as I finished I went to London to do my apprenticeship and become an assistant to advertising photographers.

Bride and groom under parasol outside wedding venue at night - Picture by Neil Walker Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

Yes, I was about 11 and it was a shot of my gerbil. It was a terrible photo, but I had a great time experimenting.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I shoot weddings mostly in Sussex, London and the South East, and I often do a few in Italy each year too.


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NAWP - National Association of Wedding Professionals logo

NAWP – National Association of Wedding Professionals

NAWP - National Association of Wedding Professionals logo

NAWP – Promoting Professionalism and Integrity within the UK Wedding Industry

The National Association of Wedding Professionals was launched in July 2013 and started accepting membership in Spring 2015.

Wedding planners, Amanda Sherlock, Lester Gethings and Siobhan Craven-Robins, who between them have notched up 40 years of industry experience, recognised a need in the Wedding industry for a professional and effective networking group. Over the next nine months they went about establishing this, culminating in the launch of the National Association of Wedding Professionals at Kettners in July 2013. The event attracted over 100 guests interested to hear about the new association. The feedback was overwhelmingly in support of the NAWP.

Siobhan Craven-Robins, Lester Gethings and Amanda Sherlock of NAWP

Two months later they held a FOCUS group with key industry suppliers to address some of the valid points raised at the launch. As a result of this meeting, the National Association of Wedding Professionals morphed from not just a networking group but to professional body supporting and encouraging best practice within the wedding industry. Industry standing was, without exception, the most important thing to everyone who attended the meeting.


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