Classic Birdcage Wedding Invitation - Bunny Delicious

Getting to Know – Bunny Delicious

Bunny Delicious logo

Interview with: Zoe Rusga

Company Name: Bunny Delicious


Location / Coverage: Essex/Worldwide

What does Bunny Delicious do?

We design and make everything paper based under the umbrella of ‘wedding stationery’.

Classic Birdcage Wedding Invitation - Bunny Delicious

How did Bunny Delicious come about and how long has the company been running?

Bunny Delicious is now 12 years old. I started the business in 2003 after having my 2nd child. It started out as a hobby, which rapidly turned into a full time business, which wasn’t the original plan at all!

Safari Guest Book - Bunny Delicious

Who works at Bunny Delicious and what are your roles?

I (Zoe) design and draw all of the illustrations, and I also produce the proofs, deal with the admin, emails , alongside producing the handmade guest books and table plans that Bunny Delicious is known for.

My husband (Gav) makes up the invitations/save the date/thank you card orders. We have worked together for four years now and I have passed on my meticulous attention to detail onto him!


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Hannah Vine of Written With Light Photography

Getting to Know – Written With Light Photography

Hannah Vine of Written With Light Photography

Interview with: Hannah Vine

Company Name: Written With Light Photography


Location / Coverage: I am based in Gloucestershire but I am happy to travel across the UK

How did the business get started and who works at Written With Light Photography?

I started the business myself two years ago and work alone. Starting Written With Light Photography was the realisation of a dream for me after years of enjoying and studying photography.

Bride and groom standing by tree - Picture by Written With Light Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I always loved photography, but I didn’t seriously consider it as a job prospect straight away. I did a literature degree ten years ago because books have always been a love of mine, but realised later that I needed to focus on a creative job; photography is the perfect outlet for my creativity, my love of stories and my enthusiasm for meeting new people.

Bride standing on swing - Picture by Written With Light Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I was 12 when I took my first picture. I had received a Boots film camera as a birthday present, and I arranged all my presents and photographed them. I then photographed mine and my twin sister’s birthday cake, and our family. After that I always photographed family events and days out whenever I had money for a film!


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Bride and groom in Paris - Picture by Severin Photography

Getting to Know – Severin Photography

Martini Severin - Severin Photography

Severin Photography logo

Interview with: Martini Severin

Company Name: Severin Photography


Location / Coverage: London, Britain and the world

How did the business get started and who works at Severin Photography?

My work in photography started in 2008 when I freelanced for a few fashion publications. A friend who knew how much I loved photography asked me to cover her wedding, then some of her friends asked me to cover their weddings. You could say that wedding photography found me.

Bride standing in front of The Houses of Parliament - Picture by Severin Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

In retrospect I think I always wanted to be a photographer. I studied old-school photography – that is using a 35mm camera and developing my own film in the darkroom. Since 1997 I’ve had solo photography exhibitions all the while studying policy and pursuing a career in child development policy.

Though I freelanced as a photographer while getting my masters at Harvard and later pursued wedding photography part-time, it wasn’t until we moved to the UK that I decided to dedicate 100% of myself to my craft.

Bride and groom kissing in wedding venue - Picture by Severin Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I don’t remember taking my first photo, but I do remember discovering my 35mm camera and pretending to be a photo-journalist.


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Bride holding bouquet with Billy Buttons/Craspedia - Picture by Laura Wakelam Photography

Getting to Know – Laura Wakelam Photography

Laura Wakelam Photography logo

Interview with: Laura Wakelam

Company Name: Laura Wakelam Photography


Location / Coverage: UK, Australia and the world

How did your business get started and who works at Laura Wakelam Photography?

I started my photography business when I first moved to the UK. My background is in marketing, finding myself in a corporate role just outside of London which gave little scope for creativity. I wanted to do something that really challenged me creatively. A free ad on gumtree, conversations over a gin and tonic, and a couple of wedding bookings later, I found myself irrevocably hooked!

Bride holding bouquet with Billy Buttons/Craspedia - Picture by Laura Wakelam Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

Not consciously, but looking back on my childhood there were tell-tale signs from an early age that my future career would be directed towards some artistic pursuit. I’ve always had a slightly eclectic interest in collecting and cataloguing pictures… in my childhood this was translated into an avid sticker, stamp and clip art collection, dutifully catalogued like a Lightroom library. As time passed and my travel experiences and geography broadened, these disciplines and interests evolved to my own photo memories, printed archives and digital image libraries.

Close-up of bride wearing birdcage veil - Picture by Laura Wakelam Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I do. I was six years old and I borrowed my father’s old analogue camera for a school excursion to the Abel Tasman cruise ship which, at the time, was docked in the Port Melbourne harbour. From memory I took a film roll of 24 exposures on the day, but the image that I remember most poignantly is one that I took of a friend called Bridie who had the most amazing white-blonde hair. I think it may have even been an accidental exposure, but somehow I captured this perfect instant where wind and sand collided into a very dramatic and unrehearsed scene that even at six years old I was able to appreciate as having a very true and honest quality. I assume I took some photos of the cruise liner (aka ‘feature’) as well, but I honestly can’t remember!


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Couple kissing

Getting to Know – Dreemz Planners

Dreemz Planners logo

Interview with: Mary Grace Lynch and Stephen Chircop

Company Name: Dreemz Planners


Location / Coverage: Malta and Gozo

How and when did Dreemz Planners get started?

Dreemz Planners was established in October 2010; we both worked for a UK company that promoted weddings in Malta but there was no personal touch. We both noticed that there was a gap in the market for UK and Irish couples that would like more than a 30 minute wedding ceremony at the Registry office, so Dreemz was born.

Villa Bologna, Malta

Who works at Dreemz Planners and what are your roles?

Mary Grace Lynch (The one with the Afro and a very loud voice)
Managing Director – Sales and Marketing
Looking after all the day to day e-mails and requests, and all marketing campaigns

Stephen Chircop (The crazy one)
Managing Director – Sales and Design
With a flair for design and also an excellent tailor, Stephen looks after all of our couples to give them the most amazing ideas to make their day a memorable one

Kimberly Micallef (The shy one)
Accounts and Marketing Assistant

Stephen Chircop and Mary Grace Lynch of Dreemz Planners

Which destinations does Dreemz Planners offer for weddings abroad?

Malta and Gozo.


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