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Interview with: Harriet Letheren

Company Name: Twirly Girl Photography

Website: www.TwirlyGirlPhotography.com

Location / Coverage: Wiltshire/South West

How did the business get started and who works at Twirly Girl Photography?

Twirly Girl Photography started by accident really! After getting a camera and playing around with some friends I started getting asked to take photos for people who had seen my work. It had always been a dream to have my own photography company, but I didn’t for one second think it would happen as quickly as it did. I now have my own studio with loads of shoots and weddings to look forward to.

Bride and groom kissing with haolding thank you sign - Picture by Twirly Girl Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I originally started on the other side of the camera as a competitor in pageants. When I retired from that I found I really missed being involved with the camera in one way or another. I’d always had an eye for photography and was very artistic in school, but it was only when I picked up a camera for the first time that I realised it was what I was meant to do. I just never dreamed it could become a full-time profession.

Bride in wedding car - Picture by Twirly Girl Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

The first time I felt I had a flair for photography was when I was on holiday in Mallorca when I was 18, and took an interesting picture of a tree on the beach – I just wanted to show it off to the world!

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I currently work across the south west, but would love to broaden my horizons and combine an element of travel with photography.

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Bride blowing glitter from hands - Picture by Kanashay Photography

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Bridesmaids laying with their heads touching - Picture by Kate Gray Photography

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Looking down wedding table at guests raising toast - Picture by Lucy Little Photography

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Two brides kissing in a field - Picture by Toast

Image © Toast

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Bride and groom on bench

Wow, wow, wow! There are pretty weddings, and then there are really pretty weddings. We are so excited to be featuring the incredible pictures that Tatum Reid captured of Eleanor and Gareth’s fabulous wedding, which took place at All Saints Church and The Garden Barn in Little Bradley. The details of this wedding are truly beautiful, from the pretty vintage china (from Eleanor’s mum’s business) that adorned the tables, to the show-stopping wedding cake made by Eleanor’s auntie (she has some good-to-know people, doesn’t she!), this is just an amazing wedding…

“The best way that we can describe our day was that it was a real family country wedding, and we wouldn’t change a single thing if we did it again! I (Eleanor) had always wanted to get married in the small hamlet that I grew up in (and where my parents still live). The church there is so tiny but it made the service really intimate; we squished 85 of our friends and family in and in order to do that we had them sitting in the choir stalls in front of us as well as in extra chairs at the back! Luckily Gareth loved the church and barn too!

“We didn’t want a set theme or colour scheme and really the barn is such a beautiful place that it didn’t need much décor. It was the same with the church, where my mum created gorgeous country arrangements and pretty pew ends; it was absolutely perfect. She also did all our venue flowers which were a mix of pinks and greens.

“My mum owns a vintage china hire business so we used that to add extra decoration to the tables (and serve the coffee / tea in after the meal). We also used lots of old suitcases and pretty tablecloths, and my top table centrepiece was a family heirloom. We didn’t want things to match too much and tried to make things quite unique – for example the shoes the bridesmaids wore.

“We were very relaxed about the whole day, and we’d always said that the most important thing for us was that at the end of the day we were married and that we wanted our friends and family to have fun and be a part of our special day – and that’s exactly what happened!

“One of our favourite memories of the evening was taking a moment on the dance floor to look back out at everyone really enjoying themselves and dancing the night away.”

Old camera

Wedding shoes and jacket on shelf

Wedding shoes


buttons on wedding dress Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Doing up wedding dress Detail on bride's jacket

Bride's father

Bride's skirt

Bride looking in mirror Bride through window

Walking to wedding

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Bride and groom kissing in grand wedding venue - Picture by Meachen and Shorey Photography

Image © Meachen and Shorey Photography

Website: www.meachenandshorey.com

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Bride and groom laying on ground - Picture by Marianne Chua Photography

Image © Marianne Chua Photography

Website: www.mariannechua.com

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Couple on rowing boat with confetti coming down

Couple: Ramani and David

Photographer: Priscila Valentina Photography

Engagement Shoot Date: 29/07/2013

Location of Shoot: Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, California

Wedding Date: 31/08/2014

Why did you have an engagement shoot?

We decided to have an engagement shoot for a couple of reasons. One, David and I don’t have a lot of experience in front of the camera (especially together), so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to practice before the big day. Two, it’s been great to have these photos throughout our wedding planning process for the wedding website, guest book, and save-the-date!

Couple kissing on bridge

Couple kissing on bridge Couple kissing on bridge

Couple on bridge

Man lifting up woman on bridge

Couple holding hands Couple holding hands laughing

Lady with floral crown

Woman hugging man from behind

Woman hugging man from behind Woman standing behind man

Woman with floral crown standing behind man

Woman with floral crown

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Bride and groom holding hands with blurred Tower Bridge in background - Picture by Ed Pereira Photography

Image © Ed Pereira Photography

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