Couple on rowing boat seen through clouds - Picture by Emin Wedding Photography

Image © Emin Wedding Photography



Bride leaning against wall of garden - Picture by TH Photography

Image © TH Photography



Bride laughing - Picture by ZT Photography

Image © ZT Photography



Wedding confetti shot - Picture by Andy Fountain Photography

Image © Andy Fountain Photography


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1. Studio Magenta…

Bride and groom holding hands in a garden - Picture by Studio Magenta

2. Brighton Photo…

Bride and groom standing in a field - Picture by Brighton Photo

3. Dino Jeram…

Bride and groom standing on sand dune in desert - Picture by Dino Jeram

4. Pauls Studio…

Bride and groom kissing in a field - Picture by Pauls Studio

5. Teri V Photography…

Bride and groom under veil - Picture by Teri V Photography

6. Melissa Beattie Photography…

Bride with rose and berries in hair - Picture by Melissa Beattie Photography

7. Jess Petrie Photography…

Father walking daughter down the aisle - Picture by Jess Petrie Photography

8. Ed Pereira Photography…

Couple kissing with sparkler in background - Picture by Ed Pereira Photography

9. Paul Liddement Wedding Stories…

Bride and groom holding hands in field - Picture by Paul Liddement Wedding Stories

10. John Hope Photography…

Dog dancing at wedding - Picture by John Hope Photography

11. Haydn Rydings Photography…

Couple facing each other on rocks by the sea - Picture by Haydn Rydings Photography

12. McKenzie Brown Photography…

Couple standing in the middle of the road - Picture by McKenzie Brown Photography

13. This Modern Love…

Bride with birdcage veil and funky sunglasses - Picture by This Modern Love

14. Purple Pear Tree Photography…

Bride and groom standing in field with cloudy sky - Picture by Purple Pear Tree Photography

15. Travers and Brown…

Bride and groom driving car down country road - Travers and Brown

16. The Wedding Cut…

Bride and groom kissing under trees - Picture by The Wedding Cut

17. Alison Williams Photography…

Man crying giving speech - Picture by Alison Williams Photography

18. Elliott Hatherley Photography…

Hazy picture of bride and groom on dance floor - Picture by Elliott Hatherley Photography

19. Erin Johnson Photography…

Bride kissing horse - Picture by Erin Johnson Photography

20. Jeff Cooke Photography…

Bride and groom in front of sea with hair blowing in wind - Picture by Jeff Cooke Photography

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Bride holding bouquet in field - Picture by Tyron Craig Mackenzie Photography

Image © Tyron Craig Mackenzie Photography



Laura Wakelam Photography logo

Interview with: Laura Wakelam

Company Name: Laura Wakelam Photography


Location / Coverage: UK, Australia and the world

How did your business get started and who works at Laura Wakelam Photography?

I started my photography business when I first moved to the UK. My background is in marketing, finding myself in a corporate role just outside of London which gave little scope for creativity. I wanted to do something that really challenged me creatively. A free ad on gumtree, conversations over a gin and tonic, and a couple of wedding bookings later, I found myself irrevocably hooked!

Bride holding bouquet with Billy Buttons/Craspedia - Picture by Laura Wakelam Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

Not consciously, but looking back on my childhood there were tell-tale signs from an early age that my future career would be directed towards some artistic pursuit. I’ve always had a slightly eclectic interest in collecting and cataloguing pictures… in my childhood this was translated into an avid sticker, stamp and clip art collection, dutifully catalogued like a Lightroom library. As time passed and my travel experiences and geography broadened, these disciplines and interests evolved to my own photo memories, printed archives and digital image libraries.

Close-up of bride wearing birdcage veil - Picture by Laura Wakelam Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I do. I was six years old and I borrowed my father’s old analogue camera for a school excursion to the Abel Tasman cruise ship which, at the time, was docked in the Port Melbourne harbour. From memory I took a film roll of 24 exposures on the day, but the image that I remember most poignantly is one that I took of a friend called Bridie who had the most amazing white-blonde hair. I think it may have even been an accidental exposure, but somehow I captured this perfect instant where wind and sand collided into a very dramatic and unrehearsed scene that even at six years old I was able to appreciate as having a very true and honest quality. I assume I took some photos of the cruise liner (aka ‘feature’) as well, but I honestly can’t remember!

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Bride and groom in front of sea with hair blowing in wind - Picture by Jeff Cooke Photography

Image © Jeff Cooke Photography



Bride kissing horse - Picture by Erin Johnson Photography

Image © Erin Johnson Photography


Hazy picture of bride and groom on dance floor - Picture by Elliott Hatherley Photography

Image © Elliott Hatherley Photography