Bride on trapeze hoop above groom

A Magnificent Wedding at Tony Caluga Circus

Bride on trapeze hoop above groom

So, this is what happens when a trapeze artist marries a clown! As Rocío and Benjamin grew up with circus roots, of course the circus had to play a big part in their wedding. The whole wedding day took place at the circus, in the big top, where their friends and family shared a funny, emotional and beautiful day with them.

We’re sure you’ll love these incredible pictures that tell the story of this super-cool wedding, captured by Mónica Muñoz of Wildbrides…

“Our wedding was inspired by our roots. Benjamin originally wanted a church ceremony but I convinced him we should have our wedding in the circus. We were born there, we lived our happiness and sorrows there – the clap of the audience is our life.

“The ceremony was very emotive. Beforehand I was very calm and laughed a lot, but when I arrived at the circus I went to the tent with my uncle, who is like a second father, and my father was waiting for me. When I took him by the arm memories came into my head – I am his spoiled child and we are like friends – and at that time ‘Mi Princesa’, a song by David Bisbal, started to play. We started to cry while we were walking to the altar. When my father left me at the altar he hugged Benjamin so hard, and then hugged me and told me my friend is going. That broke my heart; we cried and laughed all night.”

Waiting for wedding on circus grounds

Bride getting ready in caravan

Bride looking at make-up

Getting dressed for wedding

Bride's father getting dressed for wedding

Bride wearing La Casa Blanca wedding dress


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