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1. Van Middleton Photography…

Bride and groom kissing under tree with dark clouds overhead - Picture by Van Middleton Photography

2. Bev Downie Photography…

Bride and groom in an empty barn - Picture by Bev Downie Photography

3. Steve Grogan Photography…

Bride's hands on back of groom's neck - Picture by Steve Grogan Photography


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Industrial style wedding ceremony in The Standard in Knoxville

An Industrial Themed Styled Wedding Shoot

Bride touching groom's face

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a wedding in a warehouse? Well, it would be REALLY cool, as today’s industrial themed wedding shoot shows. Having such an open space means you have a blank canvas to style as you like, giving you total freedom to think outside the box.

For this inspirational wedding shoot, the creative team kept with the industrial theme and styled the space with an eclectic mix of props – metal grid backdrop, metallic painted bottles, glass baubles filled with wire cuttings – and these were complemented by amazing floral displays.

If you have never thought about a warehouse wedding, we hope this shoot inspires you…

“The location for our shoot was The Standard in Knoxville, a brand new event venue with an industrial atmosphere which set the scene perfectly. Krystal Whitney Events coordinated the shoot partnering with Melissa Timm who created the floral accents.

“Our bride’s dress was custom made by Colleen of White Orchard Bridal, who also handmade the hair accessory, provided the jewellery and did the hair and make-up. I created the stationery myself, borrowed a lot of the props from my parent’s garage, and some were built by my husband.

“I’d worked with Izzy Hudgins in the past so I knew our photography styles would complement each other. The eclectic mix of imagery was created by Izzy shooting using film and toy cameras, whilst I shot digitally.”

Industrial themed wedding ceremony room

Hanging wire fence

Branches in vases as aisle decoration Gold and silver bottle wedding decorations

Hanging flowers

Flowers in silver vase


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