Bride and groom walking along beach - Picture by ianH Photography

Image © IanH Photograph



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And the winner of The Wedding Community’s Picture of the Year 2014 is… Karli Harrison Photography!

Bridesmaid spaying bride's hair with hairspray - Picture by Karli Harrison Photography

Our congratulations go to Karli Harrison Photography, after this stunning picture was voted The Wedding Community’s 2014 Picture of the Year. The picture is from the wedding of Amelia and Danny in July 2013, and Karli told us that it may not have even been taken if it hadn’t been raining outside. As they couldn’t use the grounds of the venue for photographs they went to the bridal suite to take some shots, and Karli set-up her flash on a stand behind Amelia. As the hairspray came out of the can it was caught by the flash resulting in this incredible effect.

This is the second time Karli has won The Wedding Community’s Picture of the Year, having also been crowned the winner in 2012

“Winner of Picture of the Year! Again! I am once again completely in shock. I am blown away and incredibly touched by the amazing support everyone has shown, it means the world to me. I want to say the biggest thank you to all my lovely friends, family and supporters, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to the beautiful Amelia for being the perfect subject, and to her bridal party for making hairspray look so magical! I would also like to say well done to the other photographers, you all had beautiful photos and it was a privilege to be listed in the final 12 with you.

“This all feels like a dream, being included in the final 12 from 260 pictures from the year is an honour, but to win the whole thing is pretty special. And to win it twice is even more so; it’s going to take a while to sink in.

“What I loved the most about winning in 2012 was how my clients were just as excited (if not more so!) than I was, and it certainly attracted interest from new brides and grooms looking for their photographer. I look forward to celebrating with all my lovely clients this year, past and present! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this start to 2015 so special. WE DID IT! Time to pop open some champagne to celebrate…”

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At 12noon we’ll be announcing the winner of our 2014 Picture of the Year vote, but first we’d like to give a special mention to the photographers who took second and third place…

2nd Place

Second place went to this picture by Jamie Penfold Photography. Taken at the Roof Bar on top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Jamie took the picture from low down to give it an interesting viewpoint, and used the lines of the floorboards and plant boxes to guide the eye to the couple, Adam and Tanya.

Bride and groom - Picture by Jamie Penfold Photography

3rd Place

Third place went to this picture by Katy Lunsford Photography, taken at Bryony and Faraz’s rustic French wedding. Katy spotted the golden field the day before the wedding and realised that the sun would be going down in exactly the right place to get the most gorgeous golden light, if the timing was right, so Bryony and Faraz delayed their wedding speeches so they could get the shot.

Bride and groom kissing in a field in hazy sunshine - Picture by Katy Lunsford Photography

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Bride getting out of wedding car - Picture by Kristian Leven Photography

Image © Kristian Leven Photography



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Bride and groom sitting in a cellar - Picture by KJP Images

Image © KJP Images



Silhouette of bride and groom against colourful sky - Picture by Andrew Billington Photography

Image © Andrew Billington Photography


Bride looking to side with groom standing in background - Picture by Linzie Russo Photography

Image © Linzie Russo Photography



Bride and groom standing up against wall - Picture by Puede Besar a la Novia

Image © Puede Besar a la Novia



Bride and groom standing in field with hill in background - Picture by Sally T Photography

Image © Sally T Photography



This is it. 12 pictures from 260 Pictures of the Day have made it to the final vote, so now it’s time for you to choose your Picture of the Year 2014. Please vote for your favourite picture from the 12, using the poll at the bottom of this post. Only one vote is allowed per person (voting is monitored – any duplicate votes will be void) and voting will close at 12pm on Monday 26th January 2015. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 27th January 2015. Good luck everyone.

Please make sure you use the poll to cast your vote. Any votes cast using the comments will not be counted, but feel free to comment as well as vote.

Voting has now closed. Click here to find out who won.

1. Karli Harrison Photography…

Bridesmaid spaying bride's hair with hairspray - Picture by Karli Harrison Photography


2. Magnus Bogucki…

Groomsmen sitting smoking cigars - Picture by Magnus Bogucki


3. DSB Creative…

Bride and groom standing by car with dark clouds and rainbow in background - Picture by DSB Creative


4. Andy Fountain Photography…

Bride and groom with dark sky and rainbow - Picture by Andy Fountain Photography


5. Lorenzo Photography…

Reflection of groom kissing bride's cheek in car rear view mirror - Picture by Lorenzo Photography


6. Katy Lunsford Photography…

Bride and groom kissing in a field in hazy sunshine - Picture by Katy Lunsford Photography


7. Jay Emme Photography…

Bride wearing birdcage veil - Picture by Jay Emme Photography


8. Jade Nott Photography…

Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Jade Nott Photography


9. Lisa Devine Photography…

Bride and groom facing each other - Picture by Lisa Devine Photography


10. Jamie Penfold Photography…

Bride and groom - Picture by Jamie Penfold Photography


11. Emma Russell Photography…

Bride and groom standing next to stone wall - Picture by Emma Russell Photography


12. Nick Rose Photography…

Bride and groom by glaciers and mountains - Picture by Nick Rose Photography