Bride and groom on swings

Wow, wow, wow…this wedding is SO cool! Chris and Emmy created the most incredible wedding filled with love and laughter. We love the details of this wedding; the beautiful humanist handfasting ceremony, the bubbles, the dream catchers, the flower crowns, guests playing archery and paddling in the stream, and to top it all off, a silent disco for everyone to dance the night away.
This is one seriously cool wedding! A big thank you to Kari Bellamy Photography for the amazing pictures of the day.

“During the planning of our wedding I was so inspired by all the amazing weddings on blogs. I loved all of the vintage, rustic, festival, eco, DIY and bohemian weddings and wanted to combine some of the things I loved from these themes. I had no idea whether it would work combining all these different styles, but in the end I think it did!

“We wanted a day that was relaxed, fun and family-friendly. As our humanist handfasting ceremony was at 10:30 in the morning we wanted to make sure there was plenty for our guests to do throughout the day. We go to a lot of festivals and run a dance tent with my family called the Griffin Tent, so we used that as a starting point. We had circus toys, archery, dream catcher making and an art and crafts den, and the evening finished with a silent disco. The river running through Loudwater Farm is the same river we both played in as children, so we had fishing nets and wellies for everyone to paddle.

“The majority of the wedding was DIY, not only because we love the homemade aesthetic, but it also saved us money and meant we could be eco-friendly. We had so much help from friends and family; my auntie Helen did all of the flowers, my brother Joe wired and painted all of the pendant light fittings himself, my Grandma did a brilliant job sewing the cushions and floor for the griffin Tent, and my Grandad build an amazing ice cream cart, taking a week off work to do so.

“I loved the poetry reading my brother and friends did for us from ‘Erotic Poetry for Vegans and Vegetarians'; it was hilarious! The most memorable moment was probably when Chris jumped on stage during one of the bands, grabbed his ukulele and performed an impromptu duet of ‘Tribute’ by Tenacious D, complete with ridiculous voices.”

Cream wedding shoes

Lace bridesmaid dress

Bride looking in mirror

Bride putting on corset

Fastening on bride's corset


Floral headband

Bride with floral headband

Groom doing up tie

Groom reading message

Groom next to Mini

Groom and best man

Fairy figure

Bicycle against tree

Groom walking from Mini

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Bride and groom in a field of sunflowers - Picture by Natural Light Photography

Image © Natural Light Photography



Bride and groom facing each other - Picture by Lisa Devine Photography

Image © Lisa Devine Photography


Emotional bride and groom at altar - Picture by Jennifer Peel Photography

Image © Jennifer Peel Photography



Bride, groom and bridal party holding tennis rackets

Today’s wedding is full of colour and is such a fun wedding. Samara and Russell were married in Adelaide, Australia, and had the most incredible wedding full of vintage carnival styling. They treated their guests to vintage lawn and carnival games, candyfloss, popcorn, and hot cinnamon donuts (who wouldn’t love a wedding with cinnamon donuts?!). The couple made over 100m of over-sized bunting, and used jars, bottles, trunks and wooden crates to decorate their venue and create this amazing summer wedding. We are so excited about sharing these amazing pictures by Joshua Kane Photography.

“When it came to wedding prep and dealing with vendors, I (Samara) am happy to take the credit. It was a lot of hard work, but I managed to get a lot of terrific vendors on board who shared our vision and helped us fulfill our dreams for the day. We are especially grateful to our photographer, Josh. Not only is he my very talented photographer brother, he helped us so much when it came to the finer details of organising the big day; his wealth of experience was a godsend!

“Above all else, we wanted our wedding to be fun for everyone involved, young and old, family and friends, and since we love all things vintage, what could be more fun than a vintage summer carnival? We had 13 different vintage lawn and carnival games, with custom prize ribbons and tickets for winners who could then redeem tickets for novelty prizes and lollies. We also had traditional carnival fare such as fairy floss, popcorn, dagwood dogs, mini beef sliders and hot cinnamon donuts during carnival time. To give the the ceremony and reception areas a real carnival feel, we handmade over 100m of oversized bunting and collected a lot of vintage wares such as jars, bottles, trunks and wooden crates.

“We loved dancing the night away outside under a fabulous fairy light canopy, and our guests loved the open photobooth which uploaded photos straight to Facebook.”

“The one thing I always dreamt of from the very start of our planning was fireworks. We gave up on the idea because of the hassle of getting council permission, but as everyone partied on into the night under a fairy light canopy, fireworks randomly began to light up the sky. I was so shocked and surprised I started crying, I couldn’t believe it! But it wasn’t any of us or our families who organised it; we put it down to a happy coincidence that another event nearby had organised them, but we still have no idea where exactly.”

Carnival style wedding invitation

Painting on chair

Pictures and old typewriter

Old typewriter and wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Bride's accessories

Wedding dress

Bridesmaid Bridesmaid with braid in hair

Holding up wedding dress

Bride holding mirror Bride with flowers in hair

Bride getting ready seen through doorway

Bride with bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

Bride holding bouquet Bride with flower in hair

Wedding sign

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Reflection of bride and groom in wedding venue water feature - Picture by Kevin Belson Photography

Image © Kevin Belson Photography



Zbyszek - Zibi Photography

Zibi Photography logo

Interview with: Zbyszek

Company Name: Zibi Photography


Location / Coverage: Salisbury/ Worldwide

How did the business get started and who works at Zibi Photography?

In 2012, I met one of the best wedding photographers in the UK , Mike Garrard. His style, enthusiasm and approach to innovative photography and editing really inspired me to pursue my own passion in this field. He became a great mentor to me and a source of inspiration when I needed one.

I run Zibi Photography on my own, as I never want to lose the personal, intimate touch that I offer to my clients. This goes a long way in earning their trust and putting them at ease on the day on which it counts the most.

Bride seen through branches - Picture by Zibi Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

For me, this adventure of a lifetime really began in 2006, when my interest in landscape photography was piqued. As I began to experiment and learn I found that the camera became a part of me and my life; it changed my outlook and began to mould my future. From there it evolved naturally into wedding photography.

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I was 10 years old when my dad gave me my first camera; an old-style Kodak. I was so excited and began taking photographs of everything around me – from flowers to family. One of the first pictures that I took was of my beloved grandmother in the kitchen, baking my favourite walnut cake.

Bride leaning against door frame - Picture by Zibi Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I cover the whole of the UK, and I photograph destination weddings all over the world. This gives me an opportunity to travel, but also to learn about the wedding customs and utilising the available backdrops (some of which can be quite different to those in the UK) to create the best possible image.

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Flowers on table

We love an outdoor wedding, and you are going to adore Hannah and Caleb’s beautiful wedding in Oklahoma.

The rustic barn and the dreamy white gazebo nestled beneath the trees is the perfect location for this gorgeous wedding. Hannah’s incredible Maggie Sottero wedding dress, the abundance of spectacular flowers, and the vintage coke bottles used for the toasts; we really do have a treat for you today.

Anna Lee Media has really captured this wedding in all its wonderful glory…

“The theme of our wedding was “rustic chic”. With a large event barn on location and a dreamy white gazebo nestled beneath the trees, Harn Homestead, a historical museum located close to the Oklahoma State Capital, proved to be the ideal venue to make our dreams a reality.

“The decorations/details of the wedding added character and beauty to our special day. There were LOADS of fresh, gorgeous flowers and greenery, including on the guest sign in table, hanging on shepherds’ hooks lining the aisle, and perfectly placed at the reception in the barn. A pretty good portion of our budget went toward the fresh flowers, and in the end it was completely worth it!

“A very memorable thing about our wedding was that several of our decorations, including the pinwheels, chalkboard signs and pendants, were DIY projects. Seeing all our dreams become reality on the day of our wedding was one of the most rewarding moments of our lives. We had so many family members and friends come out to help set up/ break down, and it absolutely could not have happened without them! The bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arraignments were handmade with love by my mother and a couple very special family friends. The string lighting we had above the dance floor and in the barn during the reception set the mood for a magical evening.

“Our song for our first dance was “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman, and perfectly reflects our commitment to grow in love with each other through every season of life, no matter how difficult times may become.

“A special little touch that we loved having was vintage coke bottles to toast with during the best man and maid of honour’s speeches – very cute and refreshing. Caleb was asked during the reception to play the electric guitar with the band, and that was great surprise for the guests as well as me! At the end of the night we were sent off with a sparkling farewell from our guests lighting the path to our car with sparklers. By the end of it all it was hard to believe that earlier that morning our outdoor wedding had been threatened by lighting and rain showers. We were so thankful and blessed that we were able to have the ceremony outside, and having to move the reception completely inside the barn was more beautiful than the original plan ever could have looked.”

Today is the day wedding sign

bride's shoes

Garter and earrings

Bride having lipstick applied


Smiling bride Flower in bride's hair

Bride looking out of window

Groomsman looking at phone

Groom putting jacket on

Groom doing shoes up

Groom doing up tie

Harn Homestead sign

Rustic wedding table

Board of keys Keys

Large letter C

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Bride and groom sitting on wall as motorbike rides past - Picture by ZT Photography

Image © ZT Photography



Bride's legs with groom in background - Picture by Scott-Wood Photography

Image © Scott-Wood Photography



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