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Back of bride standing on staircase - Picture by Pauls Studio

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Steve Brill - Brillpix Photography

Interview with: Steve Brill

Company Name: Brillpix Photography


Location / Coverage: Northamptonshire based, but always willing to travel to where exciting work takes me.

How did the business get started and who works at Brillpix Photography?

I started Brillpix Photography in 2005. I was working for a local business publication at the time, and became frustrated when photographic work was being offered and I couldn’t accept it whilst working for somebody else. So I took the leap of faith and decided that photography was the way I wanted to feed my family. The day-to-day running of the business is by myself, but both my wife and daughter are always on hand to assist if required, and will often assist at events where we may be printing on site. My daughter has a keen eye for a photograph, so I’m hoping that she will become more involved with the business over time.

Bride high five registrar - Picture by Brillpix Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I have always loved taking photographs, and as a teenager I invariably had a camera in some form or another, but at that early stage it didn’t feel like a career prospect that I felt I could pursue; I thought I had to get a ‘proper job’.

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

The first photograph I took was with a Kodak Instamatic whilst on holiday with my parents in Austria, so the first shots would probably have been of mountains. I would have been around 13 years old, and from that moment I was hooked. I recall the excitement at having to wait several days/weeks to get the films developed, and hoping that something would come out. I still smile now when looking at those old photographs, as it takes me back to a time. Sorry, getting a bit sentimental now…

Bride sitting - Picture by Brillpix Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I live in Northampton and whilst the majority of my work is within the county, I am always prepared to travel as required. For instance, one commercial assignment last year took me to Venice, but sadly those types of job do not come around often enough.

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Bride and groom with dark sky and rainbow - Picture by Andy Fountain Photography

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Silhouttes or moustache, lips and wedding ring on sunset sky - Picture by Voyteck Photography

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Bride laughing with groom - Picture by Stott and Atkinson Photography

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Bride and groom sitting on counch in The Savoy

Today’s real wedding, photographed by Amy Radcliffe Photography, is the wedding of Anna-Maria and Sakhi at The Savoy in London. Anna-Maria and Sakhi’s parents and siblings joined them for this beautiful, intimate and sophisticated wedding, before they held a big wedding in Italy with over 100 of their family and friends.

We adore Anna’s vintage style wedding dress with beautiful blush tones, and her hair and make-up to match the era.

“Our wedding styling was a little bit vintage with a hint of sparkle and some dapper gents. We planned it in less than a month and included some of our family heritage within the day. Our wedding rings are Claddagh rings, believed to originate from Galway in the west of Ireland, where my dad is from. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty; the direction the ring is worn indicates whether the wearer’s heart is taken. My parents have always worn them, as have I, and now my husband wears his with pride.

“We chose a small civil wedding at The Savoy as we also had a large wedding with 110 people in Italy, but needed to get legally married in the UK first. My mum suggested The Savoy as we wanted somewhere with a wow factor, and I had celebrated my 21st with tea at the Ritz so thought it would be the perfect place. The opulent surroundings of The Savoy added a vintage edge, very Agatha Christie-esque (my favourite author).

“Our registry office wedding was a lovely contrast to our very Italian church and outdoor reception wedding on a lake, in the mountains, but I love London and feel that the small, simple and sophisticated Savoy wedding may have been more us.

“It was really a family day, with just parents and siblings there. Our larger wedding didn’t allow us any time to talk to our parents but we had a whole day with them during our Savoy wedding, which was lovely! My brothers were the witnesses so they felt central to the day.”

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Pageboys holding picture frame with bride and groom in it - Picture by Brendan McIlhargey Photography

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Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Charlotte Leys Photography

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And the winner is… DSB Creative!

Bride and groom standing by car with dark clouds and rainbow in background - Picture by DSB Creative

Our congratulations again go to Damian of DSB Creative, as after winning our Picture of the Year 2013 competition in January he’s followed up the success by also winning our March 2014 Picture of the Day vote. In another extremely close fought competition, this stunning picture received the most votes to become the third picture to go through to our 2014 Picture of the Year competition.

Damian told us how the picture came about…

“This picture was taken at the Greek wedding of Joanna and Andy which was held at the Whitewell Inn late last year, and was one of those spontaneous shots that just happen in the ‘moment’.

“Jo and Andy were sipping ‘bubbly’ in the back of that amazing vintage Triumph motor as we drove through a downpour from the Greek orthodox church to the Whitewell Inn, when suddenly the rain stopped and the two amazing rainbows appeared. I excitedly shouted “STOP THE CAR”, and we rushed out. I framed the couple within the rainbow but something was missing – the Triumph motor – so the driver backed up, I re-framed them with the car and we re-took the shot. I am so glad we did it in a two minute window before the heavens opened again!

“Moments like these don’t always happen, but when they do and you nail it it’s one of the best feelings ever for a photographer!”

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Bride and groom surrounded by guests with sparklers - Picture by Eversonice Photography

Image © Eversonice Photography