Bride holding large bouquet - Picture by Elizabeth Armitage Photography

Image © Elizabeth Armitage Photography

Website: http://elizabetharmitage.com

Blog: http://elizabetharmitage-blog.com

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1. Lina & Tom…

Bride and groom kissing on bridge in London - Picture by Lina & Tom

2. DnJ Image…

Bride with veil holding bouquet - Picture by DnJ Image

3. Jade Nott Photography…

Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Jade Nott Photography

4. Rebecca Parsons Photography…

Bride and groom smiling at each other - Picture by Rebecca Parsons Photography

5. Belinda McCarthy Photography…

Groom wiping away tear as bride walks down the aisle - Picture by Belinda McCarthy Photography

6. Amy Faith Photography…

Groom with hands on pregnant bride's bump - Picture by Amy Faith Photography

7. Darren Mack Photography…

Bride and groom kissing surrounded by trees - Picture by Darren Mack Photography

8. Ed Pereira Photography…

Bride and groom holding hands with blurred Tower Bridge in background - Picture by Ed Pereira Photography

9. Marianne Chua Photography…

Bride and groom laying on ground - Picture by Marianne Chua Photography

10. Meachen and Shorey Photography…

Bride and groom kissing in grand wedding venue - Picture by Meachen and Shorey Photography

11. Toast…

Two brides kissing in a field - Picture by Toast

12. Lucy Little Photography…

Looking down wedding table at guests raising toast - Picture by Lucy Little Photography

13. Kate Gray Photography…

Bridesmaids laying with their heads touching - Picture by Kate Gray Photography

14. Kanashay Photography…

Bride blowing glitter from hands - Picture by Kanashay Photography

15. Lucy Turnbull Photography…

Bride and groom on beach - Picture by Lucy Turnbull Photography

16. Scuffins Photography…

Bride looking at groom with yellow tie - Picture by Scuffins Photography

17. Simon Dewey Photography…

Wedding guests standing with planes flying overhead - Picture by Simon Dewey Photography

18. Miss Gen Photography…

Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Miss Gen Photography

19. Kerry Ann Duffy Photography…

Bride and groom leaning against merry-go-round - Picture by Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

20. John Wellings Photographer…

Bride and groom kissing - Picture by John Wellings Photographer

21. Bhavna Barratt…

Groom kissing Indian bride on the head - Picture by Bhavna Barratt

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Elderly ladies playing with baby at wedding - Picture by Paul Joseph Photography

Image © Paul Joseph Photography

Website: http://pauljosephphotography.co.uk

Blog: http://pauljosephphotography.co.uk/blog

Groom kissing Indian bride on the head - Picture by Bhavna Barratt

Image © Bhavna Barratt

Website: www.bhavnabarratt.com

Blog: http://bhavnabarratt.com/indian-wedding-photography-blog

Bride and groom standing under umbrella

Beautiful braids, hay bales, a flying unicorn (yes a unicorn!) and a HUGE party with 200 guests; what is not to love about today’s uber-cool real wedding?

We love that Sharon and Teun describe their wedding as “bohemian; kind of a cosy mess, like a small festival”, the perfect wedding for such a beautiful couple.

We have to thank photographer Eliška of Khiria Photography for these amazing wedding pictures that we are sharing with you today.

“The wedding idea was to have one big party with our 200 guests. The ceremony was in an old amphitheatre, and we sat in a small rocking bench with flowers everywhere. The ceremony was intimate and very personal, and we prepared some words for some of our loved ones.

“The reception was more like drinks with music that fluently went to dinner. We don’t like the word reception that much. It was very loose, relaxed, bohemian; kind of a cosy mess , like a small festival.

“We prepared wooden spoons with our initials on and tied our favourite recipe (homemade Buma BBQ sauce) and a red pepper to them to give to our guests. Our friends made wooden signs for all over.

“Our wedding was full of fun, good food and lots of music and dance. Our friends prepared s many surprises for us, including a funny movie about how we met and a lot of speeches about our past and memories. The whole day was unforgettable.”

Make-up colour palette

Bride having hair styled

Braids in bride's hair

Bride having lip liner applied

Young girl

Wedding dress hanging from ceiling

Bridal bouquet

Bride putting shoes on

Bride's flower crown

Bride with father

Bride walking with father

Wedding arrow signs

Wedding seating in Amphitheatre

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Bride and groom kissing - Picture by John Wellings Photographer

Image © John Wellings Photographer

Website: www.wellingsweddings.com

Blog: www.wellingsweddings.com/blog

Jodie Brennan of Jodie Brennan Photography

Jodie Brennan Photography logo

Interview with: Jodie Brennan

Company Name: Jodie Brennan Photography

Website: www.jodiebrennan.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Staffordshire and the Midlands, but will travel throughout the UK

How did the business get started and who works at Jodie Brennan Photography?

The business, which began in 2010, is run by myself, Jodie Brennan. I also have a group of ‘second shooters’ who I call upon, on a freelance basis, to assist me during weekend wedding shoots. I attend all pre-wedding meetings to discuss photography directly with my clients so they can meet me face to face prior to the big day. Jodie Brennan Photography grew slowly and organically to begin with; each year is getting busier and I have more and more client referrals, which is great.

Bride and groom in doorway - Picture by Jodie Brennan Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

When I was very little I wanted to be an archaeologist, but enjoyed Art and Design so much at high school I went to University to do a Design and Art Direction degree (graphics). It was here I started to specialise in photography (and really fell in love with it). I started out by constantly photographing my favourite models – my very patient younger brother and sister.

Groomsmen with team Groom sign - Picture by Jodie Brennan Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I started out using my Dad’s old Pentax 35mm camera and printing my own images. Then I was very lucky to be one of the first of my friends to get a digital camera; it was 2 megapixel and very cutting edge at the time! I can’t remember what my very first image was of, but I used to photograph my pet cat ‘Kitten Kat’ and my family… a lot.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I am based in Staffordshire and the Midlands but I am happy to travel throughout the UK.

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Bride and groom leaning against merry-go-round - Picture by Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Image © Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Website: www.kerryannduffy.com

Blog: www.kerryannduffy.blogspot.co.uk

Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Miss Gen Photography

Image © Miss Gen Photography

Website: http://missgen.com

Blog: http://missgen.com/blog

Wedding guests standing with planes flying overhead - Picture by Simon Dewey Photography

Image © Simon Dewey Photography

Website: www.simondewey.co.uk

Blog: www.simondewey.co.uk/photographs