Boho bride with flower crown

A Boho, Earth Child Bridal Shoot

Boho bride with flower crown

It’s not often we are sent a shoot that has taken place throughout the whole day, resulting in amazing pictures from the daytime sky right through until sunset. For this amazing boho styled shoot, the photographer Phil Drinkwater has done an amazing job capturing the elegance of the lighting.

This shoot has such a romantic yet whimsical feel, which is what Claire Salter and the team behind the shoot wanted to portray.

Claire told us “To be honest the shoot evolved around the gorgeous, footless shoes, designed by Arianna Tiara. I just love these and wanted to do a hippy, bohemian styled shoot, where the bride is a free spirit, earth child.”

We hope you love this Boho, Earth Child bridal shoot as much as us…

“The story behind the shoot was to create a boho, earth child style bride. The woodland/meadow setting provided a beautiful, natural backdrop which took our girl from the late afternoon sunshine to a candlelit evening. Tea lights in jam jars, ribbons catching the breeze, and a delicate lace teepee set the scene.

“I created hair accessories that echoed her surroundings, and I wanted to create pieces which would give the impression they were made from found materials. Using feathers and flowers gave an elegant but relaxed look.

“The baby’s breath crown is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to create a simple, romantic, bohemian feel, and silk flowers can be used alongside real ones to create beautiful floral crowns.” Lucy Hallard, Boss Model Management


“The hair and make-up needed to have a relaxed, boho feel. I gave Amy’s hair a soft wave without too much product, which allowed her hair to move freely in the gentle breeze.

“The make-up I chose was all about shades and tones that would bring together the warmness of Amy’s hair, the warmth of the summer evening sunshine, and the shade of the flower headdresses created by Lucy. I also used products with light reflective shimmer in them so they would catch the sunlight and warm tone, to bring out the blue in Amy’s eyes.” Claire Salter Bridal Make-Up and Hair Styling


“The story called for a wide variety of natural lighting options, from soft gentle backlighting of the afternoon, through late evening sunset across the trees, to actual sunset. Into the night, the scene was lit by an Icelight which gave a soft and gentle feel and was set to a similar brightness to the tealights. Amy was positioned and posed in natural environments to complement the natural material used throughout.” Phil Drinkwater


“The ‘Iris’ gown is very Victoriana looking with its detachable cape and intricate lace detail. The gown itself is made from two beautiful lace cloths that have been layered to give it its unusual look.

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