Bride holding bouquet in woodland

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding Styling

Beauty and the Beast, the new Disney film, is so much more than just a movie. It’s a phenomenon, and the most incredible inspiration for wedding styling.

The fairytale love story of Beauty and the Beast is so captivating, and has become many people’s all-time favourite Disney film (it’s mine, is it yours too?). If you love it too, there are so many elements of the film and the design you can incorporate into your wedding. I’m not saying full-on Beauty and the Beast décor with items from the Disney Store and a yellow dress (unless of course this is your thing). Just subtle, fabulous details.

Bride holding bouquet in woodland

The creative team behind this Beauty and the Beast wedding shoot created woodland wedding styling using elements from the film to enhance the look. They brought the dark woodland setting to life with red roses, pewter décor and a beautiful white Ian Stuart ballgown wedding dress.

Even if you don’t fancy a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, these styling ideas provide beautiful inspiration. I love the gold drip wedding cake topped with meringues (it looks so good!), and the red rose bridal crown is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding.

‘Be our guest’ and step this way to enjoy the glory of this Beauty and the Beast wedding styling…

Wonderful Love Story

“The inspiration behind this elegant woodland shoot was my favourite Disney film of all time, Beauty and the Beast”. With the film released in March, I felt sure that it would inspire many couples to incorporate elements of this wonderful love story into their wedding day.

“I therefore set about planning a shoot that would show couples ways to introduce small hints of the film in an achievable way, via florals, props and their choice of colour palette.”

Bird figures in branches

Beauty and the Beast styled wedding table

Veil over back of chair

Hand mirror


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Bride looking in mirror

A Snow White Wedding Shoot

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s planning their wedding?! We are so excited to share this Snow White wedding shoot with you.

Disney films have been used as inspiration for wedding styling for a while now. The amazing creative team behind this styled shoot have incorporated cute ‘Snow White’ details, including the cottage in the woods, apples and, of course, the mirror.

Bride looking in mirror

The styling is perfect for a winter wedding, and the use of fur textures, deep reds, purples, dark greens and gold, portrays a look of luxury elegance.

Big thanks go to Living Radiant Photography for sharing this fantastic Snow White inspired wedding shoot.

Classy Yet Rustic Styling

“The inspiration for our shoot was a Snow White wedding. It would be a winter wedding with an intimate reception in the woods, and classy yet rustic styling.

“We used a colour palette of Merlot and gold with accents of blush pink and dark green. This worked well with the natural setting. Details such as monograms, fur textures and stunning furniture pieces enhanced the theme, and the cottage, deer figurines, and apples added key Snow White details.”

Snow White wedding stationery

Snow White wedding invitation

Brooch and wedding stationery

Wedding bouquet on red chair

Teacup on small table

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Character/Movie Themed Wedding Cakes Mood Board

Character/Movie Themed Wedding Cakes

After seeing Ilona’s incredible Marvel wedding cake in our recent Getting to Know Tiers of Happiness feature, it gave us the idea of creating an inspiration board of really cool character/movie themed wedding cakes.

If you both love a movie, comic or Disney character, then why not forget the traditional wedding cake and inject some of your personalities with a super-cool themed wedding cake. This will really wow your wedding guests and give them something to talk about. From Alice in Wonderland to Up, Lady and the Tramp to Marvel comic characters, you can really have something spectacular.

If you can’t agree on one cake design then how about different characters or movies on each each? Or for a different take on the double sided cake – just when your guests thought you had opted for a traditional wedding cake, ‘bam’, they see the movie characters coming through the other side!

We found so many, but these are six of our favourite character/movie themed wedding cakes. Which is your favourite?

Character/Movie Themed Wedding Cakes Mood Board

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Cake and Toy Story Themed Wedding Cake – Little Cherry Cake Company

Disney Themed Wedding Cake – Cake Lava

Lady and The Tramp Cake – CakesDecor

Two Side Wedding Cake, Vintage and Marvel – Tier by Tier

Comic Strip Wedding Cake – The Artisan Cake Company

Cinderella bride standing on steps with shoe on step

A Cinderella and Prince Charming Styled Wedding Shoot

Cinderella bride standing on steps with shoe on step

We love featuring wedding shoots that remind us of our childhood, and today we are bringing you an incredibly fun ‘Cinderella and Prince Charming’ styled wedding shoot.

We love the modern twist that the styling team have created for this shoot, with an abundance of mice, vibrant colours, and of course, a pair of Converse pumps! Talking of shoes, in another twist from the classic, this shoot sees Cinderella and Prince Charming donating their shoes to the needy instead of having a gift registry.

So, without further ado… Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

“Drawing from the original Disney Cinderella movie we wanted to dress up the look of her wedding on a modern scale. Twisting in her love for mice and animals, her pure heart with a gift registry that donated shoes to the needy, and her humble upbringing, we felt that this is truly what Cinderella and Prince Charming would have wanted for their wedding day.”

Cinderella dn Prince Charming wedding stationery

Cake table with cheese wedding cake

One shoe can change your life sign Cinderella shoe

Cheese stack wedding cake with mouse cake topper

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Bride standing by grandfather clock in woods

A Fairytale Bride Styled Wedding Shoot

Bride standing by grandfather clock in woods

Once upon a time…  on The Wedding Community blog, we featured a really cool, quirky fairytale bride wedding shoot! We are totally in love with these styling ideas. Just look at that cake – WOW! We love the twist that the creative team have taken with this fairytale shoot; rather than the typical pretty pastel ideas that we often see, the woodland shoot location really sets the scene for the more rustic, whimsical styling. With a collection of fairytale elements including red apples, vintage keys, potions and even a looking glass, we’re sure you are going to love every detail of this shoot.

“I’d wanted to create a styled shoot with cake designer Emily Hankins for some time. Emily is incredible and hand paints her beautiful cakes, which are very popular here in Cornwall. I wanted a theme that would push Emily and enable her to create a cake that she hasn’t created before, so with my passion for fairytales I decided on a fairytale themed wedding shoot.

“Emily was so excited and got busy designing the cake, biscuits and stationery. We also joined forces with a talented florist Loulabel Floral Design, who produced a fantastic boutique and items that we could put into our settings.

“I came across our dress designer recently and knew this was the ideal dress for the shoot; it’s so elegant and pretty. We picked nearby woods as the afternoon light there was stunning and the surroundings gave me lots of inspiration – I knew the colours would be key to this look.”

Fairytale style wedding cake with keyhole Keyhole on wedding cake

Once Upon a Time tag on fairytale wedding cake

Fairytale wedding cake and props

Fairytale wedding props Pinocchio book

Fairytale potions

Bride holding up dress

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