Couple drinking Coka Cola

A School Sweetheart Styled Wedding Shoot

Couple drinking Coka Cola

As Valentine’s Day I thought it would be the perfect time to share this incredibly sweet school sweetheart wedding shoot.

We recently created a mood board based on School Sweetheart Wedding Styling Ideas, which is when we came across this very cute wedding shoot, photographed by Live View Studios.

Imaging a couple who met at school, passing notes under the table and meeting after school behind the bike sheds! Were you one of those lucky people to meet your true love at such an early age?

This shoot captures the innocence and romance of childhood school sweethearts.

“After seeing a chalkboard cake we were inspired to do a shoot based on school sweethearts; two people getting married who had been together since school. They used to hang out together during break time and pass notes in class, and now they are getting married, with a childhood sweetheart wedding theme.”

Wedding rings on pages of book

Wedding rings on word sweetheart in dictionary

School themed wedding stationery

Wedding table with mismashed chairs

Wedding table

Pink flowers on wedding table

Wedding place setting Flowers and books on wedding table

1st Grade wedding table name sign

Wedding menu Book

Flowers and books on wedding table

Flower in glass container on wedding table Chairs

Wedding place setting

School themed wedding cake

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