Bride and bridesmaids walking down street - Picture by Damion Mower Photography

Getting to Know – Damion Mower Photography

Damion Mower of Damion Mower Photography

Company Name: Damion Mower Photography

Interview with: Damion Mower

Location / Coverage: Buckinghamshire and South East England

How did your business get started and who works at Damion Mower Photography?

I started my business several years ago with a passion to capture elegant and unique wedding photography. I initially committed to training and developing my understanding of both the creative and technical side of photography, as well as understanding how to run a photography business. During this period I also spent a lot of time working as a second photographer, honing my skill and developing my style.

I still invest in training and regularly attend workshops and conferences with the best talent across the industry. It broadens my mind and improves my technique, meaning I can deliver above and beyond for my clients.

I typically work with a second photographer who is a professional in their own right.

Groom with arm around smiling bride - Picture by Damion Mower Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I started my career in marketing, working with creative agencies building advertising campaigns for some well known brands. I loved it but needed an outlet for my own creativity. Having always had a passion for photography and being an enormous fan of how imagery can evoke emotions, wedding photography was my natural next step.

Reflection in car wing mirror of bride and groom kissing - Picture by Damion Mower Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

No, but I remember my dad lending me his Olympus and me dropping it, returning it with a cracked lens. I’m a little more careful with my kit.

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