Brides on steps of Cobham Hall

Cherish the Dress Photo Shoot with CLN Photography 28/08/2010

Article by Kim from The Wedding Community

Have you thought about what you will do with your wedding dress after your wedding day? Have it dry-cleaned and store it away for the next 50 years, have it made into a christening gown for your first born, sell it? Forget all those ideas, put it on again and have a cherish the dress photo shoot!

This is exactly what I did with my wedding dress, 3 years after getting married. I had the absolute pleasure of being involved in a fabulous group cherish the dress photo shoot with the amazing Caroline from CLN Photography.

Last month I joined five other ladies (and one groom) at the magnificent Cobham Hall in Kent, a 16th Century mansion currently used as a school and a stunning wedding venue.

Caroline had arranged for a hair stylist  to come and make us all  look beautiful, Yarwood-White very kindly let us borrow some of their jewellery collection which really glammed-up the look, and Caroline bought us all pink and orange Gerberas to give the pictures a burst of colour.

Throughout the day Caroline had us posing in different ways, including a stunning ‘Vanity Fair’ shot which is one of our favourite pictures, jumping off things, spinning and running around. Both the building and grounds at Cobham Hall are stunning so we used many different parts of the garden and the building to create the most amazing cherish the dress pictures.

It was a surreal experience wearing my wedding dress again and what made it even more surreal was being surrounded by five other ladies, also wearing their wedding dresses! We had the most amazing day and had so much fun, we were all exhausted at the end of the shoot. The results were amazing, Caroline really has an eye for detail (and how to pose!) and we all now have a huge selection of pictures to keep forever.

Once you are married, why not put your wedding dress back on and not only feel like a princess again but have some amazing pictures taken by Caroline of CLN Photography to cherish (pardon the pun) forever. It’s not just for the ladies, men can join in too!

Here is a selection of our favourite pictures from the shoot…

Cobham Hall in Kent

Cobham Hall Towers

Bride getting ready for cherish the dress shoot

Bride having hair done

Row of brides holding up bouquets

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