Groom holding bride's arm up as she twirls

Urban Watercolour Wedding Styling

Watercolour is a big trend right now, not just in wedding styling but everywhere we look… and we love it.

The wedding styling ideas in this sensational urban watercolour shoot evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity amongst the hustle and bustle of the city setting. The beautiful pastel colour palette works so well with the herbs that bring the outside in.

Groom holding bride's arm up as she twirls

So fresh and modern, this styling would work for weddings in almost any type of venue, not just urban venues, and in any season… that’s the great thing about herbs!

Huge thanks to Amanda Karen Photography and the team for sharing such fabulous wedding inspiration.

Luxurious and Stylish

“This styled shoot was inspired by the growing trend for urban weddings in London while maintaining a luxurious and stylish feel. Watercolour touches added softness to the industrial surroundings of Drake and Morgan at Kings Cross, through the use of silk linens, stunning stationery and a beautifully watercolour painted cake.”

Watercolour wedding stationery

Drake and Morgan at King's Cross

Wedding dress hanging

Groom's drink

Groom in bar at Drake and Morgan at King's Cross Groom's buttonhole


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Cerise pink and green wedding table styling

Tropical Spring – Cerise Pink and Green Wedding Styling

We are so in love with these fun, contemporary wedding styling ideas. The cerise pink and apple green colour palette is perfect for this ‘Tropical Spring’ shoot.

Jenny Wren Events has really created something fabulous here; wedding styling that’s bold, vibrant and fun. The tall vases of apples, apple place settings, fun palm trees, feather buttonholes, ribbon ceremony backdrop and the amazing wedding cake.

Cerise pink and green wedding table styling

This inspiration shoot, photographed by Olivia Bossert Photography, is really cool!

A Touch of Fun

“I loved planning the styling for this shoot at the picturesque, multi-award winning Carbis Bay Hotel and Spa. Situated in its own private estate and gardens overlooking the white sands of Carbis Bay Beach, the style and location of the venue lent itself to a contemporary styled shoot, with a touch of fun.

Bride holding colourful bouquet

Bride and groom in front of pink and green wedding backdrop

Bride and groom kissing in front of pink and green backdrop

Groom lifting bride up

Bride and groom having drinks at bar


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Couple sitting at naturally styled wedding table

Still Nature Styled Wedding Shoot

We love the calmness that this styled shoot portrays. The natural elements of the beautiful woodland set the scene for this wonderful ‘Still Nature’ wedding inspiration.

With the simply yet chic styling One Stylish Day has shown that having an outdoor wedding can be calm, relaxing and ‘with nature’, and doesn’t have to include lots of props and styling details. Louise used natural elements that complemented that surroundings, minimal embellishments for the tablescape and an abundance of candles to give a warming, cosy feel in the forest.

Couple sitting at naturally styled wedding table

Nicola Dixon Photography captured the beauty of this Still Nature wedding inspiration styled shoot and we are delighted to share the incredible pictures.

Natural Elements and Textures

“This shoot is a fresh take on an outdoor wedding, inspired by simple Scandi living. There’s a sense of oneness with the wild, and a calm, comfortable appreciation of nature.

“The woodland setting is undisturbed by a tablescape that feels like it belongs, and natural elements and textures add a quiet vitality to the scene. An undone quality runs through this scheme; dripping candles, casually laid linens and twiggy floral arrangements.”

Dramatic, Natural Backdrop

“Collections of logs and tree stumps work to create an outdoor ‘room’, and pillar candles of differing sizes provide the ambience. Garlands creep around trees as if they are growing there, and the repetition of vertical tree trunks into the distance creates a dramatic, natural backdrop.

“White stationery has hewn edges and perfectly placed black serif typography.”

Simple wedding stationery

Three different buttonholes

Candles on tree stumps in woods

“Spring has yet to reach the forest, and the colour palette reflects this stillness. White and warm grey reflects a sunless sky, and soft, dull metallic finishes reflect the surroundings. Soft pinks and deep reds lift the dark forest green, woody browns and bronzes.”

Foliage going up tree

Bride and groom in woods


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Bride with hand on groom's chest as he looks away

Wabi-Sabi Wedding Inspiration

The latest buzzword is wabi-sabi, the Japanese art of appreciating beauty in the ‘naturally imperfect world’. Today we have a fabulous wabi-sabi inspired styled wedding shoot that really shows that not everything in life, and in weddings, has to be perfect. Sometimes imperfections can be just as beautiful.

The incredibly talented Siobhan from Siobhan H Photography had an amazing concept, and Always Andri has styled such a beautiful wedding inspiration shoot using natural elements and items that are ‘imperfect’. We love the wedding cake with its obvious cracks, the flowers that are wild and free, and the bride’s hairstyle with it’s loose, escaping strands.

Bride with hand on groom's chest as he looks away

Sometimes people can get caught up in wedding planning, trying to make sure that everything is perfect and neat. Maybe it doesn’t have to be. Maybe we should all take inspiration from this ancient Japanese art and see the world for what it really is, not what we ‘think’ it should look like.

Be free, be wild, be imperfect!

Huge thanks to the very talented team who helped Andri bring her vision of a wabi-sabi inspired wedding to life, and to Siobhan H Photography for these fabulous pictures.

Celebrating Imperfections

“Nature and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi inspired this wedding shoot. Wabi-sabi is about appreciating the beauty in everything around us. It celebrates the imperfections and the transient nature of life, and I really wanted to bring those elements to the shoot.”

Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge wedding venue

Blossom in tree

Rear of Pembroke Lodge

Wabi-sabi inspired wedding table styling


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Bright and colourful elopement table flowers and decor

Bright, Colourful Elopement Inspiration

If you are looking to get married but don’t want a ‘big wedding’, then how about an elopement? You will see from this fabulous colourful elopement inspiration shoot that you can still have a beautifully styled wedding, and it’s the perfect way to say “I do” to the person you love without having to plan a big day and have lots of people with you, if that’s not your thing.

This elopement inspiration shoot has been beautifully styled with an amazing array of colour. The flowers in bright yellow, orange, pink and green are one of our favourite summer colour pallets.

Bright and colourful elopement table flowers and decor

Santa Barbara is the setting for this inspirational shoot and where the elopement ‘story’ is told: The wedding at the Courthouse, sunset toast on the beach, a walk around town as the new Mr and Mrs, and then dinner and cake for two in the romantic courtyard. How perfect does this sound?

We adore the styling of this beautiful shoot planned by Bluebird Productions, and Lacie Hansen has really captured the story in her stunning pictures. Enjoy!

Intimate Elopement

“Inspired by the colours of the American Riviera, a fabulous group of vendors crafted this perfectly intimate elopement.

Elopement stationery

Vows on elopement stationery Personalised vows

Bright coloured bridal bouquet

“A sunset toast on the beach followed experiences at the Santa Barbara courthouse, a tour around town, and dinner and cake in a romantic courtyard.

Bride and groom leaving Santa Barbara courthouse Groom holding bride's hand as they walk down steps

Bride holding brightly coloured bouquet


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