The Bently Cocktail Kit from Cocktail Crush

Cocktail Kits From Cocktail Crush

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Bring Some Fizz to Your Wedding Celebrations with Cocktail Crush…

So the day of your hen party is here and you want to celebrate in style. The girls are coming over to get ready for your big night out, what better way to start the celebrations than by having cocktails?

Cocktail Crush this week sent us one of their cocktail packs which are a fabulous idea. Cocktail Crush cocktail packs are an amazing way to produce bar quality cocktails at home (or anywhere else) without the need for copious bottles of spirits being purchased first. These packs contain the ingredients to make four cocktails and come in a wide variety of sets including all the traditional cocktails, from the Cosmopolitan to the Mojito.

The Bently Cocktail Kit from Cocktail Crush

We tried The Bentley and the kits contains:

1 x 50ml Cognac
1 x 50ml Peach Liqueur
1 x 250ml Passion fruit Juice
1 x 200ml Cava
Measurer and Stirrer
Detailed Instructions

The Bentley cocktail pack is £14.99 but the Cocktail Crush packs start from £11.99 and all packs make four servings. Imagine the fun you will have making your own cocktails with the girls to start your hen party celebrations.

We have to say The Bentley cocktail is sophisticated, indulgent and would be the perfect start (middle or end!) to all wedding celebrations. So whether you want to start your hen (or stag) party celebrations in style or indulge your guests with cocktails as arrival drinks, The Bentley is the one for you.

To find out more about Cocktail Crush fabulous range, visit

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Red Heart Sugar Cubes from Cox and Cox

Sugar Hearts From Cox & Cox

We recently featured our ‘Heart’ wedding mood board on The Wedding Community blog, and whilst searching for fabulous heart products to feature we came across these extremely cute sugar hearts from Cox & Cox and decided we must let you all know about them.

Brown Sugar Heart from Cox and Cox

Picture sitting at your wedding breakfast after everyone has finished their food, waiting in much anticipation for the coffee to be served. Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when their coffee is served with these cute little brown sugar hearts perched on the rim of each cup?

As soon as we saw these we fell in love with them. They are so sweet (pardon the pun) that everyone will love them, even if they don’t take sugar in their coffee!

Red Heart Sugar Cubes from Cox and Cox

Not only do Cox & Cox sell these brown sugar hearts but they also have little white cubes with pink and red hearts on which are just as pretty and will be perfect with those who opt for tea instead of coffee. These could be placed on the side of each saucer or simply displayed in a dish on the table.

The brown sugar hearts are £24 for a box of 64 and the white heart sugar cubes are £12 for 30 cubes.  They are the perfect accompaniment to every cup and saucer. We love them and we are sure you will too.

Visit the Cox & Cox website

The Doves Collection laser-cut stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company

Laser-Cut Wedding Stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company

Ok, so your wedding is booked, you have found your perfect dress and have a theme for your wedding, now you need to tell your guests… As your wedding stationery is the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will see, you really need to make sure that your wedding invitations make a statement, an introduction to your wedding and the delights that lie ahead.

The Heart Collection laser-cut stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company


We have fallen in love with this boutique collection of delicate laser-cut wedding stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company (and what a cute name!). These wedding stationery sets have the most intricate detail and would really impress your wedding guests if one of these arrived in the post. The Hummingbird Card Company has a range of boutique laser-cut wedding stationery, from place cards to wedding invitations and even table numbers and table plans. The laser cutting technique allows the pattern to be burnt away from the card, leaving the most beautiful pretty lace-like pattern.

The Doves Collection laser-cut stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company

The collections available are vintage inspired and you can choose from hearts, doves, wedding cakes, butterflies and wording, however The Hummingbird Card Company also offer bespoke services so you can really customise the cards to your wedding style. You can also choose if you would like ribbon, diamantes or pearls added to the stationery.

The Butterfly Collection laser-cut stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company

Their laser-cut wedding stationery is so elegant and stylish that your wedding guests will want to keep their wedding invitations forever!

Quotes laser-cut stationery from The Hummingbird Card Company

To find out more about the laser-cut wedding stationery boutique collection from The Hummingbird Card Company, visit their website

Bah Humbugs Retro Sweets

Bah Humbugs Retro Sweet Bags

When was the last time you dipped a lollypop into sherbet or sucked on a lemon bon bon?

This week Bah Humbugs sent us a lovely bag of old-time retro sweets that had us reminiscing about the last time we blew a bubble-gum bubble and let popping candy explode in our mouths!

Bah Humbugs Retro Sweets

For those of you who are looking for wedding favours, how about letting your wedding guests reminisce too with these sweets from Bah Humbugs. You could give each of your guests a selection of retro sweets – Dip Dabs, Black Jacks, Cola Bottles, Love Hearts, Popping Candy, Fruit Salads, Mojos, Anglo Bubbly, Parma Violets, Double Dips, Sweet Necklaces, Refreshers etc, or why not create a sweetie table by filling big jars with these sweets and giving each guest a paper bag so they can go and help themselves; like buying a bag of penny sweets!

Another idea to make these sweets a real talking point would be to fill different size jars, vases, dishes etc with the sweets and use them as your table decorations. That way people around the table will be able to help themselves and will be sharing nostalgic stories from ‘back in the day’ over the table.

Bah Humbugs is an online sweet shop. They stock a huge selection of nostalgic sweets, Retro Sweets, Gift Sweet Hampers, Lollipops and Jelly Beans.

To find out more about Bah Humbugs and for a trip down memory lane take a browse through their online sweet shop

Box of Demarquette Chocolates

Demarquette Fine Chocolates – Product of the Week

If you are looking for a wedding favour to wow your guests then take a look at Demarquette chocolates. If you love chocolate, and let’s face it most of us do, then you and your wedding guests will love the Demarquette chocolate range.

Demarquette – Fine Chocolates is a family run business founded by British born Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette in 2005. They specialise in the artisan production and sale of luxury hand-made fine chocolates and are winners of 5 Gold Medals – 2009 Great Taste Awards.

The Great British Orchard - Fruit Caramel Creams - Demarquette Chocolates

The Demarquette chocolates that we sampled were ‘The Great British Orchard – Fruit Caramel Creams’. The design of these hand-made chocolates is exquisite, with each half sphere-shaped chocolate hand-painted with a marbled effect on the outside, like nothing we have ever seen before. Each chocolate is made with milk or dark chocolate and filled with a creamy caramel made with Hampshire and Cornish cream and fresh & ripe fruit, giving an amazingly fruity taste.

Box of Demarquette Chocolates

The Great British Orchard range come in a beautiful red presentation box with the British Isles on the front and are tied with racing green ribbon. If you are having a traditional style or British-themed wedding, The Great British Orchard range would be perfect as favours for your guests. You could have a little stack of these chocolates on each table for your guests to enjoy with their coffee after the wedding breakfast.

At £16 for a box of 12 or £36 for 36 you’re probably not going to give your guests a box each, but you could always split the boxes and give each guest a beautifully wrapped individual chocolate.

Demarquette have a wide range of hand-made chocolates that would really wow your wedding guests. For more information about the Demarquette range take a look at their website