Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select On the Rocks

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select – The Perfect Gift for Your Groomsmen

Oh Jack how I love thee! If you are looking for the perfect thank you gift for your best man and groomsmen I may have found just the thing! Thanks to Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, what to gift your groomsmen is one less thing to worry about. Get into the wedding spirit (pardon the pun) and mark the occasion Jack’s way – with a personalised bottle of this one-of-a-kind flavour.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select knows that your wedding day is as significant for the groom and his groomsmen as it is for the bride and her bridesmaid. Signature Single Barrel Select is the perfect spirit to share with friends, toasting to those once in a lifetime moments.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

“Just as one barrel rises above the rest, having met the single barrel standard – one man rises above the rest to stand beside you on your wedding day.”

Only One Out of 100 Barrels Becomes Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniel’s is perhaps one of the best known and most popular whiskeys in the world. If your best man and groomsmen are Jack Daniel’s lovers then they will really enjoy this Single Barrel Select; it’s very, very special!

Only one out of every 100 barrels is set aside to mature in the upper reaches of the Jack Daniel’s barrel houses, where dramatic temperature changes enhance both the colour and taste of the whiskey they house. Each barrel is hand-selected for its one-of-a-kind flavour, and every bottle of Single Barrel Select proudly carries its unique rick number, barrel number and bottling date.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select On the Rocks

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select offers a distinctive, full-bodied taste with notes of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel. Harbouring less sweetness and more power than the original Old No.7, Single Barrel Select offers a much richer variation. With no two barrels producing the same whiskey, Jack Daniel’s really delivers a one-of-a-kind gift, perfect for the special people at your wedding.

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Confetti Wands from Shropshire Petals - Three Designs

New Confetti Wands from Shropshire Petals

There is nothing better after you say “I do” than your friends and family showering you with beautiful natural petal confetti. But what about the children at your wedding? Not all confetti display options are child-friendly, and allowing them to take a handful from a pretty basket or giving them a confetti cone to hold will inevitably result in confetti on the floor before it’s time to throw. Shropshire Petals has launched the perfect solution – Confetti Wands.

Children Holding Confetti Wands from Shropshire Petals

Perfect for including your youngest guests in all the fun of the confetti throwing, Confetti Wands are just the right size for little hands to hold. Simply let the children hold them until it’s time to throw confetti, then take of the lid and let them flick out the beautiful natural petal confetti inside and watch it cascade gently over you.

Three Designs

Available in three gorgeous designs, heart, flower and star, Confetti Wands are perfect for girls and boys. Select the petals inside by pick and mixing from the wonderful array of colours and petal types on the Shropshire Petals website. Choose bold, bright colours, or match your confetti to your wedding colour scheme.

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Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 - Day Tanner

A Perfect Rose Gold Tan in Just Seven Days

After last week’s heat wave I thought we were set for summer… erm, where did it go? Who needs the sun anyway when we have Skinny Tan! You may have seen my previous feature on the Skinny Tan self tanning products that have taken the nation by storm. Well I am over the moon that they have launched another product, Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner.

Rose gold is a huge thing right now. We see it everywhere; in homeware, accessories, branding and particularly wedding styling. I am a massive fan of rose gold.

Skinny Tan has pushed the boundaries with their brand new Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner, and I am totally in love with it! Who doesn’t want rose gold all over their body?

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 - Day Tanner

Since trying the Skinny Tan products for the first time last year I am hooked. I’m naturally quite pale and have tried many tanning products and always end up a terrible shade of orange, streaky and smelling of McDonald’s fries (so my husband says!). That was until I experienced Skinny Tan.

The Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner bronzes the skin with a luxe rose gold shimmer whilst a natural looking, streak-free tan develops underneath. As you apply the tan you can see exactly where you are applying it with the beautiful bronze glow, and you can instantly see a difference.

It says to leave for at least six hours (I left mine overnight) and then you simply wash it off. The shimmer washes away, leaving you with a natural and flawless tan that lasts for up to seven days.


This tanner works in the same way as the other Skinny products. I used the Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer to prep my skin. This crushed walnut shell primer removes any dry or dead skin cells, which helps to achieve a perfect finish to your tan. Note – you should always prime a few hours before you tan.

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Delicious Desserts and Ice Cream from Darlish

If you are organising your own catering for your wedding we have found the most incredible desserts and ice creams. Darlish explores Persian heritage, incorporating luxurious flavours into desserts and ice cream, and they really are unlike anything you have tried before.

Many wedding venues will allow you to bring in your own caterers; this is where Darlish comes in – to provide these delicious desserts.

Darlish Desserts

Darlish has an amazing selection of unique flavour desserts that will set your taste buds alive. The fresh, unique flavours are:

Darlish Desserts

Vanilla and Rose Turkish Panna Cotta

A heavenly blend of cream and yoghurt infused with a hint of rose and vanilla, topped with crunchy pistachios. Winner of two Gold Stars in the 2016 Great Taste Awards.

Contains double cream, yoghurt, pistachios, agar agar, vanilla paste and rose oil.

Halva Cheesecake

A creamy, nutty, non-bake cheesecake made with tahini halva and crunchy pistachios.

Contains double cream, tahini halva, pistachios and biscuit.

Darlish Halva Cheesecake

Muscovado Cream

An indulgent blend of molasses and muscovado made into a rich little pot de crème. Winner of one Gold Star in the 2016 Great Taste Awards.

Contains double cream, egg yolk, muscovado sugar, molasses, vanilla extract and salt.

We were lucky enough to try each of these incredible puddings and the infusion of flavours is exquisite. We really have never tasted something so unique and delicious.

Darlish Ice Cream

Darlish offers a selection of different flavoured ice creams, and has a cute ice cream cart they can serve from at your wedding.

Darlish Ice Cream Cart

The ice cream flavours include:

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Silver-Grey Sequin Pillbox Fascinator - Beverley Edmondson Millinery

New Beverley Edmondson Millinery Boutique Opens in Surrey

British milliner Beverley Edmondson has opened a new boutique in Surrey to cater for all your headwear needs. Inside this luxurious Aladdin’s Cave you’ll find over 200 hat and fascinator designs in a whole array of different colours and styles.

Established for over 10 years, the award-winning brand crafts amazing headpieces for films, TV and royalty, as well as wedding-goers and race-day attendees.

Silver-Grey Sequin Pillbox Fascinator - Beverley Edmondson Millinery

Situated a short walk from Farnham station, there are multiple car parks within walking distance to the new store. There’s also the bonus of an on-site studio for millinery workshops, hen parties and events.

Personalised Experience

The shop is open for walk-ins, but those who book in advance receive a one-on-one, personalised experience with Beverley herself. As Creative Director and Chief Milliner she is fully-qualified to help you find your dream headpiece.

Whether you’re a seasoned hat wearer or it’s your first time trying a fascinator, Beverley’s wealth of knowledge will guide you through every step of your all-important purchase. Discuss the particular occasion you are buying for and the look you are trying to achieve and Beverley will select the most beautiful styles suited to you. If there’s not something perfect within the 200 pieces in stock Beverley can even create a completely bespoke design for you.

Large Gold Wedding Hat - Beverley Edmondson Millinery Pink and Cream Fascinator - Beverley Edmondson Millinery

As well as local customers, Beverley Edmondson Millinery also has clients from across the globe. Beverley can arrange Skype consultations or clients based further afield. This will help gauge the sort of style of headpiece you are looking for without you having to step foot out of your front door.

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