Customised Wedding Trainers from Wedding Converse

What do you get when you cross wedding personalisation with a less-than-traditional approach to wedding attire? The answer: Wedding Converse. The trend for re-writing the wedding rule book and doing things your own way is as hot as it’s ever been. It’s therefore no wonder Wedding Converse is the shoe designer everyone’s talking about. What’s not to love about a couple in matching customised wedding trainers?

According to Sarah Mahoune, who founded Wedding Converse four years ago, more brides than ever are choosing to rock up the aisle wearing flats, not least because simply being comfortable is a big part of enjoying the day (and the late-night dancing). The trend really hit the headlines in 2017 when Serena Williams wore a pair of personalised wedding trainers with her dress.

Bride and Groom Custom Heel Tag on Converse Wedding Trainers

Bride Classic Ox Converse Personalised Wedding Trainers

Glitter Wifey Converse

I do Groom Black Classic Ox Converse Wedding Trainers

Truly Individual

Sarah explained that the shoes are also being used to surprise a partner or the wedding guests. A pair of personalised Converse can feature your new name, a private joke or a silly slogan… Instagram moment and guaranteed ‘ahhs’ all-round!

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“Will You Be My…” Confetti Pops

You can’t contain your excitement – you have recently got engaged and have already shared the big news with your loved ones. Now it’s time to ask those closest to you to be part of your bridal squad. To help you pop the question in style, biodegradable confetti company Shropshire Petals has branched out and launched their brand new “Will you be my…” Confetti Pops. There is a pop available for you to ask your maid of honour, bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboy to be a part of Team Bride!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Confetti Pop from Shropshire Petals

These gorgeous “Will you be my…” Confetti Pops make a perfect gift to pop inside a surprise package full of exciting treats your loved one adores. For your maid of honour and bridesmaids you could add their favourite soap, lip balm or sweets together with their “Will you be my…” Confetti Pop. For your flower girls and pageboy, why not include an item they could wear on the big day, like a little bracelet or bow tie? What better way to make the moment feel extra special!

Will You Be My Pageboy Confetti Pop from Shropshire Petals

Once you have your official bridal squad, get them to put their pop to the test. Simply remove the lid, hold the confetti pop up high and flick out the slow falling natural petal confetti inside. The pops make a great keepsake they can re-use over and over again.

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New Confetti Cannons from Shropshire Petals

Confetti Cannons are fast becoming the new confetti craze, especially when filled with natural petal confetti. Earlier this year, Shropshire Petals launched their fantastic, fun Confetti Cannons. Holding the same amount of confetti as it would take for 10 guests to throw, customers loved them so much they suggested a smaller version should be available too.

So, Shropshire Petals has just launched a Medium Confetti Cannon. Filled with 0.3 litres of confetti, around 3-5 handfuls, they’re perfect for getting more of your guests to fire during your confetti moment.

Medium Confetti Cannon from Shropshire Petals

How to Use

Each Confetti Cannon is filled with your choice of natural petal confetti. Choose from one of the recommended mixes or create your own unique confetti combination by using the Pick & Mix selector online.

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Freya Rose Bridal Shoes SS 2018 - Jasmine Shoes

New Freya Rose Bridal Shoes for 2018

For any girl who loves shoes, finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes is so exciting. I’m delighted to share the new Freya Rose bridal shoes for spring/summer 2018 – you may find ‘the’ shoes for you amongst these beauties.

Renowned internationally for her intricate detailing and innovative approach to couture shoe design, Freya Rose is highly regarded as one of the leading bridal shoe designers in the UK. Her inherent use of bejewelled and opulent embroidered designs relates to her childhood. Born into a family of fine jewellers, she was surrounded by and exposed to creative artistic references and inspiration. No wonder Freya Rose bridal shoes are so special.

Freya Rose Bridal Shoes SS 2018 - Jasmine Shoes

Freya Rose Classic Bridal Collection

For brides longing for beautiful, elegant bridal shoes, the Freya Rose Classic Bridal Collection is for you. The classic collection has an array of beautiful shoes. Some feature incredible bespoke hand-embroidery with lustrous freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and shimmering mother of pearl heels, and others are more demure, yet still exquisite. These shoes are perfect for chic and contemporary brides.

Freya Rose Capsule Collection

New for 2018, the Freya Rose Capsule Collection is a unique and captivating collection of wearable art, inspired by Freya’s background in fine jewellery and her travels in Bali. Genuine mother of pearl forms the heels in mosaic design, inlaid with a polished brass to contrast the soft tones of the shell with metallic elements. So modern and unique, you really will turn heads in these shoes.

Handcrafted by jewellers in Bali, each heel takes around twenty hours to complete. Passionate about promoting the survival of traditional crafts, Freya believes this makes every shoe in the collection as special as a work of art.

The block heel gives the shoes a great modern look. It also means they offer the utmost comfort, so you can dance the night away in them.

There are three new shoes in the Freya Rose Capsule Collection which are perfect for weddings – Courtney, Zara and Jasmine.


Courtney Pink shoes from the Freya Rose Capsule Collection
Courtney (Pink)

If you fancy a strappy sandal then how about these beauties? Freya Rose Courtney is an opulent tie-up shoe featuring a stunning mother of pearl and cross-detailed brass block heel. For spring/summer 2018, the statement Courtney sandal gets a vivacious update, available in playful new shades of pink and blue, as well as eye-catching rose gold.

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