Funky Wedding Flowers Mood Board

Funky Wedding Flowers

With so many colours around us at the moment, we wanted to bring you some inspiration for your wedding flowers. Today’s mood board gives you some ideas for funky wedding flower arrangements, displays and bouquets for your wedding.

Funky Wedding Flowers Mood Board

Pink Orchid Display – Pollen Nation

Twisted Orchids – Funky Flower Company

Chandelier Flowers – Detta Phillips Floral Design

Calla Lilies – Funky Flower Company

Cocktail Glass Flower Display – Signature Wedding Flowers

Square of Flowers – Detta Phillips Floral Design

Multi Colour with Fruit – Euphoric Flowers

Flower Handbag – Emma Lappin Flowers

Individual Rose Display – Ruby & Grace

Sunflower Table Displays – Cherry Blossom

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Getting to Know – Spot On Caricatures

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures

Interview With: George Williams

Company Name: Spot On Caricatures / Wedding Artist

Website: /

Location / Coverage: National / International

What is Spot On Caricatures?

George Williams of Spot On Caricatures I am ‘Spot On George’ a freelance illustrator, caricaturist and entertainer. I provide top quality entertainment in the form of quick-draw caricatures.

How did Spot On Caricatures come about and how long has the business been going?

I began trading as a Graphic Designer in 1991, but found more opportunities lay in the entertainment industry, more specifically Live Caricatures. I was asked to draw at an Army event in 1991, liked it and so launched from there.

What services can Spot On Caricatures provide at a wedding?

I’m primarily a professional entertainer and I can keep your guests occupied, help break the ice and create talking points during the quieter spots.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to travel lots, meet new people every day and gain access to some of the UK’s most prestigious and beautiful venues. Of course, making strangers smile is always a joy. I’m a born show-off!

Spot On Caricatures - Michael Jackson

Does Spot On Caricatures have a specialist area?

I specialise in wedding entertainment; I am expert in opening conversations, raising smiles, but remaining professional and unobtrusive at all times, never crass or domineering.

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Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas Mood Board

Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas

After all the rain we’ve had recently we started to think about water inspired themes for weddings.  This week our wedding mood board provides ideas for a nautical themed wedding.

Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas Mood Board

Bride and Groom – Lisa Dawn Photography

Lantern – Nordic House

Suit – Marc Wallace

Seaside Wedding Invitation – Not on The High Street

Yacht Decorations – Dorset Gifts

Stripe Place Mat – Nordic House

Wedding Flowers – Bouquets and Favours

Wedding Dress – Alfred Angelo

Mini Cakes – Couture Cakes

Key Ring Favour – Not on The High Street

Clock Decoration – Not on The High Street

Boat Picture Frame Favours – A Wedding Less Ordinary

Table Plan – Lovely Favours

Fish Place Name – Not on The High Street

Woman with cup of tea

Top Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding

Julie Dawson, The Wedding Genie, shares her top tips for the morning of your wedding.

The wedding you have planned and dreamed of for probably the last year or even more is here. You may be excited, happy, nervous and scared all at the same time, the big question I am often asked is  – “What is the first thing a bride should do when she wakes up on the morning of her wedding?”

Here is a simple list to help you focus on what’s important on one of the biggest days of your life.

Smile! It’s your big day!

Have breakfast

Woman with cup of tea Something light perhaps cereal and fruit. Try not to miss eating because you are nervous, you will feel even more jittery if you are starving and as the day goes on you will have less time to eat. Make sure you have some nibbles in the room where you are getting ready. If you really can’t face anything, put one of those power snacks in your bag to give you a boost when you need it.

Don’t go to the window and panic about the weather

Our English weather changes so fast in a few hours it will probably be lovely for your ceremony, so just get on and enjoy your preparation. You can’t do anything about it and you will have put a plan in place anyway for bad weather.

Trust your wedding team and make sure they have the heads up of the day’s timings

Many brides are stressed because of the list of things that have to be done and checked on the day. Make sure you have planned well beforehand. Give that list to your chief bridesmaid, or whoever is your key helper. Make a time plan for the day so that everyone knows what is happening and when, and give your bridal team a copy. Remember you chose them because you can trust them and they are your support system.

It’s your job to look and feel gorgeous

Give yourself plenty of time to be pampered. Getting hair and makeup done takes longer than you think and you should have time to enjoy it too!!

Make sure you have your little bag of essentials

For each bride that might be different, but your favourite lipstick or lip-gloss for touching up is one that should be in there, a miniature perfume if you want to freshen up as the days goes on and Tissues, you will cry at some point. Blotting tissues if the weather is hot and you want to avoid shine on your wedding photos. If you don’t want to use a bag then make sure a bridesmaid has those things for you in their bag. Extra things you should have close by, to keep in the car or your room are an emergency sewing kit, spare tights/stockings, clear polish for runs in tights and safety pins. If you wear contact lenses make sure you have a spare pair.

Wedding shoes

It is a good idea to have worn those new wedding shoes

You should wear your wedding shoes for a few hours beforehand to break them in. There is nothing worse than having sore feet. You can even have a spare pair for after the ceremony just in case they do start to rub. Clear blister plasters are a godsend and really do work.

Take time to enjoy the details of your day

Go and have a look at the tables and decoration before anyone else. You have spent months planning these details, so take them all in before your guests are seated.

Remember today is all about you and your life partner

Just take a few minutes to think about how much you love your husband-to-be and why you are meant to be together. It will make you smile as you walk down the aisle.

Don’t panic

whatever is not done now probably won’t matter and no one will notice.

Enjoy every single moment of your day

It is true, all brides will tell you the hours just speed by.

If you hired a wedding coordinator for the day roll over in bed, smile…

and begin the pampering in total comfort and enjoyment.

One last thing, your wedding will be fantastic because weddings just are. They are all about you and your family and friends; no one will notice the little mishaps that may occur. If the weather is not as you wished, a good photographer will make sure you have the best pictures and there is always time to pop out when the sun comes out.

Written by Julie Dawson, The Wedding Genie.

Images Courtesy of Emily Quinton Photography