Biscuiteers Heart Wedding Favour Biscuit

Biscuiteers Wedding Favour Biscuits

If you are looking for wedding favours but want something different from sugared almonds in pretty voile bags, well we have the perfect alternative.

Everyone loves a biscuit, so how about giving each of your wedding guests a beautifully iced biscuit that they can enjoy with their coffee after your wedding breakfast?

Biscuiteers Wedding Favours

Biscuiteers wedding favours are traditional baked biscuits in either vanilla or chocolate flavour and come in all shapes and sizes, from letters to hearts, top hats to bouquets of flowers, and the team at Biscuiteers can even make personalised biscuit favours, bespoke to your wedding.

We were lucky enough to try some samples of the Biscuiteers wedding favour biscuits and we have to say, we have never tasted biscuits so good!

Biscuiteers Heart Wedding Favour Biscuit

We were sent biscuits in the shape of a wedding cake, dove and a heart, all of which came in the most beautiful packaging. The wedding cake was in a clear cellophane bag tied with Biscuiteers ribbon, the dove was in a beautiful box with a clear lid so you could see straight in, and the heart, well…this got us all excited! It came in one of the Biscuiteers’ stunning white gift boxes and it was beautifully presented, wrapped in tissue paper – it had us in great suspense at the anticipation of what was in the box, and there was this beautiful heart shaped biscuit with gorgeous floral icing on the top.

The hand-iced biscuits look so pretty that we didn’t know if we should eat them or keep them…although temptation got the better of us.

Biscuiteers Presentation Box

Forget petit fours, get your guests talking over their coffee with one of the Biscuiteers’ fabulous wedding favour biscuits.

The Biscuiteers wedding range start from just £2.75 per favour. For more information visit the Biscuiteers website

Elle Hitchens bridal make-up

Getting to Know – Elle Hitchens

Elle Hitchens bridal make-up

Interview With: Elle Hitchens

Company Name: Elle Hitchens


Location / Coverage: South West from Gloucestershire down to Cornwall

What services do Elle Hitchens provide?

Full bridal make-up for all members of the bridal party that is completely tailored to the individual. Trials are available and include a consultation so that the make-up look is completely to your own personal style.

Reflection of bride having make-up done

How did Elle Hitchens get started and how long has the business been going?

After training with the London College of Fashion I decided on a complete career change and started assisting at Fashion Shows, then built up my own clients by working with various photographers. I went on to work for MAC Cosmetics for two years but decided to take the step to become completely freelance and focus on weddings. I have now been working in the industry for 5 years.

What areas do you cover?

All over the South West and even further afield if necessary, I’m happy to travel!

Who works at Elle Hitchens and what are your backgrounds?

I am a sole trader and have a background of graphic design and events management before changing career to pursue make-up artistry.

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