Moody Monday – Wedding Hair Flowers

So you have your wedding dress, you know how you want your make-up to look…so what about your hair? There are so many gorgeous wedding hair pieces available including vintage, modern, boho and classic styles that sometimes choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Make sure you speak with your wedding hair stylist to get some ideas of what they think will work for you.

If you don’t fancy a traditional tiara or elegant hair piece how about flowers in your hair? Lots of wedding florists can make beautiful hair pieces and halos, and fresh flowers in your hair on your wedding day will create a romantic look. If you don’t like the idea of fresh flowers there are many beautiful flower hair pieces and accessories available from wedding jewellery and accessory companies.

Here are some of our favourite wedding hair flower ideas.

Wedding mood board showing wedding hair flowers ideas

Flower Halo – Picture by Jonas Peterson

Flower and Butterfly Headdress – By Harriet

Pine Cone Rose and Vine – Etsy,  Picture by Kristen Gardner

Large Flower Hair Corsage – Basia Zarzycka

Pink Peony Wedding Hair Clip – Chez Bec

Felt Flower Comb – Lily Lady Blue

POP Cakes From POP Bakery – Product of the Week

POP Bakery - Wedding POP Cakes

We can’t begin to tell you how much we love POP cakes!

Clare and Judith from POP Bakery very kindly sent us some of their utterly amazing POP cakes this week and we just had to tell you all about them as we know you will love them just as much as we do.

Picture of Heart and Lip POP Cakes from POP Bakery

If you like sweet treats but don’t want a big piece of cake then you must try these amazing cakes. POP cakes are incredibly cute little cakes that are shaped and decorated and then popped on top of a stick – voila…POP cakes!  They are set to be one of the big trends for 2011 weddings.

The samples we received were the most delicious chocolate cakes that we so soft they really did melt in our mouths. Each cake is handmade and decorated and the soft sugar-coating on the outside is heavenly!

Picture of Bride, Groom and Heart POP Cakes from POP Bakery Picture of Wedding Cake POP Cakes from POP Bakery

POP Bakery makes their POP cakes in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from bride and groom figures to lips, flowers to teddy bears. If you are looking for something different from the traditional wedding cake or cup cakes how about having POP cakes instead? You could have them stacked in the shape of a wedding cake so your guests can go and pull out their own piece of cake, or if you are looking for wedding favours these would be fabulous. POP Bakery has even had their POP cakes made into bouquets which look stunning.

Picture of Flower POP Cakes from POP Bakery Picture of Bride and Groom POP Cakes from POP Bakery

As well as their own ranges, POP Bakery also likes to work with their customers own ideas for designs, so if you have any special requirements or a wedding theme you want the POP cakes to match then they will always look to create a POP design that’s perfect for you.

These POP cakes are not just for weddings; parties, birthdays, Easter… any excuse to have a piece of cake we say!

Prices start from just £2 each for their ‘Classic POPs’ with a minimum order of 8.

To find out more about POP Bakery visit their website

Enjoy – We did!