Rules of Church Weddings Relaxed

Church leaders have decided to relax the current laws which previously prevented couples from marrying in a church where they don’t have a “qualifying connection” to the parish.


Church of England marriages have dropped over the last 10 years by 40 per cent to around 55,000 marriages per year. Leaders are hoping that this change in the law will help to entice couples to marry in churches rather than having civil ceremonies in country houses, stately homes and hotels.

Rules Difficult to Justify

Church officials admitted that the old rules were difficult to justify and excluded people unnecessarily. Now brides and grooms-to-be will have greater freedom to choose a church which best suits their needs.

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So Hooked Handbag Hooks

So-Hooked Handbag Hooks

Be honest, where do wedding favours and bridal party gifts sit on your wedding ‘to do’ list? Way down? Perhaps in your ‘nice to have’ or ‘yes, I’ll get to it’ section.

We all know that you can spend a considerable amount of your wedding budget on items that might never be worn, seen, or thought of again. So consider this: Favours and gifts might be your best opportunity to give guests a lasting keepsake from your wedding day.

So-Hooked specialise in handbag hooks, from standard designs to personalised (engraved) and Swarovski-crystal delights.

So Hooked Handbag Hooks

What is a handbag hook?

A handbag hook is a girl’s best friend. It hooks discreetly over the table edge and your handbag hangs from it. This keeps your bag clean, safe and off the floor.

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MPA Awards Matt Pereira - Isabelle

Well Done Matt Pereira!

Huge congratulations to Matt Pereira, who last week received several awards at the MPA (Master Photographers Association) South East Region Annual Awards. The MPA are the most prestigious awards for photography in the UK.

Every year each of the 14 different regions hold an awards ceremony. Photographers submit images in several different categories, which are then judged against each other.

The South East Region awards consisted of some 300 images, across several categories:

Classical Wedding, Contemporary Wedding, Reportage Wedding, Classical Portrait, Contemporary Portrait, Pets, Under 5’s, Family Portrait, Fashion & Beauty, “Pictorial, Illustrative, Fine Art, Landscape & Travel”.

Matt was delighted to be awarded…

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Wedding Invitations Mood Board

Inspiring Wedding Invitations

This week’s wedding mood board is Inspiring Wedding Invitations. We thought we would give those who are in search of the perfect wedding invitations some ideas. From vintage to floral, traditional to movie tickets, there are so many inspiring wedding invitations to choose from.

Wedding Invitations Mood Board


Floral with Bow: 2by2 Creative

Sage: Brown Betty

Burgundy Bow: Lilly Pea

Pink Flowers: Ivy Ellen

Star Invitation: Francis-Dee

Embossed Yellow: Smock

Cream Pocket Fold: Wedding Paraphernalia

Purple Peacock: Cutture

Love Wording: Paper Scissors

Talk of The Town and Summer Wedding: We Go Together

Stripe Invitation: Lilylou & You

Invitation Pack: Kelly Gleeson Designs

Bridal Jewellery book by Clare Yarwood-White

Bridal Jewellery by Clare Yarwood-White

Are you looking for ways to save money on your wedding? Are you the creative type? Then get yourself a copy of Bridal Jewellery, a jewellery handbook by our wedding jewellery advice expert Clare Yarwood-White. This book will also tell you how you can use your skills to start up and build your own business.

Bridal Jewellery book by Clare Yarwood-White

Bridal jewellery is, for many women, the most cherished jewellery they will ever own. It’s linked to one of the most emotionally-charged chapters of their lives. This handbook provides insight into this unique world. It guides the reader through the process of consulting, designing, planning and making.

Bridal Jewellery is the complete package. It offers concise instructions for making unique tiaras, hair accessories, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It also contains a brief background of various wedding traditions, information about the significance of different materials, tips on co-ordinating with a bride’s dress, hairstyle and wedding theme, and instructions for working around and remodelling special and significant family jewellery.

Bridal Jewellery is packed with simple, straightforward tips as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrated sequences aimed at beginners or those looking to improve their skills. Also included is a section on building up a business and a comprehensive appendix to make this both a long-term reference book and a valuable companion for the more entrepreneurial craftsperson.


Introduction to Bridal Jewellery

Working with Brides

Tools and Materials

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Tiaras and Headdresses

Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

Other Accessories

Building a Business