Mai Pearls Pearl and Ribbon Wedding Jewellery – Product of the Week

Mai Pearls, one of The Wedding Community’s trusted suppliers, very kindly sent us some of their beautiful pearl jewellery that is just perfect for weddings. I absolutely love pearls, and given the choice of pearls or diamonds I would have a very hard decision to make, but I actually think pearls might win!

It can sometimes be very difficult when you are looking for jewellery for your bridal party to wear, as it is not always possible to have your flower girls and adult bridesmaids in the same collection of jewellery. Mai Pearls offer a whole range of beautiful pearl jewellery for weddings (or any other occasion) for both adults and children, so there really is something for everyone.

We wanted to feature the Mai Pearls ‘Pearl and Ribbon’ range particularly as it is such a pretty collection. Within this collection there is an adult’s necklace and bracelet as well as a very cute child’s necklace and bracelet. (There are also pearl earrings).

Adult Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

Picture of Pearl & Champagne Ribbon Bracelet wedding jewellery from Mai Pearls

A light, summery looking pearl bracelet, with champagne organza ribbon, ivory-white irregular freshwater pearls and a sterling silver clasp.  There are approximately 24 6-7 mm pearls on the bracelet which is around 19cm in length.  This pearl bracelet can be worn twisted, making it smaller in size and therefore ideal for the more petit wrist. This bracelet is also available in pink organza ribbon.


Adult Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Picture of Pearl & Champagne Ribbon Necklace wedding jewellery by Mai Pearls

This champagne coloured three string organza ribbon and ivory white freshwater pearl necklace is perfect for weddings.  The organza is light-weight and combined with the pearls creates a feminine look.  There are approximately 27 ivory-white freshwater pearls each around 6mm in size, and this pearl necklace is approximately 40cm long.


Children’s Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

Picture of Children's Pearl & Champagne Ribbon Bracelet wedding jewellery by Mai Pearls

A champagne organza ribbon and ivory-white freshwater pearl bracelet with a sterling silver clasp and bespoke Mai Pearls butterfly tag.  This is an adjustable bracelet with two lengths, 14cm and 17cm.  When the bracelet is worn at 14 cm, a length of ribbon, pearl and the butterfly tag hangs in a charm like way.  The pearls are approximately 3mm wide.


Children’s Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Picture of Children's Pearl & Champagne Ribbon Necklace wedding jewellery by Mai Pearls

This adorable necklace has a champagne organza ribbon and ivory-white freshwater pearls with sterling silver clasp and bespoke Mai Pearls butterfly jewellery tag.  It is adjustable to two lengths, 36cm and 31cm.  When worn at 31cm long, a 5cm length of ribbon, pearl and the butterfly tag sits at the back of the neck.  The pearls are approximately 3mm wide.


If you are looking for beautiful jewellery that all the female members of your bridal party can wear, the Mai Pearls ‘Pearl and Ribbon’ range will look amazing.

All Mai Pearls jewellery comes beautifully presented in a bespoke white organza bag with the Mai Pearls logo printed on the front in pink. All pearl bracelets have sterling silver clasps and a unique sterling silver butterfly jewellery tag.  There is also a gift wrapping service; for an extra £2.50 luxurious pink tissue paper is used and a beautiful gift tag with a personalised handwritten message is attached to the bespoke organza bag.

New Regal-Inspired Tiara Collection From Olivier Laudus

Olivier Laudus are delighted to announce the launch of their new regal-inspired tiara collection.

With the excitement around the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, Olivier Laudus have selected a range of elegant designs with a contemporary feel to add to their tiara collection. With silver or gold plating and boasting sparkling Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearl detailing, Olivier Laudus hope these gorgeous new tiara designs make their brides look and feel as special as the princess-in-waiting, Miss Middleton.

Picture of a bride wearing the Gigi Wedding Tiata from Olivier LaudusGigi Wedding Tiara - £110 from Olivier Laudus

Gigi Wedding Tiara – £110

Picture of a bride wearing the Madeleine Wedding Tiara from Olivier LaudusMadeleine Wedding Tiara - £130 from Olivier Laudus

Madeleine Wedding Tiara – £130

Picture of a bride wearing the Jessica Wedding Tiara from Olivier LaudusJessica Wedding Tiara - £110 from Olivier Laudus

Jessica Wedding Tiara – £110

The full collection of tiaras can be seen at Tiaras arrive packaged in a complimentary luxury Olivier Laudus white presentation box.

Visit the Olivier Laudus supplier page on The Wedding Community.

How to Handle Your Mother-In-Law

Did you know that an anagram of mother-in-law is “Woman Hitler”? You can draw your own conclusions on that one. Now, I’m not trying to cause a fuss but recently when we’ve been attending wedding fairs, we’ve had more than a few brushes with the bride’s mother and it’s plain to see that the notion of an interfering mother-in-law is a huge issue for many grooms (and brides). To that end we thought we’d put together a few tips for grooms experiencing their own Woman Hitler moments…

Present a United Front

One of the biggest threats that an interfering mother-in-law presents is that it causes a rift in the relationship between the bride and groom. The groom is getting hacked off because his mother-in-law is actively stopping him from getting involved, but if his bride is close to her mum he might not want to cause a rift by telling her. That’s why it’s important that you discuss the issue with your wife-to-be and tell her exactly why it’s annoying you and reach an agreement on the issue before you act on the situation.

Be Tactful

For many mothers-in-law it seems that her daughter’s wedding is the chance she’s been waiting for to create her dream day. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s wayyy wrong. The wedding is about the couple and their relationship. If the mother-in-law wants to help them to create their dream day then that’s great, but she should have absolutely no say in how their relationship is celebrated.

That’s still true even if it’s her husband that’s paying for it (which is increasingly rare). If that’s held over you as a means to let her have her way, then you need to have a serious conversation about whether the cost of the financial support is too great. Again though – it’s all about you and your wife-to-be discussing it and agreeing what you want.

Set Tasks

Weddings are essentially long, long lists of tasks that need to be researched, completed and paid for. That might be stripping away the romance a bit, but you get the point. If you are blessed with a mother-in-law who is desperate to participate then focus her energies. Do not give her carte blanche to meddle.

Be enthusiastic about her help, thank her warmly and then set her a list of tasks. Explain that you are covering tasks A to W and it would be great if she could research (or even do if you trust her) tasks X, Y and Z. This way she knows she’s being helpful (and that you’re grateful) but most importantly of all it tells her exactly where the boundaries are.

Ultimately, in our reader’s experience the majority of people loved their mother-in-law (53% loved, compared to 47% who loathed) but there was enough who had problems to suggest that there’s a reason the groom/mother-in-law relationship is such a staple of sitcoms. Good luck…

Article by Andrew Shanahan of I am Staggered

If you’re needing help with your mothers-in-law then don’t forget to stop by where you’ll always find a friendly ear and a funny mother-in-law joke.