Moody Monday – Middle Eastern Themed Wedding

If you are getting married late summer or autumn, why not have a Middle Eastern themed wedding and incorporate an amazing richness of colour and luxury. Use bright colours for clothing, flowers and surrounds and mix with deep tones of purples, pinks, blues and yellows throughout. Shades of gold and luxurious candelabras and plates will work well to bring the feel of luxury together.

Wedding mood board showing ideas for a Middle Eastern themed wedding

Bridesmaid Dress – Basil Soda

Invitation – Ivy Ellen

Flower – Gia Canali Photography

Chocolate Dessert – Ulrika Ekblom Photography

Fringe Earrings – I Heart Norwegian Wood at Etsy

Hanging Crystal – Ulrika Ekblom Photography

Floating Lanterns – Chinese Lanterns

Wedding Dress – Basil Soda

Gold Cake – Gia Canali Photography

Gold Candelabra – Melody Maison

Present – Ulrika Ekblom Photography

Tent – Raj Tent Club