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Getting to Know – Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

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Interview With: Fiona Kelly

Company Name: Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Website: www.fionasweddingphotography.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Based in London, covering the South East of England.

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Have you always wanted to be a wedding photographer?

I have always enjoyed taking photos and had an interest in photography. My dad was an amateur photographer in his youth so I was always around someone with an SLR camera. I studied photography with my A-Level art course and did an evening course at the same time to learn more.

Can you remember the first picture you took?

The first photo I remember taking was of the Diplodocus skeleton at the Natural History museum whilst on a school trip to London.

Black and white picture of a bride being led by the arm by Fiona Kelly Photography

How did Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

It all started about 3-4 years ago with taking photos at friends’ weddings and I slowly realised that not only did I really enjoyed doing it but I was getting some good feedback! It seemed the logical step to take it to the next level. I was amazed at the time that a lot of the wedding photographers I saw seemed really stuck in their old ways. I have always loved candid photography and having worked as a fashion art director for many years had a real eye for more contemporary and interesting images. I really wanted to go down the route of doing something fresh and modern and my natural style has taken that on.

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Wedding mood board showing different ideas for a rustic Christmas wedding

Rustic Christmas Weddings

Getting married around Christmas time does not have to be all about red, greens, silvers and gold. How about a rustic Christmas wedding? There are so many beautiful natural elements around in December that you can really make the most of for your winter wedding. How about using pine cones as name place cards, wreaths as decorations and beautiful winter roses with herbs. A rustic Christmas wedding can be even more beautiful than using traditional festive colours.

Wedding mood board showing different ideas for a rustic Christmas wedding

Rustic Tree – Eco Gatherings

Wedding Dress – Madina Vadache

Invitation – Paper Perfect

Dessert Table – Green Apple Paperie

Wedding Cake – The Party Dress

Pine Cone Place Holders – Trendy Bride

Cinnamon Decorations and Heart Wreath – Etsy

Bouquet – Picture courtesy of Braedon Photography

Picture of a So-Hooked Love Heart Handbag Hook in White and Pink

Love Heart Handbag Hooks

So-Hooked Handbag Hook Box

This one is for the ladies! When you go out all dressed up and you have your shiny new handbag (or even a lovely old one), isn’t it such a nuisance to have to find somewhere safe to put your handbag – on the floor next to your chair, hung on the side of a chair, placed on an empty chair, held on your lap…you get the point!

The fabulous So-Hooked handbag hook is an amazing product that will solve your handbag dilemmas. They are brilliant little hooks that are weighted and sit on the table, allowing you to hang your handbag on the hook – problem solved!

You may have seen our previous feature about So-Hooked handbag hooks and why we love them.

Picture of a So-Hooked Love Heart Handbag Hook in White and Pink Picture of a So-Hooked Love Heart Handbag Hook in Pink

So-hooked has now launched a new hook design, a pretty heart-shaped hook with wrap around hanger. It remains as practical and easy to use as the So-Hooked range of handbag hooks, but it folds away making it even smaller. It’s a delightful design, and given its heart shape has particular appeal as a wedding favour.

The heart-shaped hooks are currently available in bold pink and will soon be available in a light pink and white.