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Getting to Know – Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

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Interview With: Fiona Kelly

Company Name: Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Website: www.fionasweddingphotography.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Based in London, covering the South East of England.

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Have you always wanted to be a wedding photographer?

I have always enjoyed taking photos and had an interest in photography. My dad was an amateur photographer in his youth so I was always around someone with an SLR camera. I studied photography with my A-Level art course and did an evening course at the same time to learn more.

Can you remember the first picture you took?

The first photo I remember taking was of the Diplodocus skeleton at the Natural History museum whilst on a school trip to London.

Black and white picture of a bride being led by the arm by Fiona Kelly Photography

How did Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

It all started about 3-4 years ago with taking photos at friends’ weddings and I slowly realised that not only did I really enjoyed doing it but I was getting some good feedback! It seemed the logical step to take it to the next level. I was amazed at the time that a lot of the wedding photographers I saw seemed really stuck in their old ways. I have always loved candid photography and having worked as a fashion art director for many years had a real eye for more contemporary and interesting images. I really wanted to go down the route of doing something fresh and modern and my natural style has taken that on.

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