Great British Wedding – Moody Monday

As it is only two months until the Royal Wedding (how excited are we?!) we thought it would be fun to design a wedding mood board all about a ‘Great British Wedding’ using Union Jack wedding ideas. If you want your wedding style to ooze ‘British’ it would not need to be all about the Union Jack! Simply think red, white and blue.

Mood board showing ideas for a Great British themed wedding

Wedding Invitation – Sugalily

Union Jack Cupcakes – Baking Mad

Union Jack Clutch Bag and Union Jack Shoes – Irregular Choice

Red, Blue and White Rose Bouquet – Arena Flowers

Union Jack Bunting – Rockett St George

Strawberries in Tea Cups – Picture from Aisle Be Yours

Lightstrings – Product of the Week

This week the very lovely Zara and Linda from Lightstrings came to The Wedding Community HQ to demonstrate their amazing new product.

Lightstrings are a portable fibre optic light string garland decorated with jewels and feathered butterflies that flow from a crystal style base for a truly enchanting effect.

Lightstrings fibre optic wedding decorations

They are battery-powered (batteries last for 5 days with the Lightstrings turned on) making them very versatile as you don’t have to worry about having to place them near a plug socket.  You can also cut the individual fibre optic strands to your desired length and if you gently crimp along the strands with a pair of scissors you can create a lovely dotted light effect.

They are really beautiful and we think they would be perfect as decorations for your wedding. We saw the Lightstrings placed inside a large glass bowl and also a tall glass vase which both looked amazing.

Lightstrings fibre optic wedding decorations bowl arrangement

If you are thinking about having centrepieces for your wedding tables but don’t want flowers or candles, these Lightstrings in glass bowls, vases and bird cages are a beautiful alternative. They look great in natural daylight when turned on and off but in the evening when you want to create a romantic atmosphere they look stunning. You could even use green foliage such as ivy or beautiful flowers inside the bowl with the Lightstrings.

Lightstrings in a Tall vase With White Roses Lightstrings in a Bowl Lightstrings in a Bird Cage

They could also be used as decorations entwined in trees, twig trees, flower arrangements or draped over the bar and doorways. The butterfly, sequin and crystal decorative garland allows you to create your own individual effect that creates a talking point.

These are really stunning and we think they will be a hot new decoration for weddings this year.