Red Heart Sugar Cubes from Cox and Cox

Sugar Hearts From Cox & Cox

We recently featured our ‘Heart’ wedding mood board on The Wedding Community blog, and whilst searching for fabulous heart products to feature we came across these extremely cute sugar hearts from Cox & Cox and decided we must let you all know about them.

Brown Sugar Heart from Cox and Cox

Picture sitting at your wedding breakfast after everyone has finished their food, waiting in much anticipation for the coffee to be served. Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when their coffee is served with these cute little brown sugar hearts perched on the rim of each cup?

As soon as we saw these we fell in love with them. They are so sweet (pardon the pun) that everyone will love them, even if they don’t take sugar in their coffee!

Red Heart Sugar Cubes from Cox and Cox

Not only do Cox & Cox sell these brown sugar hearts but they also have little white cubes with pink and red hearts on which are just as pretty and will be perfect with those who opt for tea instead of coffee. These could be placed on the side of each saucer or simply displayed in a dish on the table.

The brown sugar hearts are £24 for a box of 64 and the white heart sugar cubes are £12 for 30 cubes.  They are the perfect accompaniment to every cup and saucer. We love them and we are sure you will too.

Visit the Cox & Cox website