Shropshire Petals Cream Confetti Pail

9 Confetti Decoration Ideas for Wedding Receptions

Shropshire Petals grow bio-degradable Natural Petal Confetti on their Shropshire Farm. To create the perfect petals all flowers are grown and picked with careful love and attention.

Natural petal confetti is not just for throwing over the bride and groom. Here are some simple decoration ideas:
9 Confetti Decoration Ideas for Wedding Receptions

  • Surround a large candle centrepiece with rose petals of a similar or contrasting colours
  • Make a centrepiece out of champagne glasses filled with delphiniums and roses in your wedding colours
  • Use rose and delphinium petals to scatter on white table cloths surrounding the table settings in matching colours creating a delicate romantic effect
  • For countryside themed weddings attach a wheat and lavender bundle to chair backs for a truly natural touch!
  • Decorate cupcakes with rose petals (edible if they are freeze dried) and place on tables as favours
  • Fill rustic teacups and bowls with large petals for a vintage feel
  • Create a heart out of pretty Raspberry Fool delphinium petals and place your wedding cake inside
  • Place lavender grain in small organza bags as a sweet favour your guests can hang in their wardrobes
  • For a special surprise dangle a pair of earrings or other jewellery from your bridesmaids wine glasses on the table filled with petals as their thank you gift.

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Spring Wedding Flowers – Moody Monday

We have been enjoying the gorgeous warm sunshine we have had in the last few weeks, and everywhere we look we see beautiful spring flowers and blossom on the trees. We wanted to share some of our favourite ideas for spring wedding flowers for wedding bouquets and table displays.

Mood board showing ideas for spring wedding flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers White Tulips and Narcissi – Picture by Jose Villa

Ranunculus In Silver Pot – Picture by Emily Quinton

Spring Green Flowers in Jug – Picture by Rosie Parsons – The Natural Wedding Company

White Ranunculas and Blue Grape Hyacinth – Picture by Brenda Abbot on Flickr

Flowers in Cans – Sweet Days and Roses

Poppy and Tulip Box Table Displays – Martha Stewart Weddings

Flowers in Vintage Cups – Fairy Nuff Flowers

Five Things Men Love About Weddings

Cynicism, pah! Cynicism went out with Keyboard Cat and saying “lol!” without meaning it. The new internet hotness is rabid enthusiasm about things and general swooning with delight. So, very much in this spirit and fuelled by cheap caffeine, here’s five things that men absolutely love about weddings! SQUUUUEEAAAAAL!

  1. Finger Buffets
    The finger buffet is a timeless catering roulette. It’s not up everyone’s street, but few aspects of catering are quite as adventurous. Is there egg on that sandwich? Are those crisps mixed? Will the couple have gone the extra mile and have fresh bacon sandwiches brought out at about 9ish?
  2. Under Age Boozing
    Usual booze legalities don’t apply at weddings. Most of us had our first secretive beer at a wedding and there’s nothing quite as heart-warming as seeing an early teenager being sick in a pot plant. A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without at least a few first time hangovers – welcome to the club kids!
  3. Bells Ringing
    If you want the sound of England just fire up a few church bells. There’s genuinely fewer more triumphant, happier sounds than the echo of Church bells. If you’re having a civil wedding get some bell sounds piped in.
  4. Blokes Obtaining the Football Scores
    The perils of a Saturday afternoon wedding are of course, the inevitable football clash. Brides, be wary of passed around phones, unexpectedly helpful trips to fetch stuff from the car, inappropriate whisperings and mood swings. Just don’t jump up and shout “Yes!” during the vows.
  5. Hats
    Sadly the hat has recently become a much-maligned accessory limited to teenage Goths, Sunday drivers and that one bloke in the village who wears a trilby. Fortunately, a wedding allows for plenty of hat madness, as approved by Cilla Black.
    BONUS: Uncles
    Uncles exist in a vague shadowy world where they flit forever in-between weddings and christenings. At these events they will talk traffic with anyone who strays near enough. Usually good for a round at some point, but will go wildly off-list with a wedding present that you really don’t know what it is.

Article by Andrew Shanahan of I am Staggered

Staggered is the UK’s handsomest men’s wedding blog. Stop by sometime, say hi.