Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab – Product of the Week

Lash Lab - Professional Eyelash Extensions

Each week The Wedding Community get sent many gorgeous products to sample and review, and this week I was lucky enough to sample something all by myself; I love my job!

We were contacted by Lash Lab who asked if one of our team would like to try their lash extensions. I have to say my immediate thought was “oh my goodness I’ll end up looking like Jordan!” No offence to Jordan, she can pull it off, but I have very fine, short eyelashes and the thought of having great clumps of lashes made me giggle out loud!

I am one of many girls who will never (and I mean never) leave the house without mascara on, as I look like I have no eyelashes at all without it. So when Lash Lab contacted us I had a look at their website and was amazed at the result they could produce. Their portfolio shows people with already great lashes having extensions to accentuate their look, people who have very few eyelashes that needed filling out and people like me with very fine lashes needing extra oomph!

Thick Eyelashes Before and After Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab Eyelashes With Lashes Missing Before and After Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab Fine Eyelashes Before and After Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab

I decided it would be fabulous to have my lashes done, so the gorgeous Kym Su from Lash Lab came to The Wedding Community HQ for my lash extensions.

Lash Lab are London’s leading lash salon located in the heart of Brick Lane in Shoreditch, and they specialise exclusively in semi-permanent extensions for eyelashes. Each set of lashes are tailored to suit your eyes, face shape and your personal preference, whether that be a natural or slightly more eccentric look.

Each individual lash insert is attached to your natural lashes using a specialist glue. As natural lashes are not all the same shape and size, Kym used about five different shape and size extensions to make sure I had a natural look. The process took about an hour and a half and it really is quite an art form! All I had to do was lie back and have my eyelashes pampered! It’s quite daunting when you have your eyes shut for that long and trust someone to do something so delicate!

I was incredibly nervous and in the back of my mind still had doubts about how they would look, but the end result was amazing and I absolutely LOVE them! (No more mascara needed, YAY!)

Eyelashes Before Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab
Eyelashes During Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab
Eyelashes After Having Eyelash Extensions by Lash Lab

Each set of lash extensions last between four to six weeks depending on how you look after them – if you rubs your eyes hard you’re going to lose lashes.

I wish I knew about these lash extensions when I got married. I have always looked back at our wedding pictures and thought I should have had a little more mascara on to give more definition. I now know why people have extensions for photo shoots and when on stage.

I would highly recommend lash extensions to brides-to-be as this will give your eyes definition for your wedding pictures. Lots of make-up artists are recommending lash extensions as a way of highlighting your natural look for your wedding. Our own bridal make-up expert Alexis Daly recently wrote an article about false lashes.

Lash Lab charge £85 for a full set of lash extensions and I think these are worth every penny. Just think, you’ll have beautiful eyes not only for your wedding and your wedding pictures but also for your honeymoon too!

As you are not allowed to get the lashes wet for 48 hours after application make sure you book your appointment in advance of your wedding day.

For more information about these fabulous lash extensions visit www.lashlab.co.uk or contact Kym Su 07807 421 345 [email protected]

I feel like a new woman with my new lashes!

Kim x

Getting to Know – James Davidson Photography

Picture of James Davidson of James Davidson Photography

Interview With: James Davidson

Company Name: James Davidson Photography

Website: www.jamesdavidson.co.uk

Location / Coverage: UK and internationally

How did James Davidson Photography come about and how long has the business been going?

I finished my degree in Documentary and Editorial photography in 1995 after which I spent about 5 years assisting fashion and advertising photographers in London. I set up my own studio in 2000 doing mainly corporate style stuff. I was naturally drawn to weddings and portraits and over the years that is what I have specialised in.

Picture of a bride and her bridesmaids wearing wellington boots by James Davidson Photography

How old were you when you got your first camera?

I had a snappy point and shoot camera for as long as I can remember, but I had a real ‘wow’ moment when my Dad lent me his SLR when I was 15. I got my first proper camera for my 16th birthday and never really looked back.

Picture showing the sihouette of a bride with a beautiful night sky by James Davidson Photography

Who works at James Davidson Photography?

Just lil’ ol’ me. My wife helps when she can but we have two small children which is a full-time job and some – I’ve got the easy option!

What sets James Davidson Photography apart from other wedding photographers?

Style and professionalism. I like to think my style is clean, simple but very elegant and stands head and shoulders above the average.

Picture of a bride and groom walking down a path surrounded by trees by James Davidson Photography

What’s the best thing about the job?

At a wedding, being able to record a couple’s most significant day, the whole story, the full emotional rollercoaster, and to do it in a unique and significant style. For children’s portraits, well just being able to work with people of my own mental age …

Atmospheric picture of a bride and groom holding each other by James Davidson Photography

Does James Davidson Photography have a particular style of photography?

With a background in documentary photography, I love to tell the story of the day, but I also draw on my fashion and portrait experience to hopefully create a bit of romance

Black and white picture of a bride and groom taken surrounded by grass by James Davidson Photography

Do you only do wedding photography?

I specialise in wedding and portrait photography but I am happy to turn my hand to most things photographic. I think it’s very important to have a wide range of skills when photographing weddings.

Picture of a bride and groom being showered in confetti by James Davidson Photography

Where is the most beautiful place you have done a shoot?

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello. Without doubt one of the most beautiful wedding venues. Having said that, moments and chemistry outshine any venue; give me a happy couple with great chemistry any day over a stunning venue.

Do you have a favourite picture you have taken (If you can choose!)?

This one…

Picture of a bride and groom walking through a walkway by James Davidson Photography

What’s your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

Choose a photographer whose style you love and whose personality suits yours.

Where can I find out more about James Davidson Photography?

Visit my website www.jamesdavidson.co.uk