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Dale Cherry of Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

Interview With: Dale Cherry

Company Name: Dale Cherry Wedding Photography


Location / Coverage: I work from my home in St Albans, Hertfordshire but will travel anywhere.

Who is/are Dale Cherry Wedding Photography?

I am a full time professional photographer who has been published in top national newspapers and magazines, and I now offer a blend of reportage and traditional wedding photography. I offer a choice of storybook albums as well as a beautiful real leather traditional style album.

Picture of a bride and groom walking holding hands by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

How did Dale Cherry Wedding Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

I took the decision to offer my services in wedding photography in 2009.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

I decided to be a photographer at the age of twelve. A sports photographer from The Sun needed someone to throw balls for the Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson to catch while he took photos at the Arsenal Training ground. Little did I know that years later I would be photographing games at Highbury.

Picture of a bride holding a bridal bouquet by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

Do you just do wedding photography?

I also do sports photography and features for newspapers and magazines including The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Telegraph, as well as corporate and PR photography.

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture and what it was of?

I was ten or eleven years old and took pictures of London including Trafalgar square with a Kodak Instamatic 126. Later I saved my paper round money to buy a Russian made Zenith E, my first 35mm film camera.

Picture of a bride smiling at her father by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover? Do you go abroad?

Although I am based in St Albans I also have a base at the family home in Wimborne, Dorset. I enjoy the challenge of photographing weddings at new locations. My editorial work has taken me abroad on many occasions, therefore I am more than happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad for a wedding.

How would you describe your style of photography?

A creative blend of reportage with traditional photography.

Picture of a bride and groom dancing by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

How does photographing a wedding compare to the press photography you’ve done?

My approach to weddings is that I want to tell the story of the day in pictures; a sort of photo essay. My background in sport and press photography means that I am used to reacting quickly to changing circumstances and thinking on my feet. At a wedding one usually has more time to plan things but there are times when a change of plan is required and quick thinking is a big advantage. I sometimes use my sports telephoto lenses to photograph the bride and groom as this helps me to be far less intrusive and allows the couple some time and space.

Picture of a Scottish wedding with the bride and groom kissing by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

Random Question…What would you spend your last pound on?

You don’t get much for a pound these days – maybe a bar of chocolate.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

Picture of a bride and groom kissing on a hill top by Dale Cherry Wedding Photography

What’s your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

Make sure you find a full time professional photographer that you are comfortable with and that the pictures in his/her portfolio are all their own work.

Where can I find out more about Dale Cherry Wedding Photography? or call me for a chat on 07973 725848.

MIB Music Perform at the Royal Wedding Celebrations

Only a few days after the Royal Wedding we caught up with The Wedding Community’s wedding entertainment advice expert Sera from MIB Music to find out about their performance at the Royal Wedding celebration party in Hyde Park.

The Royal Wedding Celebrations at Hyde Park
Image Courtesy of Jenny Goodall

How did MIB come to be part of this great event to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Gosh, I ask myself this question all the time! Basically one of our agents who we work very closely with was asked to recommend a band for the day, and they put us forward. I think they put us forward because as individual musicians we all have a lot of experience playing for big crowds (we’re all session musicians) and I guess they know we’re super reliable and always deliver! 😉

We’ve managed to get ourselves a great reputation over the years which is fantastic, but honestly nothing could have prepared us for being asked to perform on such an historic occasion. We were the only band playing and it really was such an honour – I could go on about it all day!

The big screen at the Royal Wedding Celebrations in Hyde Park

Have you ever performed at an event this big before?

No! Apparently Friday’s event went down in history as the UK’s biggest ever gig!! I can’t believe it.

We’ve all done big gigs before. Most of the band have toured the world as individual session players/singers to some pretty huge audiences of 150,000 or so, but nothing like 300,000…it was just incredible. My main memory of Friday is us all huddling away in our cabin, and every now and then you’d hear the crowd cheering. It was the most immense sound and like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

How many performers did you have in your set?

We performed as the 10 piece band, so basically 2 female singers, 2 male singers, drums, bass, guitar, keys, sax and trumpet. It was great to have so many of us up there, there’s always a bigger chemistry when there are more musicians involved.

MIB Music on stage at the Royal Wedding Celebrations
Image Courtesy of Ray Andrews

How long were you on stage and what was your playlist like?

The initial idea was they only wanted us on for 35 minutes. We had to do a tiny 3 minute slot where we played a medley of the ‘top 5 first dances’ and the crowd had to vote for which one they wanted us to perform. Then we were supposed to come on again, play the winning song and launch into a 35mins set of ‘wedding style’ covers. However, they ended up extending our set to 50 minutes as it was going so well, and then sent us on for another half hour for a second set!

We played all sorts. I wanted to stay away from being too cheesy, because I think cheesy wedding bands are kind of done and dusted now (there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese, but people seem to want more modern music and less ‘I will survive’!). Also, there were rumours that a big named band would be playing, however in reality that wasn’t happening so I wanted to give the audience something a bit ‘cooler’ than something a typical wedding band might play. I didn’t want to be doing anything like ‘High Ho Silver Lining’! We basically played stuff like ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That, ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse, ‘Forget You’ by CeeLo Green, and then some less obvious older songs like ‘Give It Up’ by KC & The Sunshine Band (which inspired a 1000 person long conga! Lol) and ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ by Michael Jackson.

What were you all wearing?

The boys wore nice suits, and us girls decided to dress patriotically, with me in red, Rachael in blue and our female horn section in white. We were in hair and make-up from 6 in the morning!

Sera Golding of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding CelebrationsRachael Golding of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding CelebrationsDamien Edwards of MIB Music at the Royal Wedding Celebrations
Images Courtesy of Ray Andrews

Did you get to mingle with the stars?

Vanessa Feltz was there presenting for the BBC and she seemed really lovely…in fact she said hello to us a few times and waved when we walked past etc. I thought that was really sweet. She could probably see how nervous we all looked and wanted to help us feel better.

On scale of 1 -10, how excited were you? (If we know Sera, we don’t think she would have slept for weeks due to the excitement!)

The build up to this was ridiculously exciting, especially because (as with all these sorts of events) the details were very vague and we really had no idea what we were supposed to be doing until we turned up! We had heard rumours that they were expecting big crowds, but had no idea that it would be the UK’s largest ever gig! I was incredibly nervous for the few weeks beforehand (in fact couldn’t stop myself from gagging every time anyone said the words ‘Royal Wedding’!), but actually once we were there it felt like the most natural thing ever; it was ever so strange. I was on stage, in front of 300,000 people thinking “I think this is the least nervous I have ever been on stage, and the most comfortable”. I never in a million years expected to be feeling like that!

The Crowd at the Royal Wedding Celebrations in Hyde Park
Image Courtesy of Jenny Goodall

How will people be able to see you performance if they were not able to get to Hyde Park?

There’s lots of footage on Youtube at the moment, but I’m trying to get hold of the official footage that was taken, and if I do then I’ll put together a little show reel from it and pop it online; I will keep you posted on that one! Apparently it was featured all over the world, even on the Los Angeles and Australian news.

How are you feeling about it now, post event?

It’s funny, all of us have been a bit speechless about it all. We had a gig the next day and we all just sort of sat backstage in silence, taking it all in and trying to process what we had actually done; it’s ever such a strange feeling. Really the overriding feeling is just that we are insanely proud to have been involved in Will & Kate’s big day. It was such a beautiful wedding and such a huge day in British history. We will never forget it!