New Rose Wedding Jewellery Collection From Yarwood-White

Yarwood-White have released a new ‘vintage-style’ wedding jewellery collection – New Rose, which was launched at The Designer Wedding Show on 11th February.

The New Rose collection features soft colour, differentiating it from much of the vintage-style wedding jewellery available.  A fresh feminine feel is created from ballet-slipper pink gemstones combined with platinum pearls and antiqued silver roses.

Charm bracelets, cuffs, rope necklaces and pendants, delicate earrings and chandeliers are available, as well as a wide choice of hair jewellery, from decorative pins and side tiaras to more bohemian hairbands and forehead chains, all very on trend for this season’s bride.

The collection is available online at and at selected stockists.

Getting to Know – Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings

Picture of Stacey-Marie Chalk of Cherry Topped

Interview With: Stacey-Marie Chalk

Company Name: Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings


Location / Coverage: Based in Reigate, covering Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London. Though please get in touch if you are getting married further afield to discuss possibilities.

What does Cherry Topped do?

Cherry Topped are dedicated to planning and coordinating beautiful and memorable weddings, perfectly personalised to our clients. There are so many different ways to celebrate a wedding and your wedding day should be just as you wish. Cherry Topped will help to bring out the ideas that reflect you as a couple, making your Wedding Day unique to you. We are meticulous in our attention to detail and organisation, meaning you can concentrate on treasuring every moment in the lead up to your Wedding Day and focus on what is most important: the life-long commitment you are making to each other.

Wedding Rings - Cherry Topped

Have you always been interested in weddings and wanted to be a wedding planner?

I have never had childhood dreams of a big white wedding (at one point I even thought I may never get married!), but I used to help out a family friend who is a wedding dress designer when I was much younger doing a bit of sewing, helping with the brides when they came in etc, so I wonder whether subconsciously I had a love for beautiful wedding treats from then. Some years later I was proposed to by Mr C and I suddenly became completely embroiled with creativity, wedding research; I had so many different ideas – it felt good to be creative again after years of professional corporate environments. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so all of the organisation and careful attention to detail came naturally to me. The penny started to drop as various wedding suppliers commented on whether I worked in the event planning industry! Suddenly a new world was open right before me!

How did Cherry Topped get started and how long has the business been going?

Wedding bouquet - Cherry ToppedAfter becoming Mrs C I had the opportunity to plan Clare and Adrian’s wedding which took place Easter 2010. I loved absolutely every minute of it! The whole experience, even thriving on the wedding day itself, further cemented the idea of setting up Cherry Topped.

And so it began…I went into full business planning mode, with developing a logo, attending training, carrying out market research, designing and writing website copy, throwing myself into creative hobbies – all sorts! At the same time I had my second client wedding to plan for Caroline and Peter, my aim was to have a fully set up and ‘launched’ business for the start of September 2010, just before their wedding. Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings officially opened for business on 3rd September 2010, in order to plan and coordinate many more memorable and beautiful weddings, bespoke to our clients! Shortly afterwards I put forward a proposal and received a confirmed booking for my third client wedding.

Why is your company called Cherry Topped?

It is with thanks to Clare, my first bride that I have my business name. She commented on how I consider every last detail and suggested the name, reflecting the phrase “with a cherry on top”!

What services can Cherry Topped offer to couples planning their wedding?

Full Wedding Planning

Our most comprehensive service and bespoke to your requirements. Perfect for couples who wish to have a professional wedding planner cover every aspect of their wedding, from finding the perfect venue and sourcing outstanding suppliers to coordinating all of the logistics.

Bringing It All Together

This service is for the couple who have started to set plans in place. You may have realised that time is not on your side and you require some help in finalising all of your plans, or you simply want to reduce the stress and enjoy the lead up to your wedding day.

Cherry Pick

Cherry Pick from our list of modular wedding planning services such as wedding day coordination, venue searching, supplier sourcing, RSVP and guest management, bridal party styling or a personalised wedding website.

Why should a couple choose to use you to help them plan their big day?

Hiring a wedding planner is a lifestyle choice which is becoming more popular in the UK. With an average wedding taking at least 250 hours to plan, it isn’t surprising that many couples are now choosing to hire the services of a professional wedding planner. There are many reasons for choosing Cherry Topped’s wedding planning services. Here are just a few:

  • You have a very hectic work and social life and can’t imagine where you’ll find the time
  • You want to focus on your marriage rather than get caught up in a planning whirlwind
  • You want creative suggestions whilst working within your budget
  • You want to have the support of industry knowledge, expertise and experience

I have also trained with and am an Associate Member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) which is highly recognised within the wedding industry. Cherry Topped abides by the UKAWP’s strict code of ethics in support of ensuring the credibility of the wedding planning industry.

Wedding tags by Cherry Topped

Which part of helping to plan a wedding do you enjoy the most and why?

This is a really tough question, and this probably sounds like a cliché answer – I love it all! I might have a slight preference in helping couples come up with design and personalisation ideas. I love finding out about the couple, what is important to them, things about their personalities and lives together that they would like to bring out on their wedding day, ideas they may already have, little jokes or thoughts they know guests will appreciate etc. Then I love researching to find creative ways to incorporate these ideas and thoughts into their wedding which suits them and their wedding ‘style’.

Do you have a specific style of wedding that you like to help create?

Not in particular. I have created a ‘themed’ wedding, a classic English wedding and now I am creating another ‘themed’ wedding. When I say ‘themed’, they are subtle themes, not fancy dress style at all! I also created a 1930/40’s style wedding reception for my own wedding – I do love bygone eras!

Ultimately I create the wedding that my clients want – it is not my wedding day it is theirs, so they remain in full control of all decisions. So in summary I will create any style of wedding as all weddings will have a different style! We are all unique in our own ways!

Scottish themed wedding flowers by Cherry Topped

What are the best and worst things about being a wedding planner?

The best is seeing it all come together and observing in the few brief moments you get on the wedding day the enjoyment of the bride and groom and their guests. If I am able to hear the vows, depending on whether I am meeting and greeting suppliers, then I will – I am a soppy romantic really!

I’ve not yet experienced a real ‘worst bit’, though I came close when the fire alarm went off just after Caroline and Peter’s ceremony! Luckily all the guests had just gone outside into the grounds for champagne; they were out of harm’s way.  Thankfully it was just a fault in the system but the alarm went off 5 times!

What is your most memorable experience of planning one of your client’s weddings?

There are so many memorable moments but I particularly remember when individual caricatures of the bride and groom were done which were placed over the ladies and gents signs and were kept hidden from them until on the day – their reactions were brilliant and the guests loved it!

Picture of Bride and Groom Caricatures - Cherry Topped

What are your top tips for planning the perfect wedding?

I could give top tips about budgeting, coordinating suppliers, researching, scheduling the day etc etc, but I feel that there is one fundamental top tip…

Your perfect wedding is about you and your bride/groom. Talk through what is important and less important to you both and write those things down so you remember along the way. It is all too easy to lose sight of that once you start reading magazines, listening to the opinions of friends and family and wanting absolutely everything your eyes fall upon!

Where can I find out more about Cherry Topped?

Please take a look around our website

Please also get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements or arrange a complimentary consultation: 07793 768116 / 01737 241429 / staceymar[email protected]