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Jenny and Keith McAvoy of McAvoy Photography

Interview With: Jenny McAvoy

Company Name: McAvoy Photography


Location / Coverage: Manchester/Cheshire and national coverage

Bride and groom by McAvoy Photography

Who is/are McAvoy Photography?

We are Jenny & Keith McAvoy, husband and wife team

How did McAvoy Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

Our business evolved from our love of photography, which flourished particularly after the birth of our eldest daughter Olivia in 2001. We have been working as full-time photographers for 5 years, part-time before that.

Black and white picture of wedding first dance by McAvoy Photography

Have you always wanted to be photographers? Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture and what it was of?

I (Jenny) grew up with a love of photography. My dad always had the latest cameras, lenses and books on photography, but was only ever a keen amateur. The first photograph I remember looking at and thinking “wow I love this” was when I went to Venice when I was 15 and took a photo of a gondolier on one of the side canals. It had gorgeous shadows and light and although the effect was quite by accident I remember trying to recreate that as often as I could. Venice remains one of my favourite places to photograph – our daughters Olivia and Eliza snap away for hours when we go.

Keith remembers his first foray into the art of photography when he was a young boy, scanning and absorbing his mum and dad’s wedding photographs. He always says how he was intrigued as to how such lovely pictures were produced. His first picture was of a spider’s web when he was a boy. It was the perfect web with droplets of morning dew all over it and the light was making it look like a jewel encrusted gem; magical.

Women standing on stairs at a wedding by McAvoy Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover? Do you go abroad?

We cover the whole of the UK without extra travel costs. We love to travel abroad and simply charge expenses for this. The advantage of having us at your overseas wedding is that we will be able to cover the lead up to your wedding the night before, and we can meet up with you in the UK for pre-wedding shoots and post-wedding viewings as well as any other required meetings. It also means you choose the photographer you want and can trust absolutely to take stunning images of your fabulous day.

bride with flowing veil by McAvoy Photography

How would you describe your style of photography?

Fresh, natural photography with glamorous fashion elements, using cutting edge techniques and delivered in a warm, friendly manner.

What’s your favourite wedding venue you’ve been to?

Gosh, so many to choose from for different reasons. I love Coombe Abbey in Coventry – it is so grand and steeped in history, but I also love Sandhole Oak Barn in Congleton – light, airy and intimate.

Bride with spotlight on her by McAvoy Photography

Random Question…What would your dream job be?

A singer in a rock band. I used to do that with Keith years ago and loved it but it was not meant to be. I would love to photograph rock bands now.

What’s the best thing about the job?

Meeting such a cross-section of people. Anyone who knows me knows I like to talk so this is the ideal job! I also like the whole photography process, from planning the images to editing them and watching a client’s reaction when they first view them. Love it!

wedding cake and hearts by McAvoy Photography

Do you just do wedding photography?

No. Our philosophy is that we want to keep clients for life through all their milestones, so we also cover maternity photography, babies and families.

Do you have a favourite picture you have taken (If you can choose!)?

Really, really hard to choose but I love this image of Jane and Chris – it shows the pure joy they experienced on the day and also demonstrates that poor weather does not dampen your day!

Bride and groom with umbrellas by McAvoy Photography

What’s your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

We have lots and give our top tips to all potential customers, but an absolute must is to not compromise on service. You should feel special from your initial enquiry onwards. A photographer should want to work hard at getting to know you.

Where can I find out more about McAvoy Photography?

You can visit our website at or our blog where we showcase our latest projects, images and news

You can follow us on twitter @momentsbymcavoy or on facebook at

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The Royal Wedding Day Schedule

Prince William and Kate Middleton - The Royal Wedding Day Schedule
Image from Flickr by UK_repsome

So there are only 24 hours to go until the Royal Wedding, how excited are we here at The Wedding Community? …very!

We thought we would share with you the plans for the Royal Wedding day so whether you plan to watch the wedding on a big screen at your local street party, watch in the comfort of your own home or even camp overnight to get a good spot in the streets on of London, you will know how the day is planned.

8:15am: Guests will head to Westminster Abbey. According to protocol the last person to arrive will be Queen Elizabeth II.

10:00am: The couple will be ready and Prince William and his best man Prince Harry will leave Clarence House and arrive five minutes later at the Abbey to wait for the bride Catherine Middleton to arrive.

10:40am: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip will leave for the Abbey

10:48am: Kate Middleton will leave Hotel Goring with her father and travel by Rolls Royce to Westminster Abbey.

11:00am: The future Princess Catherine is scheduled to enter Westminster Abbey (will she be fashionable late and keep the nation waiting?!). The marriage ceremony will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

12:15pm: Prince William and Princess Catherine will leave the Abbey and travel through London in a horse and carriage. They will pass through Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade and The Mall.

1:25pm: The couple will arrive at Buckingham Palace and are scheduled to come out onto the balcony with other royal family members to greet the crowds. Will they have the tradition Royal Kiss on the balcony? (We think so!). Guests will then attend the reception at Buckingham Palace.

7:00pm: The Prince of Wales is holding a celebration dinner followed by an evening party with lots of dancing into the early hours!

All the wedding details will have been revealed! We will have finally seen what Kate’s wedding dress is like (eekk), her hair and make-up and all the other wedding details that will be on display.

We simply cannot wait. Can you?

Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding? What are your thoughts on the wedding of the decade?