Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

Getting to Know – Beyond Weddings

Picture of Chelsea Bidwill Of Beyond Weddings

Interview With: Chelsea Bidwill

Company Name: Beyond Weddings

Website: www.beyondweddingsltd.com

Location: London, Cover The UK and Europe

What is Beyond Weddings?

The Beyond Weddings gift service has a whole new take on wedding gift lists.  It is a practical bespoke gift list made up of interior design items for each couple from a wide range of suppliers.

Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

How did Beyond Weddings start?

The idea came to me after several of my interior design clients requested my help with their wedding gift selection, and I found myself choosing pieces which their guests would contribute to. Beyond Weddings started in 2009, it is a sister company to Beyond Design which started in 1993.

Who runs Beyond Weddings?

Beyond Weddings is run by me, Chelsea Bidwill. I am an interior architect who grew up on boats – so I have a keen eye for small spaces and fine design.

What services can Beyond Weddings provide to couples creating a gift list?

The result of using Beyond Weddings is a beautiful home that your wedding guests have contributed to. It is a very practical present, a fresh start at home when you get married. The gift list can entail anything interior wise and it is totally bespoke to you with large trade discounts.

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