Teal and Pearl Wedding Theme – Moody Monday

Last week we added a gallery of all our wedding inspiration mood boards to The Wedding Community Facebook page and one of our followers asked if we could provide some inspiration for a wedding she is organising with a Teal and Pearl theme.

Teal and pearl make a beautiful combination and work well as a wedding style no matter what time of year your wedding is. There are different shades of teal, ranging from light to dark and you may also find that shades of turquoise will work well with your wedding colours.

You can dress up your wedding tables with teal chargers for your plates to sit on, wine glasses and table runners, and use pearl napkin rings and even scatter pearls to bring your wedding styling together.

If you have any suggestions of themes you would like us to feature as a wedding mood board, leave a comment below, email us at [email protected] or contact us via our Facebook page.

Here are some of our favourite ideas combining teal and pearl.

Mood board showing ideas for a teal and pearl wedding theme

Teal Bridesmaid Dress – Dessy

Pearl Wedding Cake (Pearl Beau) – Maisie Fantaisie

Teal Glass – LovelyLovely

Pearl Letters – Beekeeper’s Cottage

Teal Candle – Marks and Spencer

Pearl Heart Shoe Clips – Finkshop on Etsy

Navy Suit – Marc Wallace

Teal Wine Glasses – Lady Rose Treasures on Etsy

Pearl Heart – Not on The High Street

Teal Plate Charger – Miss Mousey

Pearl Napkin Ring – Pioneer Linens

Teal Sash with Pearls – Covers & Pearls

Wedding Tree – Decorate my Wedding

Pearl Necklace – Marks and Spencer

Teal 3D Butterflies – clearcutcrafts2007 on Etsy

Silhouette Portraits by Alison Russell – Product of the Week

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be asked to exhibit at the fabulous Nonsuch Mansion wedding fair. I had the most amazing day surrounded by fabulous brides and grooms-to-be and wedding suppliers.

I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Alison Russell who is one of the few remaining silhouette artists in England. Having never experienced this art first-hand before I was amazed by the samples Alison had on display.

Picture of silhouette artist Alison Russell

Using just scissors and paper Alison cuts out the subject’s portrait in profile in just a few minutes, resulting in a most charming, detailed and highly accurate likeness. So when Alison asked if she could create a silhouette of me of course I jumped at the chance. Standing to the side so Alison could see my profile I was asking her how she found she was so good at this very specialised art.  Alison explained that she learned how to cut silhouette portraits from her grandmother, Mary-Lou Russell who was an established painter and silhouette artist for more than 50 years. Alison cut her first silhouette aged just eight years old and she keenly observed her grandmother’s expert technique and was encouraged to develop the skill by practising on friends and family.

Silhouette produced by silhouette artist Alison RussellSilhouette produced by silhouette artist Alison RussellSilhouette produced by silhouette artist Alison RussellSilhouette produced by silhouette artist Alison Russell

Now I am terrible at anything arty and even the thought of having to draw a stick person makes me get goose bumps, so I was in complete awe of Alison whilst she snipped away creating my silhouette. Within about five minutes she had created the most delicate and detailed silhouette of my profile, including details of my hair, eyelashes and even the necklace I was wearing.

Silhouette produced by silhouette artist Alison Russell
My amazing silhouette Alison made at the Nonsuch Mansion wedding fair

Alison’s silhouette portraits would be a perfect addition to your wedding. You can hire Alison to create silhouettes of your guests as they sip reception drinks, and guests receive their portrait in a special card that can also be custom printed to include specific details of the event, such as the names of the wedding couple, date and venue details, creating a perfectly personalised memento to take home and frame.

Silouette artist Alison Russell

If you are looking for unique wedding invitations Alison also offers a commissioned service, so she could create silhouettes of the two of you for your wedding invitations and wedding stationery.

I am still completely amazed by how talented Alison is. You can see her incredible talent for yourself on this video…

To find out more about Alison Russell and to contact her for more information about how she could make your wedding day even more special visit www.alison-russell.co.uk

“She is astounding, truly fantastic!”
Jonathan Ross