Five Things Men Love About Weddings

Cynicism, pah! Cynicism went out with Keyboard Cat and saying “lol!” without meaning it. The new internet hotness is rabid enthusiasm about things and general swooning with delight. So, very much in this spirit and fuelled by cheap caffeine, here’s five things that men absolutely love about weddings! SQUUUUEEAAAAAL!

  1. Finger Buffets
    The finger buffet is a timeless catering roulette. It’s not up everyone’s street, but few aspects of catering are quite as adventurous. Is there egg on that sandwich? Are those crisps mixed? Will the couple have gone the extra mile and have fresh bacon sandwiches brought out at about 9ish?
  2. Under Age Boozing
    Usual booze legalities don’t apply at weddings. Most of us had our first secretive beer at a wedding and there’s nothing quite as heart-warming as seeing an early teenager being sick in a pot plant. A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without at least a few first time hangovers – welcome to the club kids!
  3. Bells Ringing
    If you want the sound of England just fire up a few church bells. There’s genuinely fewer more triumphant, happier sounds than the echo of Church bells. If you’re having a civil wedding get some bell sounds piped in.
  4. Blokes Obtaining the Football Scores
    The perils of a Saturday afternoon wedding are of course, the inevitable football clash. Brides, be wary of passed around phones, unexpectedly helpful trips to fetch stuff from the car, inappropriate whisperings and mood swings. Just don’t jump up and shout “Yes!” during the vows.
  5. Hats
    Sadly the hat has recently become a much-maligned accessory limited to teenage Goths, Sunday drivers and that one bloke in the village who wears a trilby. Fortunately, a wedding allows for plenty of hat madness, as approved by Cilla Black.
    BONUS: Uncles
    Uncles exist in a vague shadowy world where they flit forever in-between weddings and christenings. At these events they will talk traffic with anyone who strays near enough. Usually good for a round at some point, but will go wildly off-list with a wedding present that you really don’t know what it is.

Article by Andrew Shanahan of I am Staggered

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Getting to Know – Binns Photography

Hilary Binns of Binns Photography

Interview With: Hilary Binns Photography

Company Name: Binns Photo


Location / Coverage: Based in Berkshire, but I am happy to travel

How did Binns Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

The company came about after I had my children and decided that full-time paid employment was not where I wanted to be.  I started shooting children and children’s events in 2008 and secured my first wedding in 2009.

Picture of a bride having her dress adjusted by Binns Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I remember taking my mum’s old camera on a school trip when I was 10.  I felt terribly grown up and I was the only one with a camera, but I didn’t dare admit that I didn’t really know how to use it properly!

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

Honestly, no.  My career aspiration from the age of 5 was to be a teacher.  I did that for 10 years, but wanted something more flexible and fun to work around my family.  The time spent in the classroom does come in handy though, from an organisational perspective and in terms of working with people and relating to them.

Black and white picture of a flower girl and bride by Binns Photography

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I am based in Berkshire and mainly cover Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire (that’s a lot of shires!), but I did travel to St Andrew’s last year with a couple from London, so the proper answer would be any.

What makes Binns Photography different from other wedding photographers?

I am not going to make any extravagant claims about my photographic skills or style, but I get loads of lovely comments from couples and their families about my personal approach.  I am friendly and approachable and I generally end up getting involved in fetching something, fastening straps or being a general dogsbody.

By the time we reach the church I am usually treated as one of the girls, which helps enormously when you are trying to capture relaxed, fun photographs of a really special day.

Picture of a bride and groom by Binns Photography

What’s the best thing about the job?

I love weddings – I never stop smiling from when I arrive to shoot bridal preparations until when I sneak off sometime during the dancing.   In fact I am often having such a good time that the bride has to tell me to go home!

What style of album can you provide to your couples?

My album supplier produces the most gorgeous coffee table books.  They are handmade locally and I have to get my samples out on a regular basis just to drool over them.  I wish they had been available when I got married!

Where do you get your photography inspiration from?

I read lots of blogs and follow lots of other photographers.  Everywhere I look I try to analyse the photographs that I see and decide what I like about them and how they were created.

I also love to include the environment in my photography, whether it is a plant that is looking particularly stunning at the venue, trees, wide open spaces or features of a building (church, venue, family home) – these are the things that bring the memories flooding back and make the photographs completely unique to that day.

Picture of a bride laughing by Binns PhotographyPicture of a bride and groom by Binns Photography

Does Binns Photography have a specialist style of photography?

I mainly shoot documentary style but I do love to grab a little time with the bride and groom capturing some intimate shots that take in some of the special features of the venue and their day.  I also obsess about detail almost as much as a bride – I love to get loads of pictures of jewellery, shoes, flowers and all the other little things that make the day so personal.

Do you provide other photography services apart from wedding photography?

I also do family portraits and events (formal and informal).

Do you have a favourite picture you have taken (If you can choose!)?

Yes! This one…

Picture of a groom in a top hat kissing his bride by Binns Photography

Random Question…Eastenders or Coronation Street?

Neither!  I really despise the depths to which the story-writers stoop to make the headlines, so I don’t watch soaps.  I do have to watch Holby City and Casualty every week though.

What’s your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

Find someone that you get on with!  This is the biggest day of your life and you will spend a significant amount of it with your photographer so they need to be someone that you feel comfortable around.  A rapport with your photographer will result in better photographs of you as a couple, but also of your guest who will follow your lead.

Where can I find out more about Binns Photography?

My blog is a good place to start as it shows my most recent work Take a look at my website for some full wedding shoots You can also find me on Facebook.