Wedding Photo Booth Hire from Vega Photography

Wedding Photo Booth Hire from Vega Photography

Vega Photography have just launched their new wedding photo booth.

Photo booths have become very popular as entertainment for wedding receptions, as they are perfect for all ages and a great opportunity for your guests to have fun photos taken that they can keep as a momento of your wedding day.  You will also receive a copy of the pictures for your guestbook, where guests can write a message next to their photos.

Your guests will have the freedom to create all kinds of different shots, from standard portraits to more creative shots using Vega Photography’s very own props.

The cost to hire the wedding photo booth is £500 and includes:

  • Pictures from a wedding photo booth2 hours use of the Photo Booth
  • Up to 150 prints
  • 1 photo strip containing 4 photos for each couple
  • Personalised photo strip to use as your favours
  • Use of all props
  • Extra print added to provided guestbook, where your guests will be able to leave you a message next to their photos
  • You will receive the guestbook a the end of the evening
  • Setup and teardown time

Call or email Diane Da Rocha today to find out how Vega Photography can make your wedding unforgettable!

Vega Photography LogoMobile:  07891 732253
Office:  01494 533 282
Email:  [email protected]

Getting to Know – Tiararama

Tiararama Logo

Suzanne Laughlin of Tiararama

Interview With: Suzanne Laughlin

Company Name: Tiararama


Location: Ealing, London

Hortensia Comb by Tiararama
Hortensia Comb – Image Courtesy of Hannah Duffy Photography

What is Tiararama?

Tiararama is first and foremost a tiara and hair accessory design company. Although we specialise in bridal pieces we are often commissioned to design special occasion pieces either for black tie events, Mothers of the Bride or even wedding guests.

Have you always been creative?

Yes in all sorts of ways. I’m very fortunate to come from a very creative family. From an early age I’ve been surrounded by fashion and fabrics, art and design as well as music and was always encouraged to be creative in whatever I do. Creativity isn’t just about making things – it is a way of thinking and expressing yourself. Even when I took the decision not to go to Music College and study banking I could see the artistry in accounting and finance rather than just the boring side! The key is being able to spot it!

First Shoots Comb by Tiararama
First Shoots Comb

How did Tiararama come about and how long has the business been going?

How we came to be is quite a long story but the short version is that I was badly let down by the bridal shop that was designing my hair accessories when I was getting married in 2002 and with only 2 weeks to go I didn’t have time to find another supplier. In a fit of anger I ripped the offending items apart and in the mess I saw an idea. That idea was to prove very significant because the piece I made for my wedding led to numerous enquiries from friends, family and eventually random sources for me to design and make hair accessories for them.

At first it was a bit of fun – I was working in The City but I was starting to become disillusioned with how things were going at the company so eventually took redundancy. Initially I was reluctant to admit that I loved designing hair accessories as somehow it seemed a bit of a come down from what I had been doing previously. However, after much encouragement from family and friends who recognised my talent more than I wanted to admit to having it at the time, I finally realised there was no escaping the inevitable and in 2004 I named the company and in May 2005 we started trading.

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

Creatively and on a day to day basis I work on my own with the occasional helper, but it is my very good fortune to be married to an IT Consultant who not only provides all IT but emotional support too. He’s also very good for bouncing ideas off! The business development work we have been doing over the last year and continue to do over the remainder of this year is designed to make it far easier for when we do take on staff permanently.

Snow Queen 'Crown' by Tiararama
Snow Queen ‘Crown’ – Image Courtesy of Assassynation

What sets Tiararama apart from other jewellers?

I would like to think that my passion for ensuring that our clients receive pieces which suit them perfectly – not just their gown and their hair style – makes us stand out. You have to remember that I have been on the wrong end of a bad design experience and so I am determined to offer a highly personalised experience which allows us not only to meet (and often exceed) our clients’ requirements but it also allows us to build a rapport with the bride. I’m not afraid to tell a bride if their ideas won’t suit them and although sometimes my clients don’t like being advised against something, in the end they do appreciate my honesty and thank me for designing the perfect accessories for them.

Even clients who purchase directly from our collections are contacted by myself to see if there any alterations we can make to ensure the piece is perfect for them. I hate the thought of a bride wearing something that ‘will do’ rather than a piece which is perfect.

Tell us a little bit about your 2011 Collections

Up until 2010 we hadn’t launched dedicated collections because the majority of our work was from bespoke commissions, but one of the things I noticed towards the end of 2009 was that I was receiving a lot of enquiries from brides who wanted something different but didn’t have the budget to commission pieces. So the decision was made to design a set of collections which could be offered as a viable alternative to our design service.

2011 consists of four collections – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each have a different feel and all use different beading, bead shapes/types and wiring techniques to suit the light, feel and essence of each season. Of course any piece from any collection can be worn at any time of year but we wanted to design pieces that weren’t just pretty but had more depth and life to them.

Autumn Bouquet Tiara by Tiararama
Autumn Bouquet Tiara

Does Tiararama have a specialist area?

Our specialist area is Tiararama Couture. We have long be known for our ability to design and create unique and unusual hair accessories, and we decided to cement the importance of the service we offer by rebranding our design service to Tiararama Couture alongside our 2011 Collections launch. Tiararama Couture is more of a personalised experience for our clients. They are treated to a bit of luxury and they receive my personal attention from their initial enquiry right through to their wedding day and beyond. Our service doesn’t finish when they receive their commissioned piece. Many clients take advantage of our Heirloom service, or have pieces designed for their first anniversary or other special events which they may be attending long after their wedding day.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best bit, apart from meeting lots of really interesting people and looking at gowns all day, is actually knowing that I am contributing directly to someone’s special day. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing a bride welling up when they first see their completed hair accessory, receiving that Thank You card or email, or when you are sent their wedding photos or even pictures of their newborn babies! It is a privilege to be honest and as such it’s not something that I take for granted but it is the sign as well of a job well done.

Snow Princess 'Crown' by Tiararama
Snow Princess ‘Crown’

Who/what are your influences?

I have quite a few fashion icons but I wouldn’t say they influence my designs. My designs are very much my own but I would say that I am influenced by what I see around me – nature or design concepts found in gardens, architecture or different cultures. That being said though what gives my designs life are the brides who will wear them. Each commissioned piece takes the personality of the client together with their physical attributes, which leads to a design that beautifully reflects the wearer and as inspiration goes, you can’t get purer than that!

Do you have a favourite collection or piece of your jewellery?

Every single piece I design is one of my babies – you can’t ask me to choose a favourite. I guess the question would be which one would I wear and it would have to be Raquel which was a concept piece I did a few years ago for a magazine (named because the wiring is quite Curly – have I just shown my age there!).

Raquel Tiara by Tiararama
Raquel Tiara – Image Courtesy of Assassynation

Where can I find out more about Tiararama?

You can browse our website, read our blog, call us on 0845 3703110 or email us at [email protected]. You can also follow us on Twitter @tiararama and we have a Facebook page.

Frock & Prop Photo Shoot

Frock & Prop Photo Shoot

Frock & Prop Photo Shoot

One of The Wedding Community’s fabulous wedding photographers Emma from Oscar and Rose Photography has just launched her new photo shoot package – Frock & Prop. This is a great opportunity for brides-to-be that may have more than one wedding dress (you would be surprised how many do!) or married ladies to wear their wedding dress and have an amazing photo shoot with beautiful props. Oscar and Rose have a brilliant selection of vintage style items including suitcases, flags, milk churns, parasols and beautiful birdcages.

Kim from The Wedding Community donned her wedding dress again (Kim also took part in the group Cherish the Dress shoot with CLN Photography last year) and went to the beautiful Hartham Park in Wiltshire to pose with the ‘props’ to help Emma. Here are a selection of pictures from the shoot.

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